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Whether you are a hardcore gamer or not, you would have played at least one of the games given below in your childhood. These games are truly addictive in all manners, trust me I’m a part-time gamer but these games flashed me back in my childhood days when we used to play on cardboard with friends.

In case you are bored in a train to work, or travelling alone, these games will definitely kill your time. Solid user interface, graphics and option of connectivity with friends – enough to impart a modern touch to these legendary games. Unlike old times, most of us do not have time to meet friends and play a game. So why not challenge them over Facebook and flaunt the victory? And yes, keeping entertainment aside, these games are like gym for your mind. So let’s explore the world of board games.

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Best Board Games for iPhone and iPad
Image Source: ThreeWill.com

Best iPhone and iPad Board Games

#1. Chess with friends

Chess With Friends iPhone Game IconFirst on the list is Chess with Friends by Zynga. Chess is one of the oldest games, 1500 years to be precise, believed to be originated in India. Chess is the game to prove your intellect over your opponent; it does not need any muscle power. It proves your brain power.

If we talk about Chess with Friends, its 2D user interface is a little disappointment but when it comes to game play, you won’t regret downloading it. You can either play solo, or connect with Facebook and challenge your friends. Keep track of your stats, and relive your old moves. Most interesting part of it is that Chess is a time-consuming game, and when your opponent starts consuming more time, it starts getting boring. To kill this boredom, Chess with Friends allows you to play multiple Games with different opponents at the same time. So why wait? Give it a shot and start challenging your friends. You can check our list of best chess apps for iPhone and iPad.

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Price: Free
Download Chess with Friends

#2. Scrabble

SCRABBLE iPhone Game IconScrabble is a word game basically designed for at least 2 people, but Electronic Arts never limits its users. You can either connect with friends on Facebook or search for a random opponent online. And if you are too confident with your vocabulary, you can also give a shot by playing with computer. You can also play multiple games at once with different opponents. Scrabble by EA comes with enhanced chat and notification feature that lets you interact with your opponent. With the “Teacher”” feature on, you are guided with a better word after every turn to improve your skills. For a newbie like me, it also has built-in scrabble dictionary. With speed play mode, you can feel the real-time-in-person game, where you and your opponent mutually decide on 2 or 5 minutes turn. Last but not the least, a power packed game with HD graphics to get the most out of retina display. We also cover dedicated post for best scrabble apps for iPhone.

Let's not give a minute more, Download now from App Store.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Price: $7.99
Download Scrabble

#3. Monopoly

MONOPOLY iPhone Game IconDoes this need any more explanation than the name itself? Oh Yes, We all played it. The famous and one of the most favorite games of all times “Monopoly”. EA has released an iOS version for iPhone and iPad with the entire interface of our old board game with technological touch. Monopoly for iOS is all about building your empire, buying famous properties and businesses. As I mentioned earlier about technological touch, you don’t roll a dice on your phone, instead you shake your iPhone or iPad in order to roll the 3D dice, isn’t that fascinating? If yes, there's more to it. You can even connect with up to 3 friends over local Wi-Fi and up to 2 players over Bluetooth; you can also connect with other iOS users who have Monopoly for iPhone or iPad (iPhone/iPod touch version only.)

Price: $0.99
Download Monopoly

#4. Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders iPhone Game IconRemember Snakes and Ladders? Chutes and Ladders is no different. Instead of snakes, you have chutes. It has a simple game play where player selects his avatar and rolls the dice; first player to reach 100th square wins. Sounds Simple right? Just don’t end up on chute else you might find yourself at the start of the game. You can either play with your friend or against computer. Enjoy the slides!

Price: $0.99
Download Chutes and Ladders

#5. Boggle

BOGGLE iPhone Game IconChurn your brain with random characters to make a meaningful word. In case you are seeking adrenaline rush, Boggle has ‘Race to win’ mode to race against time. You can either challenge your friends by email or take it solo. Just Shuffle 3D characters by shaking your iPhone, start tap and drag to make the word. Play that favorite music on iTunes while you Boggle. It has in-app purchase, which can be disabled from your device settings. Player gets rewarded based on time consumed and length of word. Happy Boggling!

Price: Free
Download Boggle

#6. Le Havre: The Inland Port

Le Havre iPhone and iPad Game IconYou will be competing against your opponent to accumulate most wealth by building the famous port of French Le Havre. You can play it against computer or you can connect with your friends. You can also compete against global players to advance in rankings. You have a liberty to drop in and out anytime of the game, without losing your progress; as everything can be backed up in cloud. The game isn’t free but it is completely worth it.

Price: $4.99
Download Le Havre

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Which is your favorite board game from above list? Share with us in comment, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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