Best Apple Watch Games in 2019: Kill Your Time With Fun

Virtual world’s best boon to the human race is games. No matter how old you are, with a digital screen in front of you and a game pad in your hands, you can’t control yourself, and the child in you comes out to enjoy the world of games in a simulated environment. As our digital screens are shrinking, our gaming experience is also taking place on our own personal screens, i.e., smartphones, tablets and smart watches.

Apple Watch has now created much excitement among its owners as they are exploring this new device with curiosity. While they are giving their eyes a visual treat with their Apple Watch, iGeeksBlog dims it fit to provide them a list of games to add some more excitement to their experience. Here is a list of ten best Apple Watch games you would love to play.

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Best Game for Apple Watch in 2019

#1. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack Apple Watch Game Screenshot

If unimportant matters matter to you, this game could be the best companion for you wherever you are in the world. Beat your friends with your knowledge of trivia; Trivia Crack is the international smash hit game that brings friend against friend in different categories to check who has the most trivia knowledge. There are six categories viz. Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History, and each one has a matching character. You can win the game by being the first to obtain all six. Trivia Crack is touted as the most downloaded game in the world.

Price: Free
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#2. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 Apple Watch Game Screenshot

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Unlike other car racing games, Real Racing 3 displays real cars, real tracks, and real people. The award-winning game sets a new standard of racing games; now experience racing on a 22-car grid with more than 100 precisely detailed real cars from brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. You can race anyone, anytime, anywhere with its Real-Time Multiplayer, Social Leaderboards, Time Trials, Ghost Challenges and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) technology. For Apple Watch, this game has got Race Around the Clock feature that activates your Team Driver to race events, collect rewards and progress your career.

Price: Free
Download Real Racing 3

#3. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 Apple Watch Game Screenshot

Big boys, you are going to love this game with a lot of action and blood. Modern Combat 5: Blackout is packed with shooting spree against a lunatic who is hell-bent on tearing the world apart. Create your army, add friends and test your fighting skills as individual and team against other squads. If you want to fight as a single fighter, then enter the world that is on the verge of anarchy. This game has received rave reviews from famous portals like IGN, 148Apps and Pocket Gamer. The game is available in 15 international languages.

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Price: Free
Download Modern Combat 5

#4. Dice with Buddies

Dice with Buddies Apple Watch Game Screenshot

Dice with Buddies is a social game for sociable players. With this game, you can play with your friends, family or anyone on this earth sitting thousands of miles away from you. With this latest version on your Apple Watch, you can see your turns waiting, opponent’s score, and recent chats. It is a fun game, to begin with, playing it on the go with all your friends.

Price: Free
Download Dice with Buddies

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#5. Battle Camp

Battle Camp Apple Watch Game Screenshot

Satiate your passion for the wild adventures, take monsters & dragons head on and fight the fire-emitting warthogs. Battle Camp is a virtual world filled with legendary monsters and ancient dragons. If you want to be victorious, train a team of ferocious monsters and create a troop with Rangers. In its latest version, the game has some, new features: you can raise a virtual pet on your Apple Watch, feed the pet when it is hungry, give your pet some rest when it is tired, play Rock Paper Scissors with your pet when it is unhappy, medicate your pet when it is sick and evolve your pet through 5 stages of growth.

Price: Free
Download Battle Camp

#6. Letterpad

Letterpad Apple Watch Game Screenshot

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Test your word power with Letterpad, which gives you nine letters and you have to find hidden word/s related to puzzle topic. With more than 200 puzzles, you can baffle your friends by creating your own puzzle. The game has Apple Watch support so you can play this on your wrist. The game offers you a way to enhance your vocabulary. It is good for growing kids and students as well.

Price: Free
Download Letterpad

#7. BoxPop

BoxPop Apple Watch Game Screenshot

For your addiction to puzzle, BoxPop is a perfect game on your Apple Watch. Pop boxes and conquer grids in this game. Now enjoy this wonderful game on your Apple Watch with new daily puzzles, earn a Knight for each solved puzzle, earn a Medal if you solve five puzzles in a day. The game is free on your smartwatch; cross more than 40 levels and enjoy larger grids and more difficult challenges.

Price: Free
Download BoxPop

#8. Rules!

Rules! Apple Watch Game Screenshot

If you love challenges in your life, you would certainly accept a few in games also. Rules! Is a perfect puzzle game that sets your brain active to solve the joyous riddles. Before you start playing this game, select your preferred type of game from options of Beginner, Expert or Timeless. This game is a sheer delight with its finest multi-touch interface, color perception assistance mode, whales, unicorns, robots and squirrels and a repertoire of surprising new mechanics.

Price: $2.99
Download Rules!

#9. Watch Quest

Watch Quest Apple Watch Game Screenshot

Watch Quest from WayForward is the first adventure game designed exclusively for Apple Watch. It is a completely new kind of gaming experience that works on two devices. With your iPhone, you can control your kingdom, and on your Apple Watch, your Hero (character) takes the journey. With your Watch, you can help the hero travel the lands, fight monsters, solve puzzles, hunt treasure and complete every Quest. Quests are different in length; some may take only an hour while others eat up your entire day.

Price: Free
Download Watch Quest

#10. Wrist Sudoku

Wrist Sudoku Apple Watch Game Screenshot

For quite a long time, Sukodu has been a mind-boggling yet very interesting game for people. Earlier, people used to play this on paper, but now with digital screens galore, they want to play it on their iPhones, iPads or Apple Watch. Developed by Mobilica, Wrist Sudoku is a miniature version of the popular Sudoku game. This game has more than 50 puzzles to boggle your mind; it lets you play on a 4×4 grid; it keeps your brain active when you have some time to kill.

Price: $0.99
Download Wrist Sudoku

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