How to Improve Your Apple Watch Battery Life: 10+ Tips

How to Improve Apple Watch Battery Life

When you use a smart device such as an Apple Watch, battery life is a significant concern. While Apple claims that its newest iteration can survive 18 hours after an overnight charge, some users are complaining about battery drain issues. If you are also facing similar problems, then here are some tips and tricks to improve the battery life of the Apple Watch.

  1. Adjust Screen Brightness
  2. Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications
  3. Use Power Reserve Mode
  4. Unpair and Pair Apple Watch with iPhone
  5. Factory Reset Your Watch
  6. Update watchOS to the Latest Version
  7. Miscellaneous Tips to Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

1. Adjust Screen Brightness

If you are an avid user of phones, laptops, or such devices, this one is an obvious battery saver. The brightness of the screen is inversely proportionate to the battery life. Thus, adjusting the screen brightness of your Apple Watch could be crucial to improve Apple Watch 5 battery life.

Adjust Apple Watch Screen Brightness

Further, given the Apple Watch’s AMOLED display, a certain percentage of battery is lost, maintaining the vibrancy of the screen. When a watch face uses plenty of bright colors such as Activity Face, or Mickey Mouse, they can drain the battery faster.

It’s a good thing that watchOS lets you change your current watch face with an easy swipe option. So keep a black-and-gray watch face handy for the days you want the battery to last.

2. Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications

While quite beneficial for you, notifications can be a bone of contention for your watch. As it does not just ting or wakes the screen, it also employs Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios with regularity to check for updates. To extend the Apple Watch battery life, choose the apps that can receive notifications wisely, and switch off the notifications for the rest.

How to Turn Off Notifications on Apple WatchFurther, the apps that are mirrored on your watch and do not necessarily need dual notification, both on your watch and iPhone, should be turned off. For instance, I have intentionally kept Uber and YouTube notification off for Apple Watch; just notification on my phone suffice for these apps.

While we are at the topic of apps and notification, it is wise to understand that unused apps are not just exploiting the memory but battery life as well. So, remove the unused apps from the Apple Watch or stop mirroring it, primarily if the app uses an Internet connection or GPS in the background.

3. Use Power Reserve Mode

How to Turn ON Power Reserve Mode on Apple Watch

As the name suggests, the Power Reserve mode reduces power consumption by shutting down all features except the time. Yes!! the feature converts your smartwatch into a regular watch. When you are not using your watch, activate the Power Reserve mode to save and extend Apple Watch battery life, especially when you want it last all day long or more.

4. Unpair and Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

This may sound like a very unusual idea to fix the Apple Watch battery drain issue. But a simple unpairing and re-pairing can kill the rogue processes and fix the bad bits, solving the problem in just a few steps. To unpair the Apple Watch, open the Watch app → My Watch tab → i → Unpair Apple Watch.

Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

It is advisable to reboot the Apple Watch and iPhone before pairing to clear off the caches. Pair the devices again; your data will be re-synced, and probably the poor battery issue is resolved.

5. Factory Reset Your Watch

Maybe the reason behind the watches’ low-battery life is an untraceable system setting that could only be resolved by a complete reset. Resetting your watch to factory settings will neither disable Activation Lock nor does it create an auto backup. Though you can recover most of the data from your iPhone or iCloud later on.

Open the Settings app on your watch and go to General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings.

Tap on Settings then General then Reset on Apple Watch
Reset and Unpair Apple Watch

Check out our post for detailed tutorials. Once the reset is done, connect the device to your iPhone as a new device and do not restore the back up as of now. Give it a few days and then sync both the devices together.

6. Update watchOS

At times just a simple upgrade might be the solution to your battery-related woes. Apple has terrific ears, and when it hears about an issue or a bug, it releases a patch for it in the next version of the software update. To check if an update is available on your Apple Watch, go to Settings → General → Software Update.

Update watchOS from Apple Watch Series 5

You can also check for update availability on your paired iPhone, go to Watch app → General → Software Update.

Tap on General and Software Update in Watch App on iPhone

If an update is available, download the new update; this shall, in most probability, fix the battery issues. It may be the case that the problem persists immediately after the update, give the update a day or two to settle down, once the background process such as restoration and re-downloads are completed. In case the battery is still not up to the mark, try these solutions.

As we mentioned earlier, Apple endeavors to correct any issue faced by users via building upon the existing updates. All you have to do is keep an eye on these versions (follow us or download our iOS app to get updates) and download once available.

Meanwhile, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to resolve a sudden battery drain issue on an Apple Watch and ensure that the battery remains powered throughout the day.

7. Miscellaneous Tips to Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

What do you do when your iPhone has a low battery, and you want it to last a few more hours? Well, we turn down various features, so that the battery could survive despite usage. The same is the case with Apple Watch as well. Here are some of the features you can turn down to save some juice:

  • Turn Off the Always-On Display: While Apple claims that the Always-On display does not massively affect the battery, we can switch it off to save even that small bit
  • Turn off Noise Monitoring: In the battle of battery vs. features, the Noise Monitoring has to be disabled until the battery issue is resolved
  • Stop Heart Rate and Fitness Monitoring: A chunk of Apple Watch’s battery is dedicated to tracking heart rate and fitness. Thus under dire need, you need to make some tough choice
  • Reduce ECG and Heart Rate checking: While the features are incorporated for your convenience, unless there is a health issue, checking them often isn’t necessary
  • Workout In Power Saving Mode: As mentioned earlier, tracking workouts can drain your battery faster. Which is why Apple has smartly included a power-saving mode, especially for workouts
  • Temporarily Stop Activity Reminder: A boon that reminds us about our health, but as the format of this post goes, we will have to temporarily disable Activity Reminder to save some juice
  • Reduce Animations: Turning on Reduce Motion reduces the animation and automatic resizing of the user interface of the Apple Watch on the Home screen. And this certainly affects battery usage, so you know what to do
  • Adjust The Haptic Alerts: Though I like the gentle tap on my wrist, keeping the watch alive takes precedence. Thus adjusting it to adjust it to lower settings could be an option
  • Limit The Use Of Complications: The complications on your watch face our pretty hand, but when in a battery crunch, switching to a simpler watch face without many complications and lower vibrancy is a great battery saving hack
  • Limit Music Listening and Other Activities: A no brainer; if your phone battery is low, you don’t play heavy-duty games, do you? Well, on similar terms, you limit the use of your Apple Watch apps such as music, podcast, or games

I know it is difficult to resist all the beautiful features of the Apple Watch to save battery. But you are not supposed to discontinue all the features simultaneously. These are the options, choose the ones that suit you best. For instance, workout in power mode, so you can listen to more music or vice versa.

Then again, all this is just temporary, while your Apple Watch battery is running low. Once you have charged it well and the sudden drain issue is sorted, you can use all these and more features of the Apple Watch without a second thought. What I really love about these alternatives is that they are reversible. Thanks to the smarts of the watchOS, I can start or stop a feature on a whim, with just a few steps. So don’t fret much about battery, only manage your watch features with smartness.

May Your Watch have A Long and Fulfilling Battery life!

The advancements in our devices have given us unlimited freedom to achieve unprecedented success and happiness. However, all this comes at a price, and that includes worries about battery percentage. An issue that is easily resolvable if you use your devices optimally. Starting from using a portable power bank to various power-saving options.

Are you facing a battery drain issue with Apple Watch? What solutions have you opted to solve the problem? Did these steps help you out? Do let us know in the comment.

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