watchOS 8: How to update software directly on Apple Watch

How to update software directly on Apple Watch

It’s essential to keep your Apple Watch updated with the latest software. This ensures it runs smoothly and stays secure. Moreover, the latest watchOS 8 introduces some great features to enhance your lifestyle. 

The whole process is super easy and conveniently done from your watch itself without needing your iPhone. So, let’s see how to update the software directly on Apple Watch.

How to update WatchOS software directly on Apple Watch

Before you proceed to the update, you need to take care of these three things:

  • Ensure that your Apple Watch has at least 50% battery or greater during the update
  • Do not remove your charger during the update or installation
  • Keep your Apple Watch connected to WiFi and ensure that it doesn’t freeze up during the update.

With the above things in mind, proceed to the procedure below to directly update watchOS 8 software on your Apple Watch.

  1. Launch Settings on your Apple Watch and tap General.
  2. Now choose Software Update from general settings.

    Choose Software Update from general settings from Apple Watch
  3. Your watch will check for available updates. If the watchOS update is available, tap Download and Install.
  4. Once the update is downloaded onto your Apple Watch, tap Install and then tap Proceed.

    Install watchOS 8 on Apple Watch

That’s it! As I said earlier, make sure that your Apple Watch’s battery is at 50% or higher. If it’s not, the installation process will stop and create unnecessary headaches to deal with.

If anything goes wrong during the installation and you’re thinking of downgrading the software, downgrading to watchOS 7 isn’t possible by any means. The only way to do it is to visit your nearest Apple Store and try your luck!

Final Words…

If you face any issue during the update or installation on your Apple Watch, let us know in the comments section! Our experts will guide you to the solution.

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