Unable to update watchOS 9? Here’s how to fix it

unable to install watchos on apple watch

watchOS 9 brings new workout features, a Medication app for tracking medications, new faces to Apple Watch, enhanced insights for sleep health, and much more. Unfortunately, some users cannot install watchOS 9 and therefore are not able to explore these fantastic features. But worry not, as the effective solutions listed below will help you fix the failing watchOS 9 download and installation problems. Take a look.

  1. Check Compatibility before Updating
  2. Perform the Basic Checks
  3. Retry Updating After Restarting the Apple Watch and iPhone
  4. Free Up Space on the Apple Watch
  5. Delete the Update File and Retry
  6. Unpair the Apple Watch

1. Check compatibility before updating

The primary step before proceeding is to ensure whether your Apple Watch officially supports watchOS 9 or not. If you rock an Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, and SE, you can update to the latest OS.

The latest Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2, and Apple Watch Ultra will come preinstalled with watchOS 9. But if you have trouble installing the next version of watchOS 9, this guide will be helpful for that as well.

2. Perform the basic checks

Now, before we advance further, it is essential to satisfy some conditions.

  • Update your iPhone to ensure perfect harmony.
  • Your Apple Watch battery must be at least 50%.
  • Connect your iPhone and watch to a stable Wi-Fi. If your net is too slow, consider restarting the router. Also, do not forget to disable the VPN.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled.

3. Retry updating after restarting the Apple Watch and iPhone

In multiple posts, we often mention that restarting is one of the easiest and (an almost) sure shot ways to fix several software issues.

To restart your Apple Watch, press the Side button and drag the Power Off slider to the right. After a minute, press the same button to turn it on. To restart the paired iPhone, use the power button as you usually do.

After this, try to update the wearable. You can do so straight from the Settings app on the Apple Watch or use the Watch app on the companion iPhone.

4. Free up space on your Apple Watch

Just like you must have a certain amount of free space for updating the iPhone, your Watch too follows the same rule. If you cannot install watchOS 9, which is a major generational update, consider freeing up some space. Once you do that, restart the devices and try updating them again.

5. Delete the update file and retry

  1. Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone and ensure you are in the My Watch tab.
  2. Tap on GeneralStorageSoftware Update and delete the downloaded update file.

    Steps to delete Delete WatchOS 9 File
  3. Restart the devices.
  4. Open the Watch app → GeneralSoftware Update to download and install watchOS 9.tap on general in my watch tab and tap on software updated then tap on download and install on iphone

6. Unpair the Apple Watch

Finally, if nothing works for you, the ultimate fix is unpairing the watch from the iPhone. After that, complete the setup process. You may choose to restore from the watch backup.

Once everything is set, follow the update process once again, and you should be able to get watchOS 9 successfully.

Signing Off

Apple Watch is the perfect blend of tech and lifestyle products, packaged into a tiny form factor that sits on your wrist. I hope this guide helped you fix the issue, and now you are using watchOS 9 with its new features. Feel free to have your say in the comments section below.

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