Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps in 2020

To ensure my Apple Watch never loses its shine and continues to make a perfect match with my mood and attire, I keep on changing the watchband from time to time. When I’m getting ready for a high-profile meeting, I like to pair the watch with a luxurious leather band. And when I wish to let my hair down, sporty and funky bands are always my first choice. Based on different requirements and tastes, I have collected some of the best Apple Watch bands and straps from third-party manufacturers, which would really find appreciable.

Note: These Apple Watch bands perfectly fit on the new Apple Watch Series 2, 3, 4, and 5.

#1. iStrap

iStrap Calf Leather Apple Watch Bands

iStrap’s simple and professional design is worthy of praise. The leather band has been richly crafted out of top-grade calf leather. With visible stitching, it makes a classy match with the Apple Watch.

Smooth leather texture not just further enhances the profile but also comforts your wrist. Better still; iStrap Apple Watch band comes in multiple attractive colors including black, orange, red and more. Therefore, handpicking a darling for your wearable device is not a big deal! Read the detailed review.


  • Good-looking design
  • Italian calfskin leather
  • 316L stainless steel buckle and adapter


  • No cons

Price: $22.99
Check out on Amazon

#2. JORD

JORD Apple Watch Wooden Band

Best known as the industry leader in exotic wood timepieces, JORD has recently found success with its extensive line of statement bands to suit any Apple watch. A testament to its beauty & craftsmanship, JORD’s Hamonic collection was recently mentioned as Forbes’ choice of best wood Apple band. This collection is finished with rare hardwoods, typically used by American guitar designers, interlaced with stainless steel to enhance both the visual presence & tensile strength.

JORD’s classic collection features a choice of 4 bands in exotic woods finished in titanium with cross-hatching detail & signature butterfly clasp. Two leather collections offer a spectrum of color options to suit any outfit: 6 vibrant flat leather options along with five padded leather designs come in contrasting stitching with stainless steel coordinating classic buckle style clasps. Each JORD band is 20 wide and includes steel adaptors in a choice of either 44/42 mm or 40/38mm to cover the spectrum of cases.


  • Top-of-the-line craftsmanship
  • Premium look and feel
  • Skin-friendly material


  • Pricing seems a bit over the top

Price: Price varies based on the model you pick
Check out on WoodWatches

#3. OriBear

OriBear Apple Watch Sports Band

Flaunting impressive sporty design, OriBear looks spot-on for the folks who wish to give a funky look to the Apple Watch. If you are one of them, it might catch your attention at the very first glance. With the soft silicone material, the watch band feels pretty comfy to the touch. As it’s breathable, your wrist won’t feel suffocated while wearing it.

Being sweat-resistant, the watch band ensures you can give your best in the gym without having to deal with sweat. Furthermore, the stainless steel buckle plays a vital role in keeping the smartwatch intact. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the unexpected fall of your wearable device.


  • Soft silicone material
  • Breathable and water-resistant material
  • Stainless steel buckle keeps the watch intact


  • The material is quite delicate

Price: $5.98 – $29.99
Check out on Amazon

#4. XIMU

XIMU Apple Watch Band

Crafted from breathable canvas fabrics the XIMU Apple Watch strap offers a unique combination of style and comfort. The soft woven fabric maintains ventilation and doesn’t pinch, rub or irritate the skin. Available in multiple patterns, you can either opt a subtle or sporty look, or maybe both.

Additionally, the easy connector on both ends, ensure that the watch can be easily and securely mounted. The strap includes multiple precise cut holes for a perfect and comfortable fit always.


  • Breathable canvas fabric
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Durable stainless steel buckle


  • Lacks a strong locking mechanism

Price: $8.99
Check out on Amazon

#5. Pierre Case

Pierre Case Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

Made from premium genuine leather, this colorful Apple Watch Band is perfect for you if you are looking to combine it with a floral dress or are in vacation mode. It also matches perfectly with a solid colored dress as this watch band’s many colors will give a standout look.

The stainless metal clasp, apart from being durable, also gives the band a pleasant look. The design is such that it won’t fade quickly and will remain vivid and new for long. On top of that, the strap has a soft natural material feel, which makes sure that it won’t scratch your hand in any condition and also prevents sweating. Finally, there are multiple alternative holes so that you can achieve the perfect fit you want.


  • Makes a nice-looking match with the Apple Watch
  • Skin-friendly design
  • Easy to install and remove


  • The color may fade away

Price: $12.99
Check out on Amazon


GBPOOT Apple Watch Stainless Steel Band

There is a lot to like in this watch band from GBPOOT. First and foremost, the band sports an attractive design that makes a better match with the Apple Watch. Thanks to the stainless steel construction, it’s strong enough to resist wear and tear.

Another notable feature of this Apple Watch stainless steel band is the adjustable magnet clasp design which makes it pretty easy to stick and lock the wearable device. Besides, you can also remove the band quickly with just a click of a button. On top of all, GBPOOT comes with a protective case to shield the smartwatch against scratches and bumps.


  • Adjustable magnet clasp design
  • One-button removal
  • Comes with a protective case


  • At times, the magnetic clasp design might fail to keep the smartwatch tight

Price: $10.99 – $12.99
Check out on Amazon

#7. Marge Plus

MARGE PLUS Apple Wath Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

If you love classic design, Marge Plus will instantly win you over at the very first sight. It’s readied with top-grade horse leather. With the bold stitching, it looks very impressive. Metal clasp endows it more stability.

As it’s skin-friendly, you will enjoy wearing the band for long. You have multiple nice color variants like black, brown, dark blue, white, red, etc. to pick from. Colors aside, Marge Plus comes for both 38 and 42mm Apple Watch models.


  • Genuine leather
  • Impressive craftsmanship
  • Sweat-absorbent


  • May not score well on the durability front

Price: $12.99
Check out on Amazon

#8. eLander (stainless steel)

eLander Apple Watch Stainless Steel Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

This stainless steel band from eLander is really handsome and perfectly fits the watch. The top-grade material has reinforced its durability, while the refined finish has further enriched its design.

With the double folding clasp, it offers more safety. What’s more, eLander is available in multiple nice-looking color options like rose gold, silver, and space gray to choose from. Besides, you can find it in both the sizes of the Watch.


  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Refined finish
  • Secure locking mechanism


  • Looks a touch bulky

Price: $14.99
Check out on Amazon

#9. Wearlizer (stainless steel)

Wearlizer Apple Watch Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

Showcasing fashionable design, Wearlizer easily arrests your attention. The biggest highlight of this band is the premium stainless steel built-up. The addition of resin has brought more charm to it.

The band comes with the adapter to let you install and remove it without any hassle. There is also a removal tool that makes it a lot easier to change the strap. Wearlizer (38 and 42mm) comes with a 12-month warranty and available in seven color variants.


  • Amps up the fashion quotient
  • Made of top-grade stainless steel metal
  • Comes in a variety of attractive color variants


  • Might lose shine

Price: $29.99
Check out on Amazon

#10. iHillon

iHillon Classic Canvas Fabric Apple Watch Band

This Apple Watch, made from high-quality premium canvas fabric, has an adjustable size for both men and women’s wrist. The first layer also has leather rings that give it a distinct two-tone look. The inner second layer is soft as it is made using microfiber material. Isn’t it cool that one day you can wear it and next week your wife may use this on her Apple Watch? The watch band looks fashionable, professional, and goes suitably with your business outfit or daily casual clothes.

iHillon’s retro-looking band gives room to your skin to breathe as it has added air channels to the on the inner surface, which prevents your skin from sticking in the summer season.


  • Adorable two-tone design
  • Made of canvas fabric and genuine leather
  • Pretty comfortable to wear


  • May get frayed out

Price: $11.99 – $14.99
Check out on Amazon

#11. Secbolt

Secbolt Apple Wach Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

Should you wish to have a watch band with some bling, Secbolt would be worth consideration. It’s prepared with high-grade stainless steel.

The addition of diamond (rhinestone) on the link gives it a fashionable look. Courtesy of the eye-catching profile, you’d like wearing it in parties. You can easily resize the band just by removing the clasp.

Moreover, Secbolt comes in four attractive color variants including black, silver, gold and rose gold. It’s available for both 38 and 42mm watch models along with a one-year replacement warranty.


  • Durable stainless steel metal construction
  • Rhinestones add elegance to the profile
  • Makes an elegant pair with the Apple Watch


  • Rhinestones may fall off

Price: $16.99
Check out on Amazon

#12. iiteeology

iiteeology Apple Watch Band

If a handsome looking design is what you are after, you should keep iiteeology Apple Watch band in mind. Sporting refined stainless steel profile, the watch band looks primed to amp up the style quotient. Courtesy the high-grade steel, it can stand up to the task in terms of longevity.

Being just 2.0mm thick, the stainless steel band doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to the smartwatch. So, you will feel comfortable while wearing the watch. What’s more, iiteeology also comes in 14 eye-catching color variants.


  • Fashionable design
  • Locks into the smartwatch securely
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • The color may not remain intact for long

Price: $21.99
Check out on Amazon

#13. Fullmosa

Fullmosa Apple Watch Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

Boasting adorably sophisticated design, Fullmosa has a rich appearance. The premium calf leather coupled with top-of-the-line craftsmanship makes it really pleasing to the eyes.

Certified by RoHS, the leather band is completely free of any hazardous and toxic substances. The high-quality connector with micro-bounce technology allows you to install and remove the band easily.

Besides, it also comes with an assistant tool to let you quickly change the band. The cross-stitched collars endow it more durability. Additionally, Fullmosa comes in 15 vibrant color options.


  • Sophisticated design
  • Cowhide leather
  • Stainless steel buckle


  • The pin might pop out when you move your wrist

Price: $11.99
Check out on Amazon

#14. Carterjett

Carterjett Apple Watch Band

Flaunting rugged profile, Carterjett looks dapper with Apple Watch. The woven nylon material makes the watchband so soft and breathable. Hence, you will feel comfortable while wearing it on your wrist.

Steel adapters are permanently attached to the watchband and offer more security. Additionally, you can choose this suave looking watchband in 13 colors including black, blue/white, gray, red and more.


  • Water-resistant material
  • Matte steel adapters
  • Extremely durable


  • The strap is not super comfy

Price: $25.99
Check out on Amazon

#15. Haveda

Haveda Apple Watch Series 5 Band

Times when you may want your Apple Watch to catch attention elegantly, a watch band like Haveda can come into play. Probably, the best part about this strap is a wide range of color variants. So, it will be a tad easier for you to pick out an ideal companion for your wearable device.

Aside from vibrant design, Haveda is also equally good in terms of offering the needed comfort to the skin. Courtesy the soft elastomer material, the band won’t irritate the skin. That’s not all, it will also ward off sweat so that you can comfortably wear the band for hours.


  • Elegant design
  • Comes in a range of patterns
  • Soft elastomer material


  • The pattern may fade off

Price: $7.99
Check out on Amazon

That’s all for now!

What’s your favorite?

I hope you have liked having a look at these watch bands. By the way, did you like any strap? Feel free to let us know its name and the quality you have found appreciable in it.

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Best Apple Watch Bands for Series 3, 2, and 1

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