Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps from Third Party Manufacturers

Flaunt a new band every day on your Apple Watch. The list boasts of the best Apple Watch bands and Straps made by Third Party Manufacturers, which also fit Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 as well.

To ensure my Apple Watch never loses its shine and continues to make a perfect match with my mood and attire, I keep on changing the watchband from time to time. When I’m getting ready for a high-profile meeting, I like to pair the watch with a luxurious leather band. And when I wish to let my hair down, sporty and funky bands are always my first choice. Based on different requirements and tastes, I have collected some of the best Apple Watch bands and straps from third-party manufacturers, which would really find appreciable.

So, if you are yet to get a hot companion for your smartwatch or willing to give it a trendy or handsome look, you should glance through this roundup. And, if your eyes find the desired item, do let us know your thoughts about it!

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Note: These Apple Watch bands perfectly fit on new Apple Watch Series 2 and 3. However, we have created the fresh list of best Apple Watch 3 bands, make sure to check it out.

Best Apple Watch Bands [Fit Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3]

Note: Product price is subject to change and completely depends on manufacturers. Hence, the price displayed on this post might differ from the actual one.

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#1. iStrap

iStrap Calf Leather Apple Watch Bands

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iStrap’s simple and professional design is worthy of praise. The leather band has been richly crafted out of top-grade calf leather. With visible stitching, it makes a classy match with the Apple Watch.

Smooth leather texture not just further enhances the profile but also comforts your wrist. Better still; iStrap Apple Watch band comes in multiple attractive colors including black, orange, red and more. Therefore, handpicking a darling for your wearable device is not a big deal! Read the detailed review.

USP: High-grade calf leather
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#2. eLander

eLander 42mm Apple Watch Strap

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eLander has been carved out of top-grain leather. The smooth leather texture feels nice to the touch. Metal clasp offers additional security and perfectly fits the Watch slots.

There are multiple cut holes to ensure the watch band fits most wrists. You can pick it in two colors like black and brown. It’s available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch. Lastly, the eLander leather strap comes with a lifetime warranty.

USP: Top-grain leather
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#3. J&D Tech

J&D Tech Modern Series Apple Watch Band

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If you admire simplicity, you should consider the J&D Tech Modern Series watch band. It’s made of genuine leather and features low profile design.

The smooth finish offers the needed comfy feel. With the inclusion of multiple precise cut holes, the leather band fits most wrists.

Metal clasp fits Apple Watch slots spotlessly. Unfortunately, this offering from J&D is available for only the 42mm smartwatch.

USP: Low-profile design
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#4. phonewatch

phonewatch Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3 Leather Band

phonewatch is neatly crafted out of genuine leather. With the superior workmanship, the watchband looks so refined and gives the smartwatch a professional appearance. Leather texture further augments its appeal while also boosting the comfort level.

Metal adapter allows you to conveniently install watchband. Phonewatch is available for both the models of Apple Watch and comes in multiple color variants to make it a lot easier for you to choose the right fit.

USP: Genuine cowhide leather
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#5. BRG

BRG Apple Watch Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

BRG stainless steel band is beautifully designed and pairs elegantly with the Apple Watch. The top-grade steel mesh augments its appearance and also reinforces its durability.

The strong lugs lock tightly onto the smartwatch. Built-in magnets hold the band securely.

Regard colors, this stainless steel watch band comes in two variants like space gray and black. Aside from colors, BRG watch band comes for both 38mm and 42mm models and is backed by the 18-months warranty.

USP: Adjustable Magnetic Closure
Check out on Amazon [42mm] | Check out on Amazon [38mm]

#6. Marge Plus

MARGE PLUS Apple Wath Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

If you love classic design, Marge Plus will instantly win you over at the very first sight. It’s readied with top-grade horse leather. With the bold stitching, it looks very impressive. Metal clasp endows it more stability.

As it’s skin-friendly, you will enjoy wearing the band for long. You have multiple nice color variants like black, brown, dark blue, white, red etc. to pick from. Colors aside, Marge Plus comes for both 38 and 42mm Apple Watch models.

USP: Premium soft top genuine leather
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#7. eLander (stainless steel)

eLander Apple Watch Stainless Steel Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

This stainless steel band from eLander is really handsome and perfectly fits the watch. The top-grade material has reinforced its durability, while the refined finish has further enriched its design.

With the double folding clasp, it offers more safety. What’s more, eLander is available in multiple nice-looking color options like rose gold, silver, and space gray to choose from. Besides, you can find it in both the sizes of the Watch.

USP: Double folding clasp
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#8. Wearlizer (stainless steel)

Wearlizer Apple Watch Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

Showcasing fashionable design, Wearlizer easily arrests your attention. The biggest highlight of this band is the premium stainless steel built-up. Addition of resin has brought more charm to it.

The band comes with the adapter to let you install and remove it without any hassle. There is also a removal tool that makes it a lot easier to change the strap. Wearlizer (38 and 42mm) comes with 12-month warranty and available in seven color variants.

USP: Elegant design
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#9. Lwsengme

Lwsengme Apple Watch Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

Lwsengme is beautifully designed and makes an excellent match with the Apple Watch. What has raised its style quotient is the addition of some bling (rhinestone).

Created with a top-quality stainless steel material, it’s a durable companion of the watch. The clasp is readied to lock the watch flawlessly. Beyond features, Lwsengme comes in several colors so that you can choose the most befitting partner for your smartwatch.

USP: Beautiful design
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#10. Secbolt

Secbolt Apple Wach Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

Should you wish to have a watch band with some bling, Secbolt would be worth consideration. It’s prepared with the high-grade stainless steel.

The addition of diamond (rhinestone) on the link gives it a fashionable look. Courtesy of the eye-catching profile, you’d like wearing it in parties. You can easily resize the band just by removing the clasp.

Moreover, Secbolt comes in four attractive color variants including black, silver, gold and rose gold. It’s available for both 38 and 42mm watch models along with one-year replacement warranty.

USP: Fashionable design
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#11. Mkeke

Mkeke Apple Watch Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

There are very few leather cases that can make a match with Mkeke’s craftsmanship. The genuine horse leather material gives it a luxurious look. Vivid stitching further augments its design and workmanship.

It features large-sized silver stainless steel buckle, which provides more stability. Being completely sweat-absorbent, it doesn’t irritate the screen. Multiple alternative holes allow you to adjust the length comfortably. You can choose Mkeke in two colors: black and brown. Furthermore, the leather strap comes both the sizes of Apple Watch with the one-year warranty.

USP: Genuine horse leather
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#12. Fullmosa

Fullmosa Apple Watch Band for Series 1, 2, and 3

Boasting adorably sophisticated design, Fullmosa has a rich appearance. The premium calf leather coupled with top-of-the-line craftsmanship makes it really pleasing to the eyes.

Certified by RoHS, the leather band is completely free of any hazardous and toxic substances. The high-quality connector with micro-bounce technology allows you to install and remove the band easily.

Besides, it also comes with an assistant tool to let you quickly change the band. The cross-stitched collars endow it more durability. Additionally, Fullmosa comes in 15 vibrant color options.

USP: Sophisticated design
Check out on Amazon

#13. Carterjett

Carterjett Apple Watch Band

Flaunting rugged profile, Carterjett looks dapper with Apple Watch. The woven nylon material makes the watchband so soft and breathable. Hence, you will feel comfortable while wearing it on your wrist.

Steel adapters are permanently attached to the watchband and offer more security. Additionally, you can choose this suave looking watchband in 13 colors including black, blue/white, gray, red and more.

USP: Nylon fabric material
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That’s all for now!

What’s your favorite?

I hope you have liked having a look at these watch bands. By the way, did you like any strap? Feel free to let us know its name and the quality you have found appreciable in it.

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  1. The MyCell 42mm Milanese is no longer available on Amazon. They have the 38mm Milanese, and the other MyCel bands in 38 and 42mm.

  2. The pictures used for the MyCell bands. They are knockoffs with terrible reviews. The seller also refuses to disclose information or stand by their product.

  3. The reviews of many of these bands appear to reveal that there are oportunistic sellers looking to make a quick buck off early adopters. Complaints of “You just stole Apple’s images and passing them off as your own”, and “The watch does not come with Apple attachment links”, and “The seller changed my order without telling me”, abound.

    Buyer Beware!

  4. I think if you’re showing the best non-Apple bands then the pictures should not be of the Apple band, but the replacement. For example, the milanese loop pictured above is the Apple one, when you go to Amazon to buy the “replacement” the clasp is completely different from your image. It would be helpful also to list the reviews for said replacement bands.

  5. Uh…so which bands come with lugs, and which would you need the Apple lugs? Article stinks in that it’s confusing to know that simple aspect.

  6. I’d avoid casetify, they have very poor customer service that rarely responds. And to top it off, they STILL aren’t shipping them. I ordered it 2 months ago, and they keep changing my ship date every single week.

  7. Can’t afford an apple watch? It’s cool bro, no need to brag. I don’t have a car either because a bike is so hipster. In fact, I am so hipster, I have a unicycle instead of a bicycle.

  8. How about Benks Cowhide Genuine Leather Strap or Soft Silicone band in What’s the reason of the rank? More review, more answers.


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