Best Apple Watch bands (Series 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and SE) in 2021

Best straps and bands for Apple Watch Series 1-7 and SE

Apple Watch is one of the world’s most popular wearables. Besides excellent features, its customizability is also one of the reasons behind its immense popularity. You can change the watch’s default straps to match your personality. However, there are thousands of bands to choose from in the market. 

Don’t fret! We have compiled a list of the best Apple Watch straps out there, compatible with the recently released Apple Watch Series 7.

Note: The Apple Watch straps enlisted below are compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and above.

How to find the perfect size for your new Apple Watch band?

Before we delve into the best options, it is essential to know how to choose the best band size for the Apple Watch you own. With the Apple Watch Series 7, the company has further complicated the size selection if you like a watch band.

To begin with, Apple Watch Series 7 is available in two different sizes: 41mm (smaller) and 45mm (larger). Here’s how you can choose the perfect band size for the latest Apple Watch.

  • 41mm band: Compatible with 38mm, 40mm cases, and vice versa. (Smaller)
  • 45mm band: Compatible with 42mm, 44mm cases, and vice versa. (Larger)
Apple Watch Bands Compatibility
Source: Apple

To make it simpler, bands compatible with the smaller (i.e., 41mm) of the recently released sizes can be matched with previous smaller-sized cases. On similar lines, bands compatible with 45mm, the larger of the two new sizes, can fit any of the previous larger-sized cases.

Now that the basic is clear, let get started with our favorite straps!

New Apple Watch straps for Series 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and SE

  1. Apple Nike band
  2. Apple Watch Sport Loop
  3. Nomad
  4. Monowear
  5. Fullmosa
  6. Goldenerre
  7. Apple Watch Hermès
  8. Lilly Pulitzer
  9. Casetify
  10. KADES

1. Apple Nike Sport band: Editor’s choice

Apple Watch Nike Sport Band

If you are looking for an Apple Watch Band that exudes a premium look and feel but doesn’t suffocate your skin, even if you wear the smartwatch for longer durations, Apple Nike Sport band is the one for you! 

It has been designed from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer with compression-molded perforations for breathability. It is perfectly suitable for Apple Watch Series 3 and above and can be paired with the watch case measuring 38mm, 40mm, 41mm, 44mm, and 45mm. 

The pin-and-tuck enclosure ensures that the band stays in place while you are wearing the watch. Also, you can get this customized as per your wrist size.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Made from breathable material
  • Premium finish


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for professionals due to shiny colors

Price: $49

Buy it from

2. Apple Watch Sport loop: Most stylish band

Apple Watch Sport Loop band to buy

Apple Watch Sport loop is a rugged and stylish band, designed to increase the aesthetic appeal of the smartwatch. The band has a double-layer nylon weave with dense loops on the skin side, providing soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape.

On the reverse side, the loops have been held tightly in their place to make the band durable. The hook and fastener locking mechanism makes it extremely easy to wear. If you are an athlete, this watch band won’t irritate your skin like other brands.

Besides being made of breathable fabric, this Apple Watch band can be adjusted on the wrist, and its velcro makes sure that it doesn’t slip off its position. It is compatible with the latest Apple Watch Series 7.


  • Stylish and rugged band
  • Made of material that allows moisture to escape


  • The rough texture might irritate sensitive skin

Price: $49

Buy it from

3. Nomad modern strap: Highly durable

Nomad Modern Strap for Apple Watch

If you’re bored of using sport bands for your Apple Watch and want something premium and professional-looking, Nomad’s modern strap is perfect for you. It is made with Rustic Brown Horween leather, and each strap is a product of world-class craftsmanship, designed using the most advanced tools.

More importantly, each strap comes equipped with a custom-designed, metal injection molded (MIM) buckle and lugs made of marine-grade stainless steel. The focus on choosing the material for the strap as well as buckles and lugs promises durability.

The strap is compatible with 42mm as well as 44mm cases and can be fitted onto any Apple Watch series starting from Series 3. In case you are planning to purchase the recently released Apple Watch Series 7, this could be the perfect accessory for it.


  • Highly durable
  • Made of top-notch quality leather
  • Elegant and stylish


  • Not suitable to be worn in the rain or around water

Price: $69.99

Check out on Amazon

4. Monowear Infinite Wave band: Most comfortable

monowear apple watch band nylon infinite wave seaweed

Monowear’s Infinite Wave band is a work of art. Absolutely comfortable to wear, this watch band is made of not one but two layers of elastic woven nylon, making it durable and long-lasting.

The first layer provides the stretch to fit the band around your wrist. The second layer keeps the first layer away from the wrist and provides it cushion-like support.

The slim, metal-made buckle allows you to adjust the watch on your wrist at your convenience. There is so much focus on perfection and detail that even the connectors are color matched.

This nylon band is equivalent to Apple’s Solo loop and can be availed in all the case sizes, including 38mm, 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 43mm, and even the latest 45mm case of Apple Watch Series 7.


  • Extremely comfortable and breathable on the wrist
  • High-quality nylon
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It can take some time to adjust to skin

Price: $26

Buy it from Monowear design

5. Fullmosa: Best stainless steel band

Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band

Fullmosa Apple Watch band is designed to let you experience a noble and luxurious look. If you’re not a strap person, this stainless steel band will definitely spike your interest. Made of 304 premium steel, the Fullmosa Apple Watch band is a unisexual band compatible with 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm, and also for Apple Watch Series 7 with a 43mm casing.

The nano-electrocoating process used for coating the band ensures that it doesn’t chip away easily, unlike other cheap bands. This strap is available in six colors: black, blue, red, rose gold, pink, and silver.

Equipped with refined steel connectors, the strap is pretty easy to install the band and take it off in any Apple Watch.


  • Double button folding clasps for double-sided insurance
  • Suitable for both men as well as women
  • Inexpensive


  • Heavier
  • The band vibrates upon receiving a notification due to haptic feedback

Price: $15.27

Check out on Amazon

6. Goldenerre black stud band: Premium design

Goldenerre Black Stud Band for the Apple Watch

Goldenerre black stud band is a must-have accessory if you own an Apple Watch. Its premium design and finish exude luxury in all forms. The band features ​​a genuine leather band and stainless steel studs. Wear it to a party, and it will be the talk of the town for some time.

This black stud band is available in both Apple Watch sizes: 38mm/40mm and 42/44mm. You can even use it with Apple Watch Series 7. If you feel that its chain is extra in length, the studs can be easily removed to make it fit like a glove.


  • High-quality leather
  • Adjustable studs


  • Might be too blingy for some
  • Available only for women

Price: $85

Buy it from Goldenerre

7. Apple Watch Hermès Noir Swift leather band: Most luxurious

Apple Watch Hermès Leather band

This is one for those who prefer luxury and want something unique for their Apple Watch. Designed by artisans in France, this ultra-luxurious band comes with the signature Hermès design crafted with exquisite, buttery-smooth Noir Swift leather.

The band is compatible with most Apple Watches, including the latest Apple Watch Series 7. You can match the Hermès watch band with Apple Watch Series 3 or newer in almost all the case sizes. (42mm and 45mm are also available).

The stainless steel buckle on the watch resembles the straps of a saddle which falls in line with the heritage of the iconic Hermés brand. Albeit quite heavy on the pocket, the watch band leaves no stone unturned to make you stand out from the crowd.


  • Ultra-luxurious and high-end quality
  • Made of buttery-smooth Barènia leather which does not itch the skin


  • Costly
  • The watch band needs to be protected from water

Price: $339

Buy it from

8. Lilly Pulitzer band: Best for kids or casual wear

Lilly Pulitzer band for Apple Watch

Tired of plain, boring Apple Watch bands? Try Lilly Pulitzer’s Apple Watch band. This colorful band is enough to complete or even accentuate your casual look. Made of high-quality leatherette material and printed with a floral pattern, this watch band is very distinguishable and not like the old-fashion plain straps. 

The gold hardware featured in the strap to hold it in place makes it even more aesthetically appealing and sturdy to wear. The band has been designed to perfection and fits like a glove in wrists of different sizes.

Lilly Pulitzer Apple Watch band is compatible with 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm watch cases, and you can match it with Apple Watch Series 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (smaller size).


  • Features vibrant colors to impart a unique look to the Apple Watch
  • Lightweight


  • The stiff material might irritate the skin
  • Looks stylish only with gold case Apple Watches

Price: $49

Buy it from Lilly Pulitzer

9. Casetify leopard print band: Eco-friendly option

leopard print Apple Watch Band

Want to look stylish but save the environment as well? Well, the Casetify leopard print band should be your ideal pick. This watch band is made of Saffiano biodegradable leather with a stainless steel lock. The stylish-looking band is perfect if you prefer wearing your Apple Watch for longer durations.

The strap material is finished with water-, scratch-, and sweat-resistant coating that makes it durable and can successfully survive everyday wear and tear.

Even the ink used to print on the watch strap is eco-friendly, which tells a lot about Casetify’s efforts to keep the planet green and healthy.

The band fits perfectly even on 43mm and 45mm watch cases which means you can pair it with the latest Apple Watch Series 7 as well. Moreover, there are several other designs to choose from.


  • Eco-friendly material and ink
  • Scratch resistant and waterproof strap


  • Not suitable for users with smaller wrists
  • The leather smells a little initially

Price: $52

Buy it from Casetify

10. KADES stainless steel strap: Minimalist design

KADES stainless steel strap for Apple Watch

Kades stainless steel Apple Watch band is crafted using 304L stainless steel with a precise machining process. Although the band feels silky smooth on the skin, it is extremely durable and easily withstands rugged environments.

To make the watch aesthetically appealing with a minimalist touch, it is buffed and finished to render it a premium look. Butterfly closure or double button folding clasp has been used that folds perfectly to fit the watch around the wrist comfortably.

You also get a small link removing tool with the watch band if you feel the band is loose for you. Using the tool, you can easily adjust the size of the band.

The best thing is that it is available in all Apple Watch sizes.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Magnets do not weaken over time
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Clasp seems to come off after some time

Price: $21.99

Check out on Amazon

Apple Watch is a timeless device. The options of customization in terms of straps and watch faces are unparalleled. I hope this list of the best Apple Watch bands helped answer your questions. Which one are you planning to buy? Share in the comments below!

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