Best Accessories for Apple Watch Series 5 in 2020

The Apple Watch isn’t a complete package for me at least if it doesn’t have the right accessories. Just getting a smartwatch isn’t enough, you need to protect it, style it, change the band if needed, get the matching wireless charging stand and a lot more to come! Well, the list wouldn’t end if I keep ongoing, but I have selected some of the best Apple Watch Series 5 accessories that you could buy for your smartwatch.

#1. BRG Apple Watch Series 6 Screen Protector

BRG Screen Protector for Apple Watch Series 5

So let’s start with a screen protector which is an essential accessory for Apple Watch Series 5 if you want to protect it against scratches, collisions, and fingerprints. It’s made of TPU material giving the case a transparent look and moreover giving sturdy protection to your Apple Watch.

When you have this screen protector on your iWatch, it doesn’t affect the functionality of the screen as it is highly responsive. With precise cutouts and easy to install feature, it stands on top of all protectors available for Apple Watch 5. This is just for regular wear, and it is not suited for sporting activities or gym too as it may cause the moisture in the screen.

It comes in a pack of 2 and has an 18-month warranty as well. The protector supports wireless charging as well because it doesn’t cover the back part of your Apple Watch.

USP: Transparent & Protective
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#2. Ouheng Leather Band for Apple Watch Series 5

OUHENG Leather Band for Apple Watch Series 5

Once you have a protector, it’s now time to change your traditional band with a leather one. Ouheng’s strap is made of genuine leather material that looks stylish and feels soft when you wear it with your Apple Watch. It’s available in 11 vivid colors that are suitable for both men and women.

Each of the adapter colors available gets a perfect match for your smartwatch. It’s easy to install due to its sliding in and out feature, and it’s secure as well. The leather band looks classy, and it’s a perfect wear for casual and business meetings too. Ensure that you select the right size before you order this band. It comes with a warranty for 18-months.

USP: Made of Genuine Leather
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#3. Spigen Apple Watch Stand

Spigen Apple Watch Stand for Series 5

Nightstand mode is the most preferred option which is loved by many Apple Watch users for a couple of years now. And that’s what exactly is provided by Spigen’s stand. The comfortable and stylish design make it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a charging stand for Apple Watch Series 5.

Of course, it’s not a wireless charging stand, and hence, you need to charge your smartwatch with the original charger only as the stand doesn’t support any other charger. It holds the cable firmly, and it doesn’t get tangled up when you keep your iWatch in charge on Spigen’s stand.

Even if your strap is open, you can still comfortably place your smartwatch on this stand. So this is a perfect product for those who usually don’t have much time to take a look at their Apple Watch while charging. It’s available in black, midnight blue, pink sand, volt black, and white color variants.

USP: Gorgeous Looking Stand
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#4. OLEBR Charging Stand for Apple Watch

OLEBR Charging Stand for Apple Watch Series 5

Now, this product is for those who have an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch too. Thanks to OLEBR that we don’t need to buy various charging stands for all 3 devices as it has all included in a single product itself. The three pebbles design got my attention right away, and the finishing on the product is simply amazing.

It’s easy to adjust the view with an adjustable screw which is present on the back of this stand. Remember that, this is just a stand and you need your original chargers and cable to juice up your devices. The stand is available in black, rose gold, silver, and space gray color variants.

USP: Multi-Purpose Charging Stand
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#5. Penom Apple Watch Series 5 Case

Penom Case for Apple Watch Series 5Penom watch case eliminates the need to buy a screen protector for your Apple Watch as it comes with a built-in screen guard for your premium watch.

The screen protector efficiently covers the screen and curved edges to ensure complete protection for your watch. Your smartwatch is protected against scratches and collisions.

The case is crafted with high precision, and therefore, you can access the digital crown and side button without any hassle. Moreover, you can insert and remove the watch band with zero stress.

USP: Precise cutouts
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#6. PUGO TOP Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch Series 5

PUGO TOP Stainless Steel band for Apple Watch Series 5PUGO TOP has beautifully designed a stainless steel band for Apple Watch. Compatible with all watches, this band fits the wrist size between 6.5-inch and 8.4-inch.

Brushed finish and classic butterfly clasp impart aesthetic values to this premium band. PUGO TOP has also taken care of the sturdiness of this band, and therefore, it has made a heavy-duty and durable band.

For your convenience, the band can be resized easily; use the tool kit that is included in the package.

USP: Brushed finish
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#7. UGREEN Wireless Portable Charger for Apple Watch

UGREEN Wireless Portable Charger for Apple Watch Series 5

Getting a wireless portable charger for a smartwatch is a daunting task, especially when you have very few options to choose from. But don’t worry, UGREEN’s portable charger is a perfect pick for your Apple Watch Series 5. It fully charges your smartwatch within just 2 hours.

With a portable design, it’s easy to hang it on your bag and carry it on the go! It’s a perfect product when you’re traveling, and you don’t want to carry those charging cables with you. The slim design and lightweight factor make it even better. Be it over voltage, over current, overheating, or short circuit, it protects your Apple Watch from every natural disaster.

USP: Super Fast Charging
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#8. Beats Bluetooth Headphones for Apple Watch

Beats Bluetooth Headphones for Apple Watch Series 5

Right when you don’t have your iPhone and the wired earphones with you, your Apple Watch comes into play. And the entertainment is a never-ending thing when you have a companion in the form of Bluetooth headphones. Beats Solo3 is most probably the best wireless headphone available for iPhone and Apple Watch too.

One can take calls, control the music, and activate Siri with the multi-functional ear controls on the headphones. Even 5 minutes of charge can give you playback of 3 long hours. It’s such power in terms of battery life. And it comes with a battery life of 40 long hours.

Besides this, the output sound is crystal clear, and it doesn’t affect your ears due to the comfortable ear cushions. It comes along with a carrying case 3.5mm remote talk cable, USB charging cable, quick start guide, and a warranty card as well. The headphone is available in 11 staggering color variants.

USP: Longest Battery Life & Crystal Clear Sound
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#9. Jwacct Apple Watch 5 Bumper Case

Jwacct Apple Watch Case Compatible with Series 5

This case from Jwacct looks classy and glossy at the same time. The cutouts and the design is a perfect example of what a case should look like. Its adjustable magnetic clasp makes it easy to install and remove the band whenever you don’t need it.

The enclosed shell which is made of soft TPU frame and its bumper protective features protects against the scratches, collisions, etc. It fits well for most of the Apple Watch Series along with Nike and Sport variants too. It’s available in 9 vivid color variants, and I love each of one them.

USP: Enclosed Shell with a Glossy Look
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#10. ilopee Apple Watch Series 5 Sports Strap

ilopee Sports Strap for Apple Watch Series 5

I hope you have noticed that none of the accessories reviewed above are waterproof or sweatproof, but this sport strap from ilopee is water and sweat resistant both. In fact, the strap is washable and can be used for various water sport activities as well.

But that doesn’t make your smartwatch waterproof, don’t get it wrong here. Apple Watch is not a waterproof device, so handle it with the case. It comes in more than 10 unique colors combinations and you can even get various straps to show the real color of your Apple Watch Series 5.

It securely installs on your Apple Watch due to the pin and tuck closure system, and you can easily remove it to if you’re planning for a replacement.

USP: Waterproof & Sweatproof
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That’s it, folks!

Summing Up…

So which one would be your go-to accessory for Apple Watch Series 5? Do let us know in the comment section right away. I would probably go with an enclosed case, a headphone, and a portable charger.

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Best Accessories for Apple Watch Series 5

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Best Accessories for Apple Watch Series 5
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