Best Apple Watch Series Bands and Straps

Your Apple Watch Series 5 has an always-on retina display, so why shouldn’t you wear it always. Why not change the straps as per occasion? A sporty one for your gym and an affluent leather band for that party. To help you find the best suited Apple Watch Series 5 bands, we’ve curated this list.

Each strap has been reviewed in detail and most of them perfectly fit on 40mm and 44mm variants of your Apple Watch Series 5. These bands are selected based on the Titanium and Ceramic casings so that they are best suited with these models. Once you change from any of the below straps, you can showcase your Apple Watch in style for sure! So let’s have a look at them now!

Best Apple Watch Series 5 Bands and Straps for 44mm, 40mm (2020)

Before you pick the finest straps for your Apple Watch Series 5, ensure that you’ve selected the right size. Here we go!

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#1. Ruoqini Soft Silicone Sport Band

Ruoqini Apple Watch Series 5 Bands

Ruoqini is one of the popular brands known for Apple Watch bands. This band is available for all Apple Watch Series 5 sizes and comes in 20+ different colors giving you a wide range of options to choose from. The silicone soft material on the strap gives a sporty look and makes you feel smooth when you touch it. 

It’s comfortable to remove the existing strap and replace it with Ruoqini band. The connector is included and the size is adjustable as well. The lightweight band fits perfectly to your smartwatch and gives a glossy look with any given color in the summer. It comes with a 1-year guarantee of return or refund if there are any quality issues in the product. 

USP: Soft and Smooth
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#2. Swees Genuine Vintage Leather Strap

SWEES Leather Band for Apple Watch Series 5

With a leather band on your Apple Watch, it makes a style statement and makes it look professional at the same time. Swees’s strap is made of premium leather material along with the top layer made of cowhide. This makes the band extremely soft and comfortable as well. 

It comes with a stainless steel connector at both ends which lock the band to your Apple Watch precisely. And you can remove it or replace it easily without any hassles. The pin buckle is made of high-qualityy stainless steel with a perfect polish and hardly loses its shine making it durable. 

As the band is flexible, it can be used in indoor and for outdoor activities as well. With a weight of just 1.6 ounces, it hardly adds anything to your smartwatch. Right from retro brown to yale blue, Swees is available in 15 different color variants and it comes with a 2-year warranty. 

USP: Made of Genuine Leather
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#3. Spigen Rugged Armor Wristband

Spigen Rugged Armor Case with Band for Apple Watch Series 5jpg

Be it any accessory for Apple products, you simply can’t leave Spigen behind! It always tops the race with the premium products in its bucket! And so is its Apple Watch 5 band. If you’re looking for ultra protection for your Apple Watch, Spigen is your way to go for sure!

With features like scratch defense and shock-absorbent layer all around, it protects your smartwatch against sudden drops and shocks. The raised bezels protect the screen precisely providing 360-degree guard for your smartwatch. The adjustable wristband and the metal clasp makes it a complete rugged case for your Apple Watch.

It’s compatible with a heart rate sensor and you can easily access the screen due to precise cutouts. Spigen’s band is available in black and military green colors. Take note that it’s compatible with 44mm variant of Apple Watch Series 5 & Series 4 only. 

USP: 360-degree Protection
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#4. Ouheng Hybrid Sweatproof Strap

OUHENG Apple Watch Series 5 Leather Band

Made with a combination of genuine leather and silicone rubber, Ouheng stands different from the rest of the bands in today’s list. It’s elegant, comfortable and makes you feel the softness once you get your hands on it. The stainless steel metal clasp buckle ensures the stability and comes with multiple holes so that you can adjust it as per your wrist’s size. 

The leather straps are usually not suitable during summer due to sweating but, with air channels in the inner surface, Ouheng solves this problem with ease so that your skin doesn’t get sweat during summers.

It comes with stainless steel connectors at both ends which make sure that your Apple Watch is secure and it fits tightly to the band. Well, if you are running out of options to choose a color for a band, this one has 27 color variants. Now that’s more than enough for me to pick the best of all!

USP: Available in 27 Colors
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#5. LDFAS Stainless Steel Bracelet

LDFAS Stainless Steel Bracelet Band for Apple Watch Series 5

If you’re a fan of stainless steel bands for your Apple Watch Series 5, LDFAS would be a perfect choice. It’s made of high quality stainless steel material but it gives a look of a metal material at the end. Such is the class of LDFAS’s band for Apple Watch 5.

The strap is compatible with all the Apple Watches released till date including all sizes. Just ensure that you select the right size when you buy the product. And if your wrist size is big, you can always get extra links for yourself by contacting the seller.

A little tool can dismantle and install the band to your Apple Watch. It weighs 4 ounces so that’s quite heavy as compared to all other straps in this list. But if you’re in love with stainless steel variant that shouldn’t matter, to be honest. 

USP: Made of Premium Stainless Steel
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#6. Fullmosa Metal Watch Band

Fullmosa Stainless Steel Metal Band for Apple Watch Series 5

Here’s yet another one for those who are looking for a stainless steel band for their Apple Watch Series 5. With some vibrant colors such as rose gold, silver, black and gold, this one truly satisfies me in terms of look! I am sure the silver and rose gold variants must have got your attention too at the first look. 

The luxurious band is made of solid 304 stainless steel material making it durable. It’s simple to open the band once you wear it with the buttons on both sides. You can remove the links with the tool that comes with this strap and it’s simple to do it when needed. 

Ensure to mention your wrist size before you order so that you can get the best suitable band for your Apple Watch 5. And if ever, you face any issues, Fullmosa’s customer service is always available to help you out!

USP: The Rose Gold Color
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#7. Carterjett Nylon Military Style Strap

Carterjett Apple Watch Series Nylon Band

With flexible material and no sharp edges on the band, Carterjett is a perfect one for those love woven nylon straps. It’s soft, breathable and water-resistant too which is hardly a feature in any of the bands listed today. The steel adapters have no screws and hence you won’t find any springs or screws popping out from the band.

The strap comes in various sizes, right from small to medium and from large to XXL as well. So it suits to most of them with larger wrist area. In short, it’s created for those with bigger wrists and it comes in 22 color variants as well. With over 1800 positive reviews on Amazon and hassle-free returns, I can vouch for this band just in case if you’re looking for a nylon strap.

USP: Rugged & Stylish
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#8. Bravely Klimbing Athletic Watch Band

Bravely Klimbing Sport Band for Apple Watch Series 5

If you’re working out and have your Apple Watch with you, then Bravely Klimbing’s band is a perfect pick for you. Made of high-quality silicone and soft material gives a spongy feel. It doesn’t harm your skin and it’s lightweight. The air holes on the band don’t let the sweat to settle on the band and ensures that your skin breathes while you workout!

The safety pin and the tuck ensure that your smartwatch is fit and secure. This band is also suitable for those who often go for hiking, climbing and travel a lot. With a wide range of colors, you’re never short of color selection. And if you’re not satisfied with it, you can always claim a refund or return within a year. 

USP: Air Holes on Strap
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#9. Ruoqini Milanese Loop Strap

RUOQINI Apple Watch Series 5 Stainless Steel Band

We already have a soft silicone band from Ruoqini in today’s lineup and now we have a flaunting stainless steel strap for Apple Watch 5. If you’re looking for a sheer premium steel band, you can’t get a better one than Ruoqini at present. To me, it looks professional and it can go with casual wears as well. 

This doesn’t come with a buckle as it has an adjustable magnetic clasp. It’s made of premium stainless steel along with a strong clasp. Ruoqini is available in 6 awesome color variants. 

USP: Adjustable Magnetic Clasp
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#10. WFEAGL Leather Wrist Band

WFEAGL Leather Wrist Band for Apple Watch Series 5

If you are looking for a band that is classic and stylish, the WFEAGL is a worthy option. It’s made of top class genuine leather which is anti-slip, durable, breathable and comfortable as well. 

The adapters at both the ends hold your Apple Watch precisely and securely. Along with color options of the strap, you can also select the variations of adaptor and hook. 

It comes in an excusitive packing, making the band a perfect gift for your loved ones. Hang on! It comes with a FREE gift in the form of a TPU scratch-resistant flexible case. Now that’s just like icing on the cake. Isn’t it?

USP: Sophisticated look
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Now, I rest my case! Just kidding! These were some of the top-rated bands for Apple Watch Series 5. 

Final Verdict!

If the leather band was my choice, I would buy Swees and if stainless steel was my preference, my choice would be Fullmosa! And to add on top it, I might go with Lovelop as it provides free flexible TPU case. Which band would you buy for Apple Watch Series 5? Do let us know in the comments now!

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