Best Apple TV Apps in 2020: Make The Most Of Your Apple TV Features

‘Multitasking’ has become the word of our generation; no one wants a device that can just perform one function. And all thanks to an integrated App Store, Apple’s latest 4th generation TV enables a TV watching experience that is much, much more.

Apple TV+ not only unifies your television experience by bringing all content offering on one screen, but it also incorporates third-party apps that allow you to play music, play games just like in your iPad and iPhone, learn cooking, maintains your health, get the latest news updates or do shopping online.

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Amidst the hundreds of apps present on your Apple TV App Store, here are the 10 best apps for Apple TV, that according to us will improve your TV watching experience.

10 Best Apps for Apple TV to Enhance Your TV Experience [2020 Edition]

#1. YouTube

YouTube Apple TV App Screenshot

In all honesty, any device is somehow incomplete without a YouTube app. Discover new content, learn something new, stream music and videos, watch live streams, connect and share your views, YouTube allows all this and more.

One of the best platforms for content creators, YouTube, is basically an app that simplifies video streaming, allowing companies and individuals to share their content with everyone across the globe. You can also opt for a YouTube Premium membership for an ad-free and seamless experience, including access to all YouTube Originals.

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Price: Free

#2. Netflix

Netflix Apple TV App Screenshot

Whether you are a regular binge-watcher or an occasional one, this app needs no introduction. Netflix has an extensive array of movies and TV shows, hailing from a multitude of genres. The platform keeps adding new content daily, so you’ll have something new to watch always.

Netflix offers membership for non-HD streaming, HD plan, and 4K streaming at $8.99, $12.99 and $15.99, respectively. You could create up to five profiles for an account, allowing every family member to have their own personalized Netflix. Further, you can also watch titles later without an internet connection.

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Price: Free (Streaming Plans – $8.99 to $15.99)

#3. GrubHub

Grubhub Apple TV App Screenshot

While you are feasting eyes on your favorite shows, your stomach also needs some feast. Interestingly, you can decide what to order and order via your Apple TV through GrubHub. Whether you are in the mood for some Chinese, Italian, Indian or Greek, GrubHub has you covered with its large selection of restaurants.

You can avail great in-app discounts on your favorite restaurant and access ratings and reviews of the place before placing your order. Further GrubHub also allows you to pre-order your meals or re-order the same meal with ease. Payment terms are also quite simple; you get plenty of options, including Apple Pay, Venmo, and Grubhub gift cards.

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Price: Free

#4. Hulu

Hulu Apple TV App Screenshot

Hulu boasts one of the largest streaming libraries with thousands of shows, movies, and exclusive Originals. The platform also comes with a Live TV option that allows you to watch content from over 60+ top channels, including sports and news. You can add your favorite shows, networks, and movies under My stuff section for quick access across the device.

Quite like Netflix, Hulu enables 6 personalized profiles so that everyone can keep track of their own shows, movies, and networks. Currently only available for US customers, Hulu subscription starts at $7.99 per month and Hulu + Live TV starts at $39.99 per month.

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Price: Free (Subscription Starts from $7.99)

#5. Kitchen Stories Recipes

Kitchen Stories Recipes Apple TV App Screenshot

It is said that cooking is an art, learn this art from Apple’s Design Award winner, Kitchen Stories from the comfort of your home. The app has thousands of free recipes along with HD instructional videos, that helps you in honing your cooking skills.

You can also activate a “cooking mode” that will guide you step-by-step through recipes. Measurement converter effortlessly converts ingredient measurements as per your serving size, and auto-generated shopping list automatically plans your grocery list as per viewed recipe. Furthermore, you can share your skills with the world by uploading your own special recipes and tips.

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Price: Free

#6. Daily Burn Trainer Workouts

Daily Burn Trainer Workouts Apple TV App Screenshot

Featured in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Shape, Good Morning America, and The Today Show, the Daily Burn offers a wholesome approach to fitness. Follow along with special workout videos ranging from cardio, yoga, pilates, meditation, dance, post-natal workouts, and more on the biggest screen in your home.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the app designs workout sessions depending upon your current fitness and your fitness goals. Get access to personal trainers and recipes specifically planned to manage your weight loss goals and a healthy lifestyle.

Price: Free

#7. TED

TED Apple TV App Screenshot

Inspiration comes in all shapes, sizes, and videos. The TED platform offers thousands of inspiring, informative, and transformational videos from the TED’s library for free. Watch trending videos from over 100 languages with subtitles.

You can add a video to watch later or download them to watch offline. Either browse by topic or chose from the curators’ picks or simply use the “Surprise Me!” feature to open your world to a curious, informed, and inspired life.

Price: Free

#8. Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping Apple TV App Screenshot

Experience the best of Amazon’s service on your Apple TV with this App. Browse and search for products required from millions of products available from and other merchants. Read reviews, check out images and videos, and purchase through your TV only, prime membership is required for the same.

Add the selected products to your wishlist or use the ‘Push to phone’ functions, so as to produce a QR code that can be scanned via your iPhone, transferring the details of the product on the phone. You can even use dictation for searching a product via your voice.

Price: Free

#9. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather Apple TV App Screenshot

One of the best weather apps for iPhone and iPad is now available on Apple TV, complete with all its snarky sense of humor. The winner of Apple’s Editor’s Choice award on the Mac App Store, CARROT shows you short-term, hourly, and daily forecasts for the area selected.

You can store multiple locations as well as discover the weather of over 30 secret locations. With over 2,000+ hilarious dialogue and 100 + animated scenes, CARROT Apple TV app has different themes for every possible weather condition.

Price: $3.99

#10. Earthlapse

Earthlapse Apple TV App Screenshot

Stare into the magnificent abyss of space with this unique Apple TV app, Earthlapse. Created by Jetson Creative, Earthlapse has over 18 beautifully crisp videos that show the virtual view of Earth from the International Space Station.

The stunning time-lapse photography comes with an option of 8 different soundtracks, and you can manage the speed and color filters of the video. Mesmerizing and relaxing at the same time Earthlapse is a must-have app in your Apple 4K TV.

Price: $1.99

Signing off

Looking at the list above, it would not be an exaggeration to say that your Apple TV can be way more than any TV. It serves several unique functions with the help of various apps. Have you come across any such app? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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It is important to note that some of these apps are area-specific, check our country-wise app list for more information on apps available in your country. Well, this is it, for now, we will be back with more new app list for your Apple devices. Do keep checking this space for more and download our iOS app to read other inspiring ideas on Apple ecosystem.

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