12 Best Apple TV apps to download in 2023

Best Apple TV apps to download

Apple TV spoils its customers by offering them a pool of apps on the App Store. However, with choice comes the most common question: How do I select the best apps on Apple TV? If this confusion is slowly becoming a nightmare, I have a surprise for you. In this article, I have curated the list of the finest and most diverse Apple TV apps that will cater to all your whims.

First, you will get a detailed analysis of some of the most robust apps on the App Store here. Then, with a simple breakdown of the pros and cons of each app, you can decide which app to pick for your Apple TV. Easy, isn’t it? So, let’s start.

  1. Apple TV
  2. YouTube
  3. Netflix
  4. CNN
  5. Carrot Weather
  6. Amazon Prime Video
  7. Yummly
  8. Coursera
  9. Twitch
  10. Calm
  11. Adidas
  12. ESPN+

1. Apple TV – Apple’s very own Pandora Box

Apple TV app screenshot

With the launch of Apple TV+, Apple revamped the TV viewing experience for its global users. The app is a one-stop solution for entertainment lovers who enjoy watching movies, serials, web series, and live sports. Enjoy HD 4K streaming along with Dolby Atmos support on the Apple TV+ app at a cost that fits your pocket effortlessly. Some upcoming top Apple TV shows are Ted Lasso- Season 3, Monster Factory, The Big Door Prize, Tetris, etc.

Apple TV+ has locked a 10-year streaming deal with Major League Soccer (MLS), the globally acclaimed soccer league. As part of this pact, you can now seamlessly get the MLS Season Pass. This partnership is a win-win bargain for all the app users as they can enjoy the perks of Apple TV+ and MLS tournaments right from the comfort of their couches.

The platform supports offline viewing on iOS for you, so you always have the best entertainment content at your fingertips. Usually, live TV apps come with frequent ad popups, but Apple TV+ stands out from others as it does not bug you with constant ads. Also, let me tell you that an Apple TV+ subscription is free with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac.


  • 4K and HDR streaming 
  • Dolby Atmos support 
  • Easy navigation 
  • Seamless UI 


  • Live viewership is limited to sports and news channels 
  • Smaller content library compared to competitors 

Price: Free


2. YouTube – Movies, music, and more

YouTube app for Apple TV to download

You must have read those fantasy stories where the protagonist discovers a magical wand fulfilling all his wishes. Well, YouTube is just like that magic wand in the real world. The platform lets you find content on various topics (even the most bizarre ones), learn a new skill, stream music/videos, watch live TV shows, and connect and share views with a global audience.

YouTube is a popular platform to share your original content, impart knowledge, and showcase your talent with people worldwide. In addition, the portal rewards content creators with monetary benefits when they hit certain milestones. You must have seen people flaunting their silver and gold buttons given by YouTube.   

With YouTube, you can access a thriving community of creators that suit your interests. You can subscribe to your preferred channels or creators and get notifications for new uploads without a miss. In addition, comment or chat on the creator’s live stream for a more personalized viewing experience. Moreover, YouTube offers its Premium members many exclusive benefits, such as ad-free streaming.   


  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Good source of passive income 
  • Seamless connection with a global audience 
  • Picture-in-picture facility to stream Netflix while working on other websites or apps  


  • Criticism, defamation, and bullying are easy 
  • Fake content is easy to find 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


3. Netflix – The Entertainment Hub

Netflix app for Apple TV to download

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Netflix is one of the first apps anyone downloads on a smart gadget, including their Apple TV. Stuffed with an array of exclusive content, Netflix has something for everyone. So you can be a cliché romantic movie buff or someone who likes thriller web series; this amazing streaming app has a treasure trove of content curated just for you.   

The more shows and movies you watch on Netflix, the more personalized recommendations it offers you. Also, you don’t have to worry about running out of choices because Netflix almost daily spoils you with new content updates. You can create up to five profiles on a single account, so every family member has a personalized content feed.   

The Preview option lets you watch a quick video of the movie or series you plan to watch. Also, the platform notifies you about upcoming shows and episodes, so you never miss the chance to watch the content first and flaunt it in your friends’ group. Further, Netflix also offers a range of shows, cartoons, and films for the tiny tots in your house.  


  • Ad free 
  • Simultaneous viewership on multiple screens (depends on the subscribed plan) 
  • Offline playback 
  • Diverse collection of web series, TV shows, movies, etc. 


  • More content offerings in some regions compared to others 
  • Delayed updates as it uploads content by season 
  • Removal of shows from the library 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 


4. CNN – One for the news lovers

CNN app for Apple TV to download

When it comes to news, you cannot go wrong with CNN. This popular news portal has a strong knit of correspondents and bureau reporters who keep viewers informed on essential matters. So, if you are looking for the best Apple TV apps to download, check CNN to keep yourself updated with the global news.   

The app lets you access breaking stories across multiple categories, such as politics, entertainment, health, business, stocks, etc. In addition, you get daily news updates, expert commentary, and extensive reporting on every field that interests you.

Also, you can read articles on different topics or save them for later use. Also, you can read articles on different topics or save them for later use. However, you can access CNN Original Series and films on-demand only in the U.S. and Canada. 

You can set notifications or alerts so you never miss any news updates. With the CNN app, you can also listen to Live audio and watch news shows from your favorite anchors. In addition, you can watch a 10-minute preview of live CNN coverage daily. The CNN app strives to make news viewing simple and interesting for people from different walks of life.


  • Covers news from every field 
  • Intuitive community features 
  • Live and On-demand news viewership is available 
  • Multilingual- supports English, Spanish, and French


  • No mobile downloads for offline viewing 
  • Needs cable credentials for full CNN access

Price: Free  


5. Carrot Weather – Trusted weather app

CARROT Weather TV app for Apple TV to download

You must have used an app that keeps you updated with the latest weather changes but in a monotonous way. Now, what if I tell you that there is an app that blends humor and weather reporting to give you the best of both worlds? The app’s name is Carrot, one of the best Apple TV apps for weather forecasting.

Winner of Apple’s Editor’s Choice award on the App Store, Carrot uses intuitive characters, dialogues, and backgrounds to make weather reporting interesting for all. So, get ready to view torrential rains or blizzards in some spooky character the next time you use the Carrot app. Moreover, the app gives you access to short-term, hourly, and daily weather forecasts for your chosen area.

The app provides the latest updates on temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, visibility, atmospheric pressure, sunrise/sunset times, UV index, etc. Also, you can store various locations and discover the weather conditions of more than 30 secret locations at your fingertips. This interesting weather app is also a reliable choice for Apple Watch users.


  • Dark Sky’s accurate weather data 
  • Humorous dialogues and interactive displays 
  • Unique themes for different weather conditions


  • Some features, like rain forecasts, are limited to some regions 
  • Advanced features are limited to the Premium account 

Price: $3.99 


6. Amazon Prime Video – Wholesome entertainment

Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV to download

Amazon Prime Video is undoubtedly one of the best Apple TV apps. With Prime Video, you can watch the latest TV shows, top-rated global movies, and most significant sports leagues- all in one place. Also, the platform is known for offering excellent entertainment content in the form of Amazon Originals. Some of the most famous names on the Amazon Originals’ watchlist are The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, Fleabag, etc.

The portal lets you rent or purchase newly released movies and television shows so you can watch them at your convenience. Moreover, with X-Ray access, supported by IMDb, you can get a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of shows and movies. Cool, isn’t it? Enjoy this and more simply by downloading the tvOS app before using Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV.

Also, you don’t have to worry about having separate accounts for every house member. Amazon lets you create multiple profiles so that each member gets a personalized experience while using the streaming services on the app.


  • Easy to bundle it with an Amazon Prime subscription 
  • Huge library featuring global content 
  • Sports content add-ons available 


  • Higher cost of starting plans 
  • Infrequent addition and removal of titles 
  • Extra fee for some titles

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $8.99)


7. Yummly – Put your chef hats ON

Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools app for Apple TV to download

Are you looking for the best Apple TV apps for cooking? If yes, you can now halt your search as I introduce you to Yummly. Yummly is a chef’s heaven. This amazing app features a long list of the most savored recipes from cuisines around the globe. Apart from this, you get an exclusive collection of Yummly’s signature recipes and tutorial videos that help bring your hidden chef out.

Yummly uses Artificial Intelligence to give recommendations of recipes that suit your taste. All you need to do is provide the app with your preferred diet. For instance, if you set the keto diet as your preference, Yummly will give you receive recipe suggestions on the set diet. Also, when suggesting recipes, the app keeps tabs on the ingredients you are allergic to.

Though Yummly hosts a pool of recipes, you can squeeze your search using filters based on cooking time, diet, allergy, nutrition, cuisine, and more. Also, you can save your favorite recipes and create a digital cookbook simply by tapping the Yum button. Moreover, you can create a shopping list and order stuff from local shops right from the app. Yummly’s smart thermometer offers easy cooking assistance and the facility to set alerts/timers for making perfect dishes.


  • Intuitive video content for non-subscribers 
  • Easy compatibility with Instacart for fast grocery delivery 
  • Preference-based recipe suggestions 


  • Recipe editing is not supported 
  • Does not have pantry management tools 
  • No offline support 

Price: Free  


8. Coursera – Learning made easy

Coursera app for Apple TV to download

Coursera stands tall as one of the most popular online education platforms presently. The digital platform offers courses in collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent universities and educational institutions. If you want to gain an extra edge in your career, switch to Coursera and get access to 8,000+ e-courses, certificate programs, degrees, and hands-on projects.  

Designed by experts, each course on Coursera strives to help you hone industry-specific skills and specializations in jobs trending in the sector. The course list includes fields like business and management, data science, marketing, sales, UX, engineering, and others. In addition, you get professional certificates after completing the course that eventually helps you secure that high-paying job quickly.   

Coursera app understands that learning is a personal experience, and everyone has a different learning pace to learn things. Therefore, you can use flexible schedules and on-demand courses offered by this mobile-friendly app. Moreover, Coursera videos come with subtitles in other languages to quickly understand concepts.   


  • Array of courses on multiple industry-specific domains 
  • Courses offered by top universities 
  • Mobile-friendly app 


  • Long-duration degree cost is high 
  • Entry-level courses require basic knowledge of the subject 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $38.99) 


9. Twitch – Gaming Lovers Treat

Twitch app for Apple TV to download

If playing online games or watching other gamers hustle gives you an adrenaline rush, then Twitch can be your perfect friend. In layman’s words, Twitch is a live-streaming app focusing on video games, esports, and everything related to online gaming. Besides sports, Twitch boasts a thriving community that streams cooking shows, podcasts, live music festivals, street tours, and more.   

Starting a channel on Twitch is quite simple. All you need to do is create an app account, go live, and gather people who share the same interests as you. Then, with each subscriber count, you get to increase your earnings. Alongside donations from subscribers, Twitch helps you increase revenues through ads or third-party sponsorship deals.  

Subscribe to streamers you find exciting and enjoy their gameplay and live commentaries as they knock down their competitors. Moreover, by supporting other streamers, you unlock exclusive benefits for yourself. So why miss the chance to get additional perks while enjoying your favorite games here on Twitch?   


  • Good source of passive income 
  • Esports lovers can promote themselves easily


  • Takes share from revenue 
  • Content is exclusive to Twitch for 24 hours after its first broadcast

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


10. Calm – Best meditation app

Calm app for Apple TV to download

Calm shines as one of the most popular meditation apps for Apple devices. This online app lets you infuse meditation and mindfulness without using time-restraint meditation regimes. With Calm, you get the best quality audio and video content that reduces stress and anxiety, increases focus, and improves sleep cycles.   

The app has a dedicated pool of effective meditation practices, soundscapes, stories, natural music, etc. If you want to start your journey to mindfulness in easy steps, then you can rely on the 10-minute Daily Calm schedules offered by the app. In addition, Calm lets you listen to stories narrated by renowned artists like Matthew McConaughey.  

The app contains an exclusive music library featuring songs from global icons like Keith Urban. You can also find multiple short videos on physical exercises, breathing exercises, and masterclasses conducted by top meditation experts on this app. The app is an all-in-one solution for meditation and wellness lovers.  


  • Easy-to-use meditation schedules 
  • Free trial 
  • Scientific practices 


  • Exclusive features are limited to the premium subscription 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $14.99) 


11. Adidas Training by Runtastic – Fitness app

adidas Training by Runtastic app for Apple TV to download

Do you know that switching to a healthier lifestyle is one of the most popular resolutions? However, unabashedly it is the most ignored promise as well. So, why not use technology to get away with this issue? The Adidas Training app by Runtastic is a feasible solution for lazy heads who often skip their fitness goals.    

The Adidas Training app offers multiple quick 7-minute workout options that are easy and do not require special equipment. The app lets you design a personalized training regime that suits your fitness goals, body vitals, and time. Scroll through the app’s dedicated library of training plans and choose the one that fits perfectly with your fitness objective.  

Trained fitness experts teach all the 180+ HD workout videos offering guided instructions and demos. The app makes it easy for users to perform simple or complex workouts without any hassle. Further, you can keep track of your workout regime in real-time simply by integrating your Adidas Training account with your Apple Watch or Apple Health account.   


  • Easy to create personalized training plans 
  • Join challenges to feel motivated 
  • Keep tabs on workouts, duration, calories, etc.  
  • Community access


  • Not suitable for beginners 
  • Time-fixed routines can be troublesome for some people 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 


12. ESPN+ – Live scores on Apple TV

ESPN app for Apple TV to download

Are you an ardent sports lover who loves watching games and keeping track of the latest buzz in the sports arena? Then ESPN+ can be your best choice. With this single app, you can access live streams of popular games, on-demand sports services, and the latest news articles on sports. One of the most exciting features of the ESPN+ app is that it covers popular sports and those with a smaller fanbase.   

The list of content available on the app includes NFA, NBA, NHL, college sports, tennis championships, golf tournaments, and others. In addition, enjoy the 30 for 30 library and exclusive ESPN+ Originals from renowned sports personalities like Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, Abby Wambach, Dana White, etc. In the app’s home tab, you can find highlights, scores, and the latest news about sports tournaments, teams, and leagues.  

ESPN+ app lets you subscribe to ESPN podcasts where you get all the titbits about your favorite game and player. You can also enjoy all the updates about the sports world on ESPN’s live Radio service available on the app.  


  • Covers a wide range of games 
  • Live game streams 
  • On-demand access to archives 
  • Offline downloading is allowed on mobile


  • No live NBA and NFL coverage 
  • Frequent ads 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99)


Wrapping up

I hope this article highlighting the top 12 Apple TV must-have apps will help you make the most of your smart TV. Each app mentioned here serves a unique purpose. So you can read the information under each head and choose the right app.

Reach out to me in the comments section with your preferred list of Apple TV apps. I would love to hear from you. 

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