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Best Cooking Apps for Apple TV in 2024

Let’s all be honest here. We can’t all be Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, or even Sanjeev Kapoor. But we have to learn cooking at some point or other, and it takes a lot more than tossing and chopping vegetables. While we have several iPhone apps to learn cooking, we still want them on a bigger screen. Thus this roundup is primarily for the best Apple TV apps that help to improve your cooking skills.

You don’t have to order take-outs anymore when you can cook up a decent meal with the help of these Apple TV recipe apps. Apple TV is very functional with amazing apps and services it has to offer. This roundup of Apple TV apps is sure to help those who want to learn cooking.

1. Yummly Recipes

Yummly Recipes Apple TV Cooking App Screenshot

When you want to make a dish, two major things are required without this; you cannot cook food. Those two things are ingredients and cooking skills. And what if I tell you that you can get them both from Yummly Recipes app. No, the app won’t send a culinary expert with all the ingredients to prepare a gourmet dish, at your doorstep. But, it will surely remind you of what you have to buy and how to cook specific recipes.

Yummly is hands-down the best recipes and meal planning app. It curates recipes for you according to your tastes, preferences, allergies, etc. And based on the recipe it will also create a shopping list for all the ingredients as well.

Price: Free

2. Masterclass

Masterclass Learn New Cooking Skills Apple TV App Screenshot

Ever fancied learning to cook from Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller and other renowned chefs of the world? Well, your that desire is soon to be fulfilled with this Apple TV cooking app. With over 60 world-renowned chefs, helping you to make amazing delicacies what more can you ask for from a recipe app?

Although it is not just a cooking app; instead it is an overall skill development app, yet you can learn food preparing quickly with the app. Don’t bother going to a culinary class and purchase the cooking course by any chef that you love. This will enable you to have an inspiring food making journey with your favorite chef. What are you waiting for now? Go ahead and download Masterclass app on your Apple TV today.

Price: Free

3. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories Apple TV Cooking App Screenshot

Get into the meal preparing zone with this one of the most celebrated cooking apps for Apple TV. Kitchen Stories app for Apple TV comes loaded with recipes and hacks for grilling, stewing, baking and food making along with HD video tutorials to help you with your daily food. You can also upload your recipes and dishes from your iPhone and flaunt it on the international community of the app.

Kitchen Stories app comes with a ‘cooking mode’ which upon activation will turn on the guided tutorial to help you with your step-by-step food making, effortlessly. The measurement converter to easily adapt ingredient measurements according to serving size servings for your ease.

Price: Free

4. Tastemade

Tastemade Apple TV Cooking App Screenshot

Another TV channel which came up with their own Apple TV app. Tastemade accommodates all food, home and travel-based shows of all in one place. Tastemade’s most famous show ‘Broken Bread’ which featured people making a difference in their communities through the medium of food, can now be streamed at any point of time.

Another one of its famous shows was ‘Struggle Meals’, where Chef Frankie Celenza showed us how to make delicious meals for under $2/plate. Buckle up and start your cooking journey with such inspiring shows that will not only teach you how to cook but will eventually leave you with more values and empathy.

Price: Free

Signing Off…

This amazing line-up of cooking apps for Apple TV will surely boost your enthusiasm and motivation towards becoming a culinary artist. Let us know about your culinary fiascos in the comments below and tell us how these apps will be useful to you.

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