Apple TV Remote Not Working? Possible Solutions to Fix the Issue

Apple TV Remote Not Working

Apple TV is one of the finest sources of entertainment in today’s world! Be it a movie or a favorite game to play, Apple TV has it all. Each Apple device comes with its stunning features and few problems attached! And the same goes with Apple TV remote at times when it stops working. Many users complain that their Apple TV remote has stopped working at times.

To overcome this issue and fix Apple TV remote isn’t working, I’ve covered the possible solutions that can easily fix the issue. It isn’t that technical, it’s just the basic stuff that you need to check. So let’s start with the basic tweaks and then move on the rest!

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Five Solutions to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working Issue

Before you follow this guide, let me tell you that there are different fixes for Apple TV remote and Siri Remote (latest model). So let’s first start with Apple TV remote.

Solution #1. Change the Batteries

If your Apple TV remote is a bit old, it’s possible that the batteries in it are dead! Now, cross-check the remote by replacing the batteries instantly and see if it works once done. The batteries must be replaced if the light on your Apple TV doesn’t flash and you see an exclamation mark on your TV screen.

Solution #2. Line of Path Must Be Clear!

There might be something that is blocking the line of the path between your Apple TV and the remote. Ensure that the path is clear and there’s nothing in between that’s blocking the path. Of course, this is a small fix but it works for most of the users. The IR sensors between these two must maintain visual contact for better communication.

You can try this fix when the light flashes on pressing the buttons and nothing happens on your Apple TV. To unlink your Apple TV remote from your Apple TV, hold the Menu and Left button for six seconds and look for the unlink icon above the icon of the remote.

Once the remote it unlinked, you need to link it again. To do that, hold the Menu and Right button for six seconds and look for the link icon above the icon of the remote. Now when you press the Apple TV remote and the TV’s flashlight flashes for the three times at once, it indicates the remote is already paired. That’s it! It might fix the issue of Apple TV remote has stopped with this! If not, proceed to the next step.

Solution #4. Restart Your Apple TV

Sometimes restarting your Apple TV can solve the issue. To implement the same, you need to hold the Menu and Down button for some time until the Apple TV restarts. Once done, check whether the Apple TV remote is working or not.

Solution #5. Unplug the Power from Apple TV

If nothing works out for you, this one should work most of the times. Unplug the power from your Apple TV and wait for at least 6 to 10 seconds and then plug in the power to start it again. This should solve the issue as Apple TV starts right from scratch.

So this is what you need to do when your Apple TV remote is not working. Now let’s see what you need to do when Siri Remote isn’t working with your Apple TV.

How to Fix Apple TV Siri Remote Not Working Issue

It’s not just about the Apple TV remote, the latest Siri remote too doesn’t work at times due to some issues. To fix it, follow the below-given troubleshooting tips.

Solution #1. Reset and Re-Pair Your Siri Remote

Once can easily reset Siri remote that is connected to Apple TV. Now, press Menu and Volume Up button simultaneously to reset the remote. This will reset your Siri remote and it gets back to the pairing mode. Once done, you can re-pair Siri remote to Apple TV by pressing and holding Menu and Volume Up buttons for at least 5 seconds. Take note that the distance must be three inches away from your Apple TV when you try to re-pair it. This might fix Siri remote stopped working issue.

Solution #2. Stay in Range & Move Anything That Blocks the Path

Just like Apple TV, Siri Remote too needs to be in range to connect with Apple TV. As Siri Remote works on Bluetooth technology, it is advisable to stay within the range. And make sure that there’s nothing in between the remote and TV that’s blocking the path.

Solution #3. Charge Your Siri Remote

Charge the Siri remote for at least 30 minutes by using a lightning to USB cable and connecting it to your computer. Else, you can also use the Apple USB power adapter by plugging it into the wall outlet. Siri remote just comes with a cable and doesn’t come with power adapter and moreover, you cannot charge it via your Apple TV.

Other than this you can unplug your Apple TV, wait for at least 6 seconds and then plug it back in! This should solve the issue most of the times. If none of these tweaks work for you, then it’s better to contact Apple Support to get the issue resolved. Click this link to head over the Apple Support and then tap on More to find Apple TV option and proceed with further instructions.

Summing Up…

I hope these tips would solve your issues regarding Apple TV remote isn’t working. Do let us know in the comments if you find any other way to fix the issue. I will be happy to update the same in our guide. Till then, keep watching on Apple TV!

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