Best Apple TV Remote Cases and Covers in 2024

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With every edition, Apple TV is getting smarter. The same is the case with its remote. The latest Siri remote is literally a revolution in remote technology. The only problem with these remotes is that they are delicate.

A normal fall or a shock can break them and you are left with nothing more than regret. Why regret, when we have listed cases for remotes too. The list includes cases for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generation of Apple TV remote, so make yourself comfortable and have a look at the list.

Best Siri Remote Cases and Covers (our top 9 picks)

1. Hapurs

Griffin Apple TV 4 Remote Case

Hapurs has designed a precise case for your fourth-generation Apple TV remote. This cover is made of durable and soft silicone, which ensures a firm grip. Your remote will never slip off your hands while you are speaking Siri commands. You can use an attached lanyard to hold the remote securely.

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2. elago R1 Intelli

elago R1 Apple TV 4 Remote Case

Created with soft silicone material, the elago R1 Intelli case is highly protective. It is fully capable of absorbing shock. Due mainly to the textured design, the cover provides an improved grip. Intelli comes with very strong magnets that let you easily attach it to any metal surface. The cover offers hassle-free access to all the functions of your Apple TV remote. Lastly, R1 Intelli is available in six captivating colors.

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3. Fintie Honey Comb Series

Fintie Apple TV 4 Remote Case

The Finite remote case sports a form-fitting design and snaps on perfectly on your Siri remote. With the picture-perfect cut-outs, it offers full access to all the ports and buttons. Carved with the quality material, the remote cover is very durable. The anti-slip material prevents drops and also provides enhanced grip. Finite Apple TV remote case comes in as many as 11 color options.

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4. Akwox

Akwox Remote Case for Apple TV 4

What makes Akwox Siri remote case a reasonably good choice is the sleek design. Crafted with the finest silicone material, the cover feels extremely soft to the touch. The remote cover is strong enough to withstand drops and resist scratch. Thanks to the precise cut-outs, it allows you to easily access all the functions. Even better, there are six charming color options available to choose the right cover for your remote.

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5. Act Labs

Green NeoFit Apple TV 4 Remote Case

This case from Act Labs resembles the iPhone case. It is made from plastic and completely covers the back of your Apple TV remote. In addition, it also covers four corners. The case has a removable wrist strap that can also be adjusted in different sizes. There are precise cuts for mic and touch surface that gives you unobstructed access to all the functions of the Siri remote.

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6. Bear Motion

Bear Motion Apple TV 4 Remote Case

With its precise manufacturing, Bear Motion case for Apple TV fourth-generation remote allows you to quickly access buttons. The form-fitting factors guard the back and sides of your remote from scratches, dirt, and bumps. You should not be worried about your Apple TV remote even if your kids are using it.

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7. SIKAICASE (2nd, 3rd Generation)

SIKAICASE Apple TV 2 and 3 Remote Case

Exhibiting slim-fit design, SIKAICASE is made to be a protective suit for your Apple TV remote. The soft structure power by premium quality silicone material looks nice. Exact cut-outs boost user-experience. Courtesy of improved grip, your remote won’t slip out of your hands. 11 color options are enough to handpick the right match for your remote.

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9. InventCase (2nd, 3rd Generation)

InventCase Apple TV 2-3 Remote Case

InventCase is a classically designed cover for Apple TV remote. It is made from premium black PU leather that looks very elegant. The cover protects the remote from dust and dirt while the cuts on it give you unhindered access to all the functions. As it is designed specifically for the 2nd and the 3rd generation, the cover fits perfectly on the remote. Lastly, there are no color options available at the time of writing this.

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Signing off

Which remote case is going to pair with your Siri remote? Let us know its name and the one quality you have liked most about it.

Whether it’s improved grip, full-body protection, or good-looking design, these remote cases live up to the expectation on all aspects. Besides, they are very lightweight and fit perfectly on your remote.

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