How to Use Your iPhone or iPad as Apple TV Remote

Using an Apple TV remote with Apple TV is a mess when you end up finding your remote for hours. Instead, you can easily use the iPhone or iPad as a remote for your Apple TV. Here's how you can!

Did you just misplace your Apple TV remote? How often does this happen to you when you’re eager to watch your favorite shows on Netflix or movies on your Apple TV? Well, instead of searching for your remote for hours, you can use simply your iPhone as a remote for your Apple TV. Isn’t that amazing?!

Well, your iPhone is always a step away when you need it because that’s what you use more as compared to Apple TV remote all day. I had already shared a guide on how to use Apple Watch as Apple TV remote and today I am going to show you the same using an iPhone or iPad. So here’s a detailed guide on how to control your Apple TV with iPhone or iPad.

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Two Ways to Control Your Apple TV on iPhone and iPad

There are two ways to use your iPhone as an Apple TV remote. One method is to download Remote App and other is by directly accessing via Control Center if your iOS is upgraded to the latest version. 

Method #1: Use Remote App to Control Apple TV with iPhone or iPad

Just with an application, “Remote App,” it becomes a lot easier to use your Apple TV with an iPad or iPhone. I have often observed that users complain about Apple TV remote isn’t working for some reasons. And this is why I prefer you to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote for Apple TV. Here’s how to do it!

Use Remote App to Control Apple TV with iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Ensure that both the devices, Apple TV and iPhone are connected on the same WiFi and also make sure that Apple TV and your iOS device are running on the latest OS versions. Now download Apple TV remote app on your iPhone or iPad. 

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Step #2. Once you download it, open the app on your iDevice and select Apple TV from the screen. You’ll now see a 4 digit code on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #3. Now on your Apple TV, go to Settings, tap on General and then select Remotes. Enter the 4 digit code that you see on your iOS device and you’re all set to control your Apple TV with your iPhone. 

This will now pair your Apple TV and iPhone/iPad. So this is how easy it is to use iPhone as remote for Apple TV by using the remote app. 

Method #2: Use Control Center to Set Up Apple TV Remote on iPhone or iPad

To start with, it’s a must that you check whether the Apple TV option is present on your control center or not. If not, head over to Settings, tap on Control Center → Customize Controls and then tap (+) next to Apple TV Remote. This will add the Apple TV icon on your control center. Once done, follow the below given steps.

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Add Apple TV Remote to Control Center on iPhone

Step #1. To open the control center on iPhone X and newer or iPad with iOS 12 or later, swipe down from the upper right corner of your device’s screen. And for iPhone 8 and older, swipe up from the bottom of your screen

Step #2. Tap on the Apple TV remote from the control center and tap on Apple TV from the list.

Use Control Center to Set Up Apple TV Remote on iPhone or iPad

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Step #3. You’ll now see a 4-digit code on your Apple TV screen. Enter the same on your iPhone or iPad to pair it up!

Once the iPhone/iPad and Apple TV are paired, you’re all set to use Apple TV with iPhone or iPad. 

Summing Up…

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