Best iPhone and iPad Lightning Cables to Charge and Sync iDevices

Forget those cheap cables! Check out these best iPhone and iPad Lightning cables to charge your device in top gear with the needed security...

The market is flooded with gazillions of Lightning cables. However, not all of them are equipped to charge your iOS device securely. As per uncompromised safety, fast charging and syncing capability, these are the best iPhone and iPad Lightning cables.

These Lightning cables are nylon braided that help them survive daily wear and tear. The thick copper wiring inside ensures robust signal strength. What’s more, they are extremely lightweight and feature the latest design. Head over to find out more about these iPhone and iPad Lightning cables!

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Best iPhone and iPad Lightning Cables

#1. UNBREAKcable

Syncwire iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

What sets Syncwire’s UNBREAKcable Lightning Cable apart from the rest is the unmatched strength. It’s claimed to be whopping 30 times stronger than the original cables. The protective mesh along with Al-Mylar foil shielding boosts its longevity.

The top-quality copper wire, fiber, and TPE jacket endow more stability to the construction. It’s anti-fraying and features smooth finish to keep off snagging. Laser-welded connectors deliver consistent performance even under heavy usage. Moreover, this highly durable cable comes in four colors: black, gray, rose gold and white.

USP: Reinforced stress points
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#2. iXCC

iXCC iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

iXCC Element II Lightning cable ticks off all the boxes as far as demanding qualities are concerned. With 2.4A charging speed, it allows you to power up your iOS device fast. Due mainly to the quality material and strong build-up, it can withstand regular wear and tear.

The TPE jacket and protective mesh further strengthen its structure. As it’s MFi certified and feature Apple authorized chip, you won’t face any error message while charging your device. Even better, this Lightning cable comes in two packs at just one price.

USP: Built-in safety features
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#3. Trusted Cables

Trusted Cables iPhone Lightning Cable

“Trusted Cables” is a renowned brand that manufactures high-quality cables for iPhones and iPads. This set of cables includes four cables of one meter, and each cable is Apple MFI certified. This automatically gives you peace of mind as the cables from Trusted Cables perform extremely well.

Trusted Cables has manufactured the charging cable with rubber and silicon, which make the cables slightly thicker than other cables.

USP: Apple MFi Certified
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#4. Quntis

Quntis iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

Quntis brings original 8 pin connector, which is compatible with all Apple lightning devices including the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The six-feet lightning cables give you extreme comfort even while you are sitting far from the charging point.

The length of the cables allows you to sit comfortably on the rear seat of the car as you are using the car charger. The cables are compatible with all LifeProof and Otter Box cases.

USP: Fit LifeProof and OtterBox cases
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#5. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning for iPhone and iPad

AmazonBasics Lightning cable comes with high resistance insulation which makes it more protective and long-lasting. The quality copper wire provides better signal strength to charge your iOS device quickly.

The aluminum foil, mylar and wire add an extra layer of protection to keep off fraying. Its outer jacket has been made of the finest PVC material to guard against external damage.

Lastly, AmazonBasics Lightning to USB A cable is Apple MFi certified and comes in dual packs. Plus, you will be able to choose this durable cable in two colors: black and white.

USP: Highly protective
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#6. Anker

Anker Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone and iPad

With over 4000 bend lifespan, Anker A7101021 Lightning cable is very enduring. It can last 4x longer than other standard cables.

The nylon core reinforces its design and makes strong enough to fight out fraying. It’s more secure and allows a faster charge than other similar products. The Lightning is available in only two colors—black and white and comes with the 18-month warranty.

USP: Fast charging
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#7. AOFU

AOFU iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

Featuring high tensile nylon shell, AOFU Lightning cable is the long-lasting companion of your iPhone. Perfectly circled by the fiber cloth, the cable is very flexible. The ability to resist fraying helps it perform with the required consistency.

Due mainly to the four-core copper wires, it can charge and transfer data at the rapid speed. The alloy USB interface doesn’t break easily. Furthermore, this resilient cable comes in four packs 3FT, 6FT x 2 and 10FT.

USP: Four-core copper wires
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#8. MarchPower

Marchpower iPad and iPhone Lightning Cable

MarchPower presents exceptionally strong Lightning to USB cable for iPhone and iPad. Powered by a durable copper core, the cable offers fast charging and syncing.

Thanks to the temperature controlling function, it keeps several dangers like overheating and short-circuit at bay. Another notable feature is the case-friendly design that enables it to work with most covers.

You can use the six feet cable to power up your iPhone comfortably in office or car. Moreover, MarchPower comes in three packs as three appreciable color variants like gold, gray, and black.

USP: Temperature controlling function
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FEIPUKER Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

Handpick this anti-snagging Lightning cable from FEIPUKER to power up your iOS device more efficiently. Packed in with top-grade copper wires, it can offer the better output for long. The thin connector easily plugs into your iPhone.

Nylon shielding ensures knotting remains away. Solid TPE doesn’t allow snagging to hurt the functionality. The high-resistance insulation safeguards each set of wires against damage. Furthermore, this long-lasting cable comes in three packs.

USP: High-resistance
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ANTAOLE iPhone Lightning Cable

ANTAOLE’s charging cables excel in all aspects of performance. The cables listed here are durable, offer greater connectivity and compatibility. This makes their performance 100%.

The cables from ANTAOLE are covered by high-quality braided nylon jacket. You will love flexibility, durability, and portability of the cables, which are six feet in length.

USP: 100% performance
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#11. Maitron

Maitron iPhone Charging Cable

Whether you are in the car or sitting on the couch or bet at home, Maitron’s charging cables provide utmost comfort. To prevent breaking of cable, Maitron provides extra protection near lightning part of the cable.

Fast charge your devices and transfer your data efficiently by using Maitron cables. The nylon braided cables are tangle-free and covered with durable and premium nylon.

USP: Tangle-free design
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#12. TIMMY

TIMMY iPhone Lightning Cable

TIMMY offers a set of three lightning cables for your iPhones and iPads. The six-feet cable is perfectly compatible with all your iPhones and iPads. The cables never show any error message and deliver excellent performance for a long time.

Timmy has wound high-quality nylon fiber cloth around the cable, and this endures daily wear and tear and keeps your cable tangle-free.

USP: Nylon fiber cloth
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Wrapping Up

There are two important qualities like superior signal strength and high-grade material which I want to see in every Lightning cable. All these cables are endowed with these qualities. Which is the one quality you wish to see in every Lightning cable? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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