Best Micro USB to Lightning Adapters in 2020

There are two primary reasons why I prefer to have lightning to micro USB adapters. While one is the hassle-free data transfer, the other is convenience.

The one thing that I like about the lightning adapter is that even if you have forgotten or lost your Lightning cable, Micro USB cable can let you power up your iPhone or iPad. Hence, I don’t care much if my lightning cable is left at home or office. As long as the little adapter is with me even Android cable can get the job done perfectly.

Here are the ten best lightning to micro USB adapters with the ultra-compact design. Let’s head across to find the most suitable one!

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1. StarTech

StarTech Micro USB to Lightning Connector

Unlike the tiny adapters, this one comes with a 4-inch cable which makes it little hard to lose. In addition, the cable absorbs the stress when the iPhone is placed in tight space while charging or syncing.

Besides, it is MFi certified making it the right choice to use for your iPhone. The data transfer speed is at par with all other adapters. All-in-all it is a value for the money.

USP: MFi certified
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2. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Micro USB to Lightning Adapter

AmazonBasics has always been one of my favorite Lightning to micro USB adapters for iOS devices. What makes it so handy are the top-quality structure and the ability to charge the device with rapid speed.

It’s up to the mark when it comes to transferring data with the top speed. For all being pretty lightweight, it’s very durable.

Apple MFi certification ensures your device has the maximum protection from common hazards like short-circuiting. Besides, AmazonBasics micro USB to lightning adapter comes with a one-year warranty.

USP: High-speed data transfer
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Nousija Micro USB to Lightning Adapter

HDSHIMAO adapter for iPhone is quite small in size making it convenient to carry around. But being small in size, it increases the risk of losing it. To avoid that, it comes with a keychain, making it almost impossible to lose. Besides that, the data transfer speed is, and it charges the iPhone seamlessly.

Rigorous testing is done to avoid any charging related issues. Lastly, it comes in 4 quantity, perfect for people having multiple devices.

USP: Keychain design
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BHSPOWER Lightning Micro USB to Lightning Adapter

Along with the ideal micro-USB to the lightning connector, this one from BHSPOWER comes with other five converters. If you have multiple devices having different ports, this is something worth your money.

High-quality aluminum body, UL CCC certified, and fast data transfer is USP of this product. Lastly, it charges your iPhone a lot faster compared to other adapters.

USP: 6 different adapters
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5. VisionTek

VisionTek Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

VisionTek offers a pack of three USB to Lightning adapters, which convert micro USB connection to a male Lightning one. As the name goes, it has a clear vision of providing you with error-free charging and data transfer operations in any environment.

Being so tiny in design, you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag and take away anywhere you go. However, it supports iOS devices newer than iPhone 5 and 5s.

USP: Reliable and Affordable
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6. Avantree

Avantree Micro USB to Lightning Adapter for iPhone

Avantree’s adapter is slim and sleek in design, making it convenient to carry it everywhere. Besides that, it also comes with a strap to further secure them from getting lost. Talking about data transfer, the speed is at par with leading products in the category.

The clip is dust resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it. Lastly, the adapter is Apple MFi certified, which makes sure that it will last long without depreciating the performance.

USP: MFi certified
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7. Apple

Apple Micro USB to Lightning Adapter

This micro USB to Lightning adapter is from Apple itself. So, you can expect it to be fully compatible and work seamlessly.

Talking about the build quality; the adapter is pretty compact. But don’t go by the small design, it can survive the regular wear and tear to last long.

As for price ($17.99), it may be a bit on the higher side. But, if you consider the compatibility and security, it’s worth serious consideration.

USP: Efficient charging
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8. HkittyXiong

Hkitty Xiong Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

HkittyXiong lightning adapter flaunts an impressive design. Being small in size, you won’t have any problem with carrying it. The adapter excels in charging and transferring data with the needed speed.

The premium quality copper wire makes it fully compatible to charge your iOS device with the desired speed and efficiency. Lastly, HkittyXiong comes in a pack of two.

USP: Pretty lightweight and compact
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9. Trenro

Trenro Micro USB to Lightning Converter

Never want your stock of micro USB to 8-pin Lightning adapters to run out of steam? You can’t go wrong with “Trenro.”

It comes in as many as ten packs. If you take the affordable price ($6.39) into account, it seems to be a steal.

Regarding design, Trenro looks simple and should let your charge and sync data without any issue. The three stars out of 200 customer reviews make it a reliable bet.

USP: Available in 10 packs
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10. HomeSpot

HomeSpot Lightning to Micro USB Adapter with Cable

HomeSpot lightning adapter has been engineered to support lightning fast charging and data syncing. It comes with 30 micro inches gold plating on contacts which make it more durable. Being anti-corrosion, it doesn’t get worn easily.

As it is heat-resistant, you can completely trust it to carry out the task securely even in extreme conditions. Most importantly, it is Apple MFi certified.

USP: Heat-resistant Lightning connector
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That’s it!

Which lightning to micro USB adapters has got your vote? We would like to know your choice in the comments. Besides, stay connected with us for more such cool collections of accessories and apps.

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