Best External USB-C Mac Hard Drives in 2021

Best USB-C External Hard Drives for Mac

Is your Mac running low on storage? These best USB-C hard drives can boost the storage of your computer and help you take control of your files with aplomb.

I’ve picked out the Mac external hard disks based on three pivotal qualities: First and foremost, Security, High Efficiency and Speed. So, they are fully equipped to let you manage your data proficiently and keep it safe. Moreover, I’ve also ensured they are strong enough to endure occasional bumps.

Are The USB-C Hard Disks Cost-Effective?

A good many well-known players are offering the external hard drives that work seamlessly with Mac. Though some offerings are a bit costly, there are quite a few highly affordable options. Hence, you can get 1TB-10TB of storage without breaking the bank. Read on to explore list!

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1. Samsung T5

Samsung T5 External SSD USB C Hard Drive

Should you wish to get the best in the business, you would be hard pressed to find a better USB-C hard drive than Samsung T5. What stands out T5 is the beastly performance.

The read-write speeds of up to 540 MB/s make it a top-notch pick. Advanced AES 256-bit hardware encryption ensures your data has the maximum shield to remain secure.

With the solid metal design, it’s readied to endure wear and tear. Lastly, T5 is backed by a three-year warranty and comes in four storage variants such as 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB (starting price: $79.99.)

USP: Read-write speeds of up to 540 MB/s
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2. My Passport Ultra from Western Digital

Western Digital USB C Hard Drive

If you want to have a more affordable yet exceptionally functional Mac hard drive, Western Digital’s My Passport Ultra would be a fine option.

WD is made of high-grade metal and sports matte finish. The pretty light and compact design make it pocket-friendly. You can use its software to connect with cloud services and social media to import your photos or files.

256-bit AES hardware encryption ensures your data has the needed safeguard. It lets you create a strong password to enable hardware encryption. Additionally, My Passport Ultra comes in four storage variants like 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB (starting price: $59.99.)

USP: 256-bit AES hardware encryption
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3. G-Technology R-Series

G-Technology USB C Hard Drive

The highlight of G-Technology SSD R-Series hard drive for Mac is the blazing fast transfer rates up to 560MB/s. That means you will be able to manage your files efficiently.

Aside from the rapid transfer speed, the external hard drive sports a rugged design that can help it survive up to three feet drops. IP67 water-resistance further boosts its longevity. Even better, G-Technology provides a reliable five-year warranty on R-Series.

USP: Rapid transfer rate plus IP67 water-resistance
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4. Silicon Power

Silicon Power 4TB Type C USB Hard Drive

At $99.91, Silicon Power Armor A85M (4TB) seems to be a steal. The HFS+ format and Time Machine support makes it fully capable of handling your files. With a ton of storage in the offing, you will have desired luxury to manage your large files.

Talking about design, A85M features impressive unibody. Due mainly to the strong aluminum casing, it’s shockproof (military-grade certified). That’s not all, this USB-C hard drive is IP68 waterproof and backed by a three-year warranty.

USP: Impressive unibody (Military-grade certified)
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5. SanDisk

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable USB C Hard Drive

SanDisk knows how to produce the finest SSD. And this one sits right at the top along with the likes of T5 and even R-Series. The prime reason why I rate it so highly is the wicked speed (up to 550MB/s).

Courtesy the lightning fast speed, you will have complete control over to heavy videos, photos, and files. Moving beyond the rapid transfer rate, the hard drive has received IP55 that does seem to be the downside. But in most cases, it should be sufficient to survive the low impact.

Moreover, SanDisk SSD comes in four capacities: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB with price starting at $83.74.

USP: Fast and secure
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6. LaCie Porsche Design

LaCie Porsche USB-C Hard Drive

LaCie Porsche Design promises to be a smart pick. There are three qualities that I would like to highlight. First and foremost, the hard drive is one of the most affordable options with the 2TB variant is priced at just $89.99. Plus, it’s available in up to 8 storage capacities like 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB, and 8TB.

The second, 5 GB/s speed is more than good enough to take control of large files. Regarding design, the aluminum enclosure looks adorable and can also withstand shock. Besides, you will choose your SSD in three nice-looking colors such as silver, gold, and rose gold.

USP: Competitive price/multiple storage capacities
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7. Seagate Fast SSD

Seagate Fast SSD USB-C Hard Drive

Seagate’s “Fast SSD” may have been placed at the 10th position but don’t go by the ranking as it’s one of the finest USB-C hard drives for Mac.

Starting from the storage capacity, Fast SSD comes in four models such as 250GB, 500GB, 1B, and 2TB. So, you have multiple options to pick from. As for price, it’s reasonable (starting price $79.99).

As far as performance is concerned, the 540MB/s transfer speed puts it in the elite league. Thus, you would be able to take control of high-resolution videos and photos immaculately. Plus, the folder syncing feature makes it a bit easier to handle files.

USP: Folder syncing feature
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8. G-Technology G-DRIVE

G-Technology G-DRIVE USB C Hard Drive

This offering from G-Technology G-DRIVE knows how to live up to the high demand. It comes with 1TB storage capacity to let you manage your videos, photos, and tons of files with ease. With good read and write speed, it can handle your data efficiently.

Design-wise, it features a small and sturdy profile. Courtesy durable aluminum, G-DRIVE can withstand regular bumps.

Thanks to the smooth, the hard drive can easily slip into your pocket. Lastly, G-Technology provides a limited three-year warranty.

USP: Highly efficient
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9. LaCie Rugged

LaCie Rugged USB C External Hard Drive

This is the third USB-C hard drive from LaCie in this roundup. Looking at the profile, I don’t think many of you would question its inclusion.

The highlight of this external hard drive is the rugged design that can fight out bumps effortlessly. But that doesn’t mean it looks bulky or less pocket-friendly.

It comes in only 4TB storage capacity that should be abundant for your truckload of data. 5Gb/s interface means you won’t have to encounter lagging while transfer files. Besides, the $159.94 price tag seems to be reasonable against what you get in return.

USP: Impact-resistant design/5Gb/s interface
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10. Glyph BlackBox Plus

Glyph 1TB External SSD USB C Hard Drive

“Glyph BlackBox Plus” appears to be a fully-equipped USB-C hard drive for Mac. The thing that instantly catches attention in it is the exceptionally rugged casing due mainly to the solid aluminum chassis with the rubber bumper.

Thus, the hard drive will be able to fight out shock a bit more conveniently. Aside from durability, BlackBox Plus offers 1TB storage. Besides, the manufacturer provides three years of hardware coverage and a reliable two years of level one data recovery.

USP: Optimized passive cooling
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That’s pretty much it! This sums up our roundup of the most efficient hard drives for macOS device.

Your top bet?

I guess your boatload of data has finally got a safe haven. Which one is it? Share the qualities that you have found appreciable in it. And yes, tell us about the one should have been included in the above list.

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