Even when I’m out of the station, I remain connected to my work. Hence, I carry my MacBook Pro wherever I go. One more thing I never fail to carry is a high-capacity charger to not let the laptop run out of steam. Purely based on portable design, robust battery, and reliable performance, these are my best USB-C power banks for new MacBook Pro.

These external chargers are well-built. Despite having such a small form-factor, they are equipped with the high-capacity battery. Besides, they offer both rapid and secure charge to the notebook. Without making much ado, let’s head over to explore them all!

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Best USB-C Power Banks for MacBook

Best USB-C Power Banks for MacBook Pro

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#1. RAVPower

RAVPower USB C Power Bank for MacBook

RAVPower is an absolute beast. Boasting a huge 20100mah battery, the external charger offers plenty of extra charge to the notebook.

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It powers up your MBP fast and with needed efficiency. There are four LED indicators to let you easily keep a track on the power status. With advanced circuit design, it offers complete security against short circuit or overcharging. Beyond safety, RAVPower has a small and compact design that makes it ultra-portable.

USP: High efficiency
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#2. Anker PowerCore

Anker USB C Power Bank for MacBook

Anker PowerCore+ excels in providing fast charging solution and comes with a 13000mAh battery that delivers consistent performance. The external charger has incorporated PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to juice up your notebook at a top-notch speed.

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It features a pretty small design and can easily slip into even a tiny pocket. Aluminum body with the matte finish has an ergonomic design to offer better grip. With the multi-project system, it ensures threats like short-circuiting, low voltage or overcharging remain away. Lastly, PowerCore comes with the 18-month warranty.

USP: Multi-protect system
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#3. PowerLocus

PowerLocus Type-C Power Bank for MacBook

When it comes to providing dependable charging solution, PowerLocus is second to none. 24800mAh Li-polymer battery is equipped to offer 20% fast charging than any other ordinary external charger.

There are three output ports with smart technology that automatically detects the top charging speed of each device and delivers fast charging. The power bank features built-in protection from overcharging, overvoltage, etc. It has four LED lights to display charging status and comes with the 12-month warranty.

USP: Fast charging technology
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#4. iMuto

imuto USB C Power Bank for MacBook

With the monstrous 30,000mAh battery, iMuto is a powerful external charger. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology helps it charge supported devices 4x faster than a standard charger.

The 3A output is good enough to charge your device at a decent speed. There is a power button to let you easily start and end charging. The digital screen shows the remaining power, while advanced protection system keeps your device safe while charging. Furthermore, iMuto comes with the 12-month warranty.

USP: Monstrous battery
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AIRGINE USB C Power Bank for MacBook

Great mix of power and efficiency, AIRGINE is an excellent external charger. Endowed with 20,000mAh battery, it is able to charge your device at the good speed. The USB 5V 2.4A and TYPE-C 5V 3A Ports allow you to charge multiple devices at one go.

LEDs make it easier to keep a tab on the power status. The pocket-sized design makes it very portable. Design aside, AIRGINE comes with the 24-month warranty.

USP: High-speed charging
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#6. Zendure A6PD

Zendure A6PD USB Type-C Power Bank for MacBook

Zendure A6PD power bank has you covered from all aspects. The high-capacity 20100mAh battery can deliver 45W output, which is enough to turbocharge, your notebook and other compatible devices.

Apart from a USB C port, it also features an efficient 2.4A port that can come handy in charging other devices. One notable feature of this charger is that you can juice it up while powering up other devices.

Due mainly to the rugged construction, it can endure accidental falls. Additionally, A6PD is backed by 24-month warranty.

USP: 45W output
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MAXOAK MacBook Type-C Power Bank

MAXOAK is for the folks who want to have tons of extra juice to keep the notebook charged up all the time. The massive 36000mAh battery charges your laptop with lightning fast speed. You have four USB ports (including Type-C) to keep all of your devices powered up.

Integrated with smart IC chip, this external charger offers the maximum safeguard to your MBP from common hazards like overcharging and overcurrent. Therefore, you will always remain worried free about the safety of your device. Aside from highly secure charging, MAXOAK is supported by a reliable the 18-month warranty.

USP: USP: Durable built-up
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AUKEY USB C Power Bank for MacBook

AUKEY’s power bank is highly appreciated for providing reliable charging solution. Empowered by a humongous 30000mAh battery, it is capable of offering a lot of charge to your laptop.

The inclusion of AiPower charging technology enables it to provide safe charging. It also supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology to charge supported devices with lightning fast speed. The external charger comes with high-efficiency synchronous IC to improve battery lifespan. Past the features, AUKEY is available with the 24-month warranty.

USP: High efficiency synchronous IC
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#9. Charmast

Charmast MacBook Power Bank

The quality that stands out in Charmast is high-efficiency. It’s lashed with a pretty robust 20800mAh battery that excels in charging your device at a rapid speed. The intelligent port quickly identifies your notebook and offers suitable charging.

It also resists threats like overvoltage so that the laptop has the required defense at all hazards. With the lightweight and compact design, you have the desired convenience while carrying the charger. Besides, Charmast comes in multiple colors like black and silver.

USP: Smart port
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#10. Tronsmart Presto

Tronsmart Presto may not be as power-packed as its counterparts listed here but it’s as effectual as any top external charger. The quick charge technology helps it charge your device rapidly.

10400mAh battery is sufficient to offer plenty of additional charge to your laptop. External charger features four LED indicators to show power status. Tronsmart Presto automatically shuts down in case of the short circuit to protect the device. Besides, this power bank is available with 18-month warranty and comes in two colors: black and white.

USP: Short circuit protection
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That’s all for now!

Your favorite?

Have you picked up any of these power banks for your MBP? Would you mind telling us its name and the qualities you have liked in it? It’d be cool to know your pick.

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