Best Solar Chargers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR: Energy Efficient Solution to Charge Your Device

For your latest iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR, solar power banks are the best option to charge devices. These solar portable chargers are your best companions when you are camping away in nature, where the traditional power source is not available.

Recharged by natural energy, a solar power bank comes handy when I am away from traditional power sources like wall chargers. For 2018 iPhones, solar power banks could be the perfect charging solution. I have listed some of the best iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR solar chargers for your perusal.

Though the said power banks can be used anywhere, they are most likely to be used during outdoor adventures. This is the reason I have picked up strong ones made of robust materials. A solar charger must endure the vagaries of nature and challenges thrown during the adventure sports. Without further ado, you can check my list of high-quality solar portable chargers for your latest iPhones.

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Best Solar Portable Chargers for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

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#1. LastMinuteSolutions

LastMinuteSolutions Solar iPhone Charger

As the name suggests, this solar power bank is your last-minute solution. When there is a power cut in your locality and other power banks are not charged, this one is the savior. With its huge 30,000mAh battery capacity, you can charge two of your devices simultaneously.

For your outdoor adventure, LastMinuteSolutions offers you two cool features: a flashlight and a hook. You can use its flashlight at home when there is a power cut. With a built-in hook, you can attach this power bank with your backpack.

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USP: 30,000mAh capacity
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#2. RAVPower

RAVPower Solar Power Bank for iPhone

RAVPower is a renowned manufacturer of power banks. This solar power bank has many impressive features along with its ability to charge your iPhones and other devices. This 25000mAh portable charger comes with three outputs, charging your three devices at the same time.

A notable feature of this power bank is dual micro USB and USB-C charging. This means you can connect both inputs to drastically reduce recharging time. You can use Type C and 2A/2.4A inputs to fast charge this power bank. To make your outdoor trip worry-free, this robust power bank is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof.

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USP: Rugged construction
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#3. Hiluckey

Hiluckey Solar Portable Charger for iPhone

Hiluckey has built a solar power bank with a unique design. This power bank is made for outdoor activities, as there are nine built-in bright LED lights you can use as an emergency light. The LED lights have three modes – normal, SOS, and strobe. Look at the ports of this power bank; they are covered to prevent water or dust entering your portable charger.

Unlike other solar power banks, Hiluckey’s has four solar panels. You can recharge this power bank using solar energy in 25-30 hours. In case, you use 2A adapter, it takes 12-15 hours to recharge this battery charger.

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USP: Nine LED lights
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#4. Ayyie

Ayyie Solar iPhone Charger

The not-so-fashionable solar charger has got some style. Alyce designs a stylish power bank available in eight different colors. Apart from style and fashion, Ayyie’s solar portable charger has a lot of other things to offer. One of the glaring features is 1000+ recharge lifecycles.

Flashlight and karabiner make it a perfect outdoor accessory. You can hang this power bank from your backpack. Its two bright LED flashlights can be useful during your outdoor activities like camping, hiking or other emergency use.

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USP: Strongly built
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FLOUREON Solar Power Bank for iPhone

Your outdoor adventure is incomplete without FLOUREON’s solar portable charger, which boasts 10000mAh rechargeable A Li-polymer cells. This high-capacity power bank has dual USB 1.0A/2.1A Max charging output to charge two devices simultaneously.

You can use 1A port for your iPhone and 2.1A high-speed for your iPad. Keep your eyes on those smart 5 LED indicators that show you the amount of power left on your power bank. When you connect your iPhone or iPad, the light turns on automatically and it will be turned off once your device is fully charged.

USP: Extra compass
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BEARTWO Solar Portable Charger for iPhone

BEARTWO presents a compact power bank that delivers fast charge with its 5V/2.1A dual USB output. To make it adventure-friendly, BEARTWO has made a rugged power bank with IP67 waterproof standards. This portable charger is water-resistant under one-meter water for thirty minutes.

Every USB or micro USB port is covered by rubber cap so that dust or dirt does not enter. Check those reinforced corners that make this power bank sturdier and stronger.

USP: Compact design
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Feelle Solar iPhone Charger

Nearly all solar power banks offer you a feature of electricity charging, but very few give you solar charging indicator. FEELLE sets itself apart here, as this power bank comes with a green indicator that signals solar charging. Including this green indicator, there are other indicators that show the battery status of your power bank.

FEELLE uses an eco-friendly li-polymer battery that can charge your phones multiple times. You can rely on this power bank even if you are going on a week-long vacation. Forget your power adapters and leave those non-solar power banks behind.

USP: Eco-friendly battery
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#8. Be-charming

Be-charming Solar Power Bank for iPhone

If you are a part of the entire Apple eco-system, you should bring home Be-charming’s high-capacity portable solar power bank. With this solar iPhone charger, you can power up your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Available in black and white colors, this portable charger can be recharged under the daylight.

Use its double flash LED lights during an emergency or when you are camping away in the forest. Once the power bank is fully charged, you can use it up to five days. There are three output ports, which can charge three of your Apple devices simultaneously.

USP: Double flash LED lights
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Poweradd Solar Portable Charger for iPhone

When you are on an adventure trip, you know it is a bumpy ride, unfriendly climate, and harsh environment out there. While your shoes, backpack, and apparels can endure these unfavorable circumstances, why not your power bank.

POWERADD has updated this power bank delivers it’s fastest charging speed up to 2.4A per port. While camping, you can use its triple LED light modes: SOS, stable, and strobe. To use each mode, you need to press the flashlight button for 3-5 seconds to change light mode.

USP: Built-in cigarette lighter
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#10. BBtech

BBtech Solar iPhone Charger

BBtech’s 30000mAh battery capacity is enough to power up all your iOS devices. The dual USB port 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A can charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time. Whether you are in a forest or on a ship, you can comfortably charge your devices.

Available in black, red, and yellow, this portable charger can help you save traditional power resources. Additionally, this power bank protects the environment as it uses a lithium polymer battery.

USP: Environmentally-friendly
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That’s all, folks!

Summing up…

We should not restrict the use of solar power banks to our outdoor activities. We can also use them when we are at home or office. The idea of using solar energy is to save traditional power, which we use every day. Since it is easy to recharge solar power banks, we can use them anywhere.

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