Best portable power bank for iPhone in 2023

Best Power Banks for iPhone to buy

Although Apple has increased battery capacity with every new iPhone, you never know when you may run out of juice, especially if you use an older model. Hence, getting a power bank isn’t a bad idea. Whether you’re always gaming or constantly working, the best portable power bank for iPhone for have you covered.

This is why I’ve curated a list of my favorite power banks. I’ve tried to choose them based on varied preferences and budgets. Without further ado, let’s go ahead!

  1. Apple
  2. Belkin
  3. Miady
  4. INIU
  5. TG90
  6. Ekrist
  8. mophie

1. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – Editor’s choice

  • Capacity – 1460mAh
  • Ports – Lightning, USB
  • Weight – 115g
Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

After introducing MagSafe technology, Apple has completely redefined its ecosystem. Now, you’ll find multiple accessories for your phone that work on magnetic charging. With the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, you get one of the best battery banks for your iPhone.

The power bank comes with a magnet that can easily attach to any of your MagSafe cases. Moreover, it’s compatible with all the latest iPhones (iPhone 12 series and above), thanks to its compatibility with a Lightning cable and USB-C power adapters.

You can use the battery pack with a 20W power adapter for fast charging. There’s also a 15W wireless charging option with the Lightning cable. It also provides certain ease of use, with no need for switching it on or off. Furthermore, the charging doesn’t interfere with your wallet case either.

The only major issue with this battery pack is that it’s quite expensive.


  • Staying within the Apple ecosystem
  • Reliable and safe
  • 2 charging options through USB
  • Doesn’t interfere with credit cards and others


  • Expensive
  • Adapter and cable are sold separately

Check out on: Amazon | Apple | Best Buy

2. Belkin Boost Charge™ power bank – 2-year warranty

  • Capacity – 10000mAh
  • Ports provided – USB-C, USB-A
  • Weight – 249g
Belkin USB-C PD Power Bank

If you haven’t heard of Belkin, you’re probably new to the Apple ecosystem. Belkin has been producing wonderful products for Apple customers for over 30 years.

With this Belkin power bank, you’re getting a certified product meant purely for iPhones. It supports all iPhones and offers fast charging capabilities as well. Moreover, you get a decent 10000mAh capacity for charging your iPhone.

There are two ports, with an 18W USB-C port for fast charging. If you’ve got a secondary device, there’s a USB-A port that supports 12W of charging power. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty and a USB-C to USB-C cable. Although, the latter won’t be of much use to charge your iPhone.

It’s a heavy power bank, though. If you wanted something lighter, I’d recommend the other options on this list. Also, you’ll have to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable as it comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable.


  • Perfect for Apple products, especially iPhones
  • Decent battery backup
  • Fast charging capability
  • 2-year warranty


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Comes with USB-C to USB-C cable

Check out on: Amazon | Belkin

3. Miady 2-pack – Best for families

  • Capacity – 10000mAh
  • Ports – USB-C, Micro USB
  • Weight – 218g
Miady 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger

When you get the option to get two decent power banks for iPhone at the price of one, why wouldn’t you take it? With this power bank bundle from Miady, you can share the other power bank with your loved ones or keep an extra at home!

The power bank comes with a good, unassuming design and doesn’t weigh too much either. In addition, you get a 10000mAh battery capacity that can charge even the latest iPhones at least twice quite easily. The power bank uses a Li-polymer battery far safer than the Li-ion batteries you usually find.

You’ll find a couple of ports on the power bank. The first is a USB-C port for fast charging and a Micro USB port for charging the power bank itself. Finally, you also get an 18-month limited warranty!

Some customers have reported online that the battery capacity decreases quite rapidly, especially after 3 months. I’d recommend you to keep this power bank as a cheaper option or backup.


  • Two power banks for the price of one
  • Slim and doesn’t weigh much
  • Li-polymer battery
  • Supports fast charging
  • Great as a secondary option
  • 18-month limited warranty


  • Battery life doesn’t sustain for too long

Check out on: Amazon

4. INIU MegaPower 22.5W – Superfast charging speeds

  • Capacity – 20000mAh
  • Ports provided – USB-C, Micro USB
  • Weight – 362g
INIU Portable Charger for iPhone

This product from INIU is one of the more futuristic-looking options available today. It comes with an LED display on the body for the battery percentage and has an overall decent build quality.

One of the biggest advantages of this battery bank for iPhone is that it can charge up to three devices simultaneously. This is largely because the power bank has an excellent 20000mAh battery capacity. Furthermore, it charges iPhones extremely fast, thanks to the 22.5W power output.

For the tech-savvy people here, the power bank uses PD3.0 and QC4.0 technologies for fast-charging purposes. The best part? You get a 3-year limited warranty on this beauty!

It’s quite a bulky and heavy power bank, though. You won’t be able to carry this around for long on casual outings or when you’re traveling light.


  • Futuristic design
  • Good build quality
  • Huge battery capacity at 20000mAh
  • 22.5W power output and qualified with fast-charging certifications
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Too heavy to be casually carried around

Check out on: Amazon

5. TG90 – Exceptionally convenient

  • Capacity – 10000mAh
  • Ports – USB-C, Lightning, Micro USB
  • Weight – 210g
TG90 10000mah Power Bank External Battery Packs

The issue with most power banks is that you have to carry multiple cables based on your requirement. With the TG90, you no longer have to.

This slim, albeit bulky, power bank comes with in-built Lightning and Type-C cables for more convenience during emergencies. Besides, it’s Apple MFi-certified, perfect for all your Apple devices.

The power bank also comes with three different cables to make your charging experience easier. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the power bank for spills or dust. The body of the power bank uses a UV oil body design resistant to wear and tear. Overall, this is one of the best wireless power banks for iPhone.

The instructions on the user manual aren’t great, though. It might take time to understand how the power bank works initially.


  • Built-in Lightning and Type-C cables
  • Apple MFi-certified
  • Three different cables provide for simultaneous charging
  • Robust


  • Initial setup takes longer

Check out on: Amazon

6. Ekrist – Massive battery backup

  • Capacity – 25800mAh
  • Ports – USB-C, Micro USB
  • Weight – 334.5g
Ekrist Power bank for iPhone

Sometimes, fast charging isn’t what you’re looking for in a power bank. Quite simply, you’re looking for a power bank that can last you for days on end. With this product from Ekrist, that’s exactly what you get.

The Ekrist power bank for iPhone comes with a gigantic 25800mAh battery capacity. You also get a couple of ports (USB and Micro USB) for fast charging and charging another device simultaneously. Besides, there are four LED lights on the power bank’s body to show the remaining battery.

Lastly, the power bank is also future-proof as it comes with a 2-year warranty.

However, the charging speeds of the power bank are slow. Your phone will take longer than usual to charge to its full capacity.


  • Huge battery backup at 25800mAh
  • Two ports for charging devices simultaneously
  • LED lights on the body for battery indication
  • 2-year warranty


  • Takes slightly longer than usual to charge

Check out on: Amazon

7. BLAVOR Solar Power Bank – Eco-friendly option

  • Capacity – 10000mAh
  • Ports – USB-C, Micro USB
  • Weight – 272g
BLAVOR Solar Power Bank

Considering the situation we’re heading towards, in the name of climate change, companies will have to look towards more eco-friendly products. Thankfully, the BLAVOR solar power bank will help you get a few steps ahead of the curve.

This iPhone power bank comes with a 10000mAh battery, a few solar panels on the product’s body, and can be used as a backup option. Of course, there’s a wireless charging facility as well. Additionally, you get two USB ports for charging the power bank and your phone.

The power bank is surprisingly sturdy too, being made from ABS materials and includes a lithium-polymer battery for longer shelf life. Moreover, it’s got IPX5 certification for water resistance. Additional features include a compass kit and dual flashlights for adventurers.

Unfortunately, the flashlights on the power bank aren’t as powerful as advertised.


  • Solar power option available as a backup
  • Utilities provided
  • Two USB ports provided
  • Li-polymer battery
  • IPX5 water resistance certification


  • Flashlights provided are disappointing

Check out on: Amazon

8. mophie Powerstation XXL – Best premium option

  • Capacity – 20000mAh
  • Ports – USB-C, USB-A
  • Weight – 428g
mophie Powerstation XXL Power Bank

If you want to invest in a power bank that lasts you for ages, and comes with a premium quality finish, look no further than the mophie Powerstation XXL.

The power bank has enough juice (20000mAh) to charge three devices simultaneously. Moreover, it provides fast charging capabilities as well. The power bank comes with an 18W USB-C port for this purpose.

Alongside the USB-C port, you get 2 USB-A ports for charging your other devices. On the side of the power bank’s body, you’ll also find four LED lights that indicate the charge left in the power bank. This isn’t much, but it’s a nifty tool for planning your charging strategies throughout the day.

Finally, what makes this power bank worth the bucks is the premium finish. The body features an elegant fabric finish that will resist wear and tear, especially if you’re traveling.

The only major issue with this power bank for iPhone is that it’s quite bulky.


  • Premium fabric finish on the body
  • Three ports for charging devices simultaneously
  • Has an LED battery indicator
  • 20000mAh battery capacity


  • Too heavy to carry in hand for a long time

Check out on: Amazon | Best Buy

Summing up

With our need to be connected to our online worlds increasing daily, power banks will become a standardized part of our futures. So, these were our top picks for the best iPhone power bank.

Have you used any of the products listed here? If so, share your experience in the comments section.

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