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Best USB-C chargers for iPhone 15 series in 2024

The iPhone 15 comes with a braided USB-C cable. If there is no USB-C charger, what’s the point? The standard 5W charger from Apple doesn’t deliver optimal charging speed. It’s time to upgrade your iPhone 15 with a power adapter that unleashes its full potential.

It is possible to purchase a counterfeit USB-C charger, but this can be expensive. The good news is that quality chargers don’t have to break the bank. I have done the tasking job of handpicking the best from the bulk—simply choose from these best USB-C chargers for your iPhone 15.

  1. Anker
  2. Apple
  3. iPremium
  6. Sacrack

1. Anker USB-C Charger for iPhone 15 – Editor’s Choice

iPhone Charger Anker USB C Charger

If you want a charger that combines durability with efficiency, you cannot go wrong with the Anker USB-C charger. It features a 20W adapter with two pieces of 5-ft USB-C cables to serve two devices simultaneously without compromising charging speed – thanks to the adapter’s dual port.

And talking of durability, Anker has a built-in system that prevents short-circuiting, over-voltage, and over-current. While I expected this to be bigger than the size in the picture, it came as portable as seen. But while this makes it handy, it would have worked better if the plug was foldable. Although the Anker brand has built a reputation over the years, it gives up to an 18-month warranty on its iPhone 15 USB-C charger.


  • Portable and durable
  • Dual port does not compromise fast charging
  • Up to 18 months warranty available
  • Multi-protection system against electrical malfunctions


  • USB-C to lighting cable not included

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2. Apple USB-C charger for iPhone 15 – From the makers

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

It is not a bad idea to pay Apple for an extra charger if it outputs more than twice the regular 5W iPhone charger. This Apple USB-C charger has a max output of 20W and is one of the most reliable iPhone 15 chargers you can get.

You will love the Apple USB-C charger if you are a minimalist with admiration for a sleek aesthetic, as it is nothing short of portable. It is also durable with its compact rectangular design. This Apple USB-C charger receives a standard 15V input voltage and delivers steady-paced charging speed for the price. One major setback is that this is only an adapter. It does not come with a USB-C cable.


  • Get an Apple-recommended charger
  • Reliable and durable
  • Supports different Apple devices in addition to the iPhone 15


  • A USB-C cable not included

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3. iPremium USB-C Charger for iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Charger 20W USB C Wall Charger Block

Unlike the other USB-C chargers on the list, the iPremium USB-C charger comes with a 10ft USB-C to USB-C cable plus the 20W adapter. This is more convenient. With the thermoplastic elastomer insulation on the 10ft-long cable, you can rest far away on your couch while charging your iPhone on the go.

As expected, this one also features a high-power delivery chip for surge protection. Although I have had an excellent experience with the iPremium USB-C so far, you still get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the output.


  • Money-back guarantee and 24/7 technical support are available
  • Anti-surge protection with PD 3.0 chips
  • Charge from a distance with the 10ft-long USB-C cable
  • Portable and pocket-friendly


  • Some buyers reported failed charging cable after a few months of use

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4. LUOATIP USB-C Charger – Handiest USB-charger

iPhone USB C Wall Charger

Do you want a backup charger or have another iPhone on the side? The Luoatip USB-C charger boxes two adapters in the pack for an extra device. Featuring a USB-C port, this charger delivers super-fast charging, unlike the regular USB ports.

The Luoatip USB-C charger is portable and durable as it comes. With two powerful throngs connected to an internal power delivery chip, you can be sure that the charger will deliver an optimal voltage level even when there is an electrical bridge.

A unique feature of the Luoatip USB-C charger is that it automatically stops once your battery is full. However, you will still rely on the USB-C cable bundled with the iPhone 15, as this does not come with one.


  • Built-in power chip prevents sudden electrical surge
  • Get two wall mounts in one pack
  • Charging stops automatically once the battery is full


  • USB-C cables not included

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5. ROMITAZ USB-C Charger for iPhone 15 – Apple MFi-certified

iPhone Charger Block USB C Wall Charger

If you’re looking for an Apple MFi-certified charger that is not as expensive, the Romatiz USB-C charger is all you need to keep your iPhone 15 powered at full speed. The Romatiz charger is also compact, handy, and pocket-friendly to take anywhere you want. Overall, this charger is quite impressive at the price.

In addition to the heat-resistant material, the Romatiz USB-C charger features power management chips for extra protection against electrical malfunctions. With a 12-month warranty and 24/7 technical support, Romatiz proves to be customer-friendly despite the durability of its charger.


  • A 12-month warranty with live technical support is available
  • Power management chips and heat-resistant materials provide extra safety
  • Portable and durable for the price


  • USB-C cable not included

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7. Sacrack USB C Fast Compact Charger 100W GaN

iPhone USB C Fast Charger Sacrack 100W GaN Compact 6

Want something to charge multiple devices simultaneously? The Sackrack brand always delivers top-notch functionality. And this time, it upgraded its multi-port adapter to suit the new iPhone 15 series. The Sackrack features six ports and supplies a total power of 100W. Three are USB-C compatible, while the other three support the regular USB.

The USB-C section takes 60 percent of the total output to distribute power evenly: each USB-C port supplies 20W to your iPhone 15. Of course, it also features power-delivery chips for extra safety. Unlike other USB-C charger brands, Sackrack’s adapter is connected to its throng plug by a non-detachable 5ft-long AC cable. While this makes it convenient for distant charging, it makes the adapter bulkier and less suitable for carrying in a pocket.


  • Charge many phones at a time with six ports
  • The 5ft-long AC cable is suitable for distant charging
  • Power-delivery chips delivers safety
  • Up to 24 months warranty is available


  • Non-detachable AC cable makes it bulky

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The iPhone 15 series boasts impressive features and remarkable battery life. However, pairing it with a standard charger that can barely supply up to 20W power is less than ideal. The reviewed chargers, while sharing common features, have proven themselves as reliable choices to fully unlock the charging potential of your iPhone 15.

Time to upgrade!

Have you already made your choice? We’d love to hear about it. Share your selection and the reasons behind it in the comments section below.

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