There's nothing better than a handy travel charger that lets you keep your iPhone charged up at all times. The stock Apple charger that comes with your iPhone is cool enough (and tiny too) but it has its own limitations. You can charge only one device with that.

A portable iPhone wall charger that's got two or more USB ports with the right rating can help you charge one more device. And if you are carrying an iPhone power pack, you'll appreciate the value of a dual-USB portable iPhone wall charger.

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Best Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone

Note: Amazon prices are subject to changing frequently. The price mentioned here is at the time of writing this list.

Here are Some Cool, Highly-rated Portable Wall Chargers for Your iPhone

#1. EZOPower

EZOPower Portable iPhone Charger

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The EZOPower portable wall charger is the closest to the Apple's stock charger except for the fact that this one has two USB ports. The rating goes 3.1A and 15W. The foldable pins make sure you've got a handy and portable wall charger. The reviews point out that it charges quickly. Unlike most other products, the EZOPower doesn't have different power outputs for the two USB ports, but the net output is about 3.1A.

List Price: $39.99
Amazon Price: $9.99 (While writing this.)
Buy it from

#2. aLLreLi

aLLreLi OT0115 24W (5V 4.8A) Dual Port USB Travel Charger Kit

aLLreLi 24W / 4.8A Dual USB Travel Charger Kit w/LCD Display & Smart IC is a need of the hour. In a world, which is always moving fast, this charger kit helps you charge all your iOS devices while you are on the go. Strengthened with unique design, smart IC technology and compact size, this dual USB travel charger helps you charge your communication devices in more than 150 countries. A must-have for any globetrotter, this charger boasts features like interchangeable plugs, dual ports, LCD, universal USB power adapter and best protections.

Price: $79.99 [$18.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#3. Solid Trust

Solid Trust Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone

Solid Trust features a design that closely resembles the larger, iPad wall charger. It's still very compact, probably more compact than the EZOPower. It has the same rating though 3.1A total output at 15W. The dual-USB port feature lets you charge two devices simultaneously although one of these would be rated 1A (not suitable to charge iPhones fast). Think of more like charging your iPhone through the 2.1A port and charging a power bank through the 1A port. And yes, foldable pins.

List Price: $15.99
Amazon Price: $15.99 (At the time of writing this.)
Buy it from

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#4. Seagle

Seagle Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone

The Seagle is another cool portable iPhone wall charger. It has pretty high ratings. It's tiny with foldable pins to make it even more compact and portable. The design largely fits a horizontal charging point. The Seagle comes with dual-USB ports too. One of these is the 2.1A which suits the iPhone well.

List Price: $9.98
Amazon Price: $9.98 (While writing this.)
Buy it from

#5. Amemo

Amemo iPhone Wall Charger

It gets really hard when you are travelling and running little tight on luggage space. We can't help you with the luggage, but we can surely help you with a portable wall charger for iPhone, which is very compact. This one from Amemo has a foldable plug, which can be pulled out when you want to charge. In addition, it has two USB ports, 2.4A power output, and two different color options. Lastly, it is quite small and also light weight to carry in pockets.

List Price: $29.99
Amazon Price: $8.49 (while writing this.)
Buy it from

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#6. RAVPower

RAVPower Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone

RAVPower, like Solid Trust, resembles the iPad charger. The portability is questionable, but it's still a handy wall charger that is very useful for charging two devices simultaneously. The ports are 2.1A and 1A, and they're marked.

List Price: $29.99
Amazon Price: $10.99
Buy it from

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