Best Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone in 2021

Having browsed through numerous options, we have gathered the best portable wall chargers for iPhone and iPad.

There’s nothing better than a handy travel charger that lets you keep your iPhone charged up at all times. The stock Apple charger that comes with your iPhone is excellent enough (and tiny, too), but it has its limitations. You can charge only one device with that. A Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone that’s got two or more USB ports with an excellent rating can help you charge multiple devices simultaneously.

1. Xcentz

Xcentz Universal iPhone Wall Charger

Xcentz has made a universal power adapter in the real sense of the term. You will hardly find a wall charger that can work in more than 150 countries in the world. Xcentz’s universal power adapter can used in the United States, UK, European Union, Australia, and other countries.

No matter where you are on this earth, you can use this portable wall charger to power up multiple devices like phones, tablets, cameras, computers, and more. You can fast charge four devices simultaneously with its four ports 4.8A USB output. The smart xPower technology protects your device from over-current, overload, short-circuit, and high temperature. Here is the in-depth review.

USP: Rapid charging
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2. EZOPower

EZOPower Wall Charger for iPhone

EZOPower is readied to be a long-term charging accessory for your device. Endowed with three AC outlets and three USB ports, the charger can refuel up to six devices at a time.

The ports feature X3 MOV chip and fireproof ceramic encasing for surge protection. It also thwarts other dangers like overheating to keep your device protected while charging. And with the portable design, you will be able to conveniently carry it even in a tiny pocket.

USP: Fireproof ceramic encasing
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POWRUI Portable Wall Charger for iPhone

POWRUI packs a unique idea in this product, which works as a wall charger and a power bank as well. It is an excellent achievement of POWRUI to manufacture this two-in-one product in such a compact size. This wall charger is exceptionally convenient to carry.

The flashlight is a notable feature of this portable wall charger. When you need some bright light, you can use its flashlight function in the dark. Special care is taken to create an excellent design with a rubberized coating, which gives you a comfortable feel.

USP: Flashlight feature
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X-EDITION Portable iPhone Wall Charger

Here is yet another pint-sized wall charger that packs a solid punch when it comes to living up to the mark. X-EDITION has dual ports, and each one of them offers 2.1A output. Made of quality fireproof material, the wall charger provides complete protection from short circuit.

It works with not just iPhone and iPad but also with many other devices like E-book Readers, Bluetooth speaker, MP3 Players and more. There are also four nice-looking colors to choose from. What’s more, X-EDITION is available in four packs.

USP: Pretty neat design
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5. Anker Elite

Anker Elite Dual Port iPhone Wall Charger

Excluding Anker Elite from the list would be unfair. Its most significant highlights are the PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, which work together to provide lightning fast charging. And with an advanced protection system, your device has the necessary defense to thwart the challenges of overcurrent.

Courtesy the tiny size and foldable plug, the wall charger is ultra-portable. Therefore, you will be able to comfortably carry it anywhere you want.

USP: Advance protection system
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6. iClever BoostCube

iClever BoostCube iPhone Wall Chager

A wall charger as competent as iClever BoostCube deserves to be included in this top list. It’s got all the features you may want from an ideal charger.

Its dual ports provide 24W/4.8A total output, which is enough to turbocharge, your device. The universal wall charger also offers complete safeguard from usual suspects like overvoltage. You can pick BoostCube in two colors: black and white. That’s not all, it’s supported by a solid 18-month warranty

USP: 24W/4.8A total output
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JAHMAI iPhone Wall Charger

Simplicity in design always rules! Whether you buy a protective case of a wall charger for your iPhone, you will always be attracted towards simple design and powerful performance. JAHMAI has created this wall charger for users, who prefer content over style.

The dual USB port output allows you to charge two devices simultaneously and saves your valuable time. JAHMAI has tested this product multiple times to protect your devices. Use the fast charger port, which provides up to 10.5W of power. Enjoy faster charging than other similar wall chargers.

USP: Simple design
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8. Anker

Anker Portable iPhone Wall Charger

Anker is one of the most trusted brands, and its products have always been top-notch. Its wall charger excels in providing a more reliable charging solution to your device.

Four USB ports make it a lot convenient to let you power up multiple devices. Thanks to the advance PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, it provides up to 8 amps or 2.4 amps per port output that charges your devices with rapid speed.

MultiProtect safety system offers the desired protection from overcharging, overvoltage and other threats. Lightweight profile, foldable plug, and 100-240 volt input make it a great pick for your trip. Anker wall charger is available in two colors: black and white topped by the 18-month warranty.

USP: PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies
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9. KerrKim

KerrKim iPhone Wall Charger

KerrKim’s portable wall charger has the built-in two-port technology to charge your iPhone at the fastest possible speed. The charger is ideal for your iPhone and iPad as it gives you 100% compatibility. Use your iPhone lightning cable and you can charge the device at home or anywhere in the world.

The wall charger is compact, lightweight, portable and easy to store. You can easily keep it in your travel bag and go miles.

USP: Compact design
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That’s all!

Your pick?

I hope your hunt for a fine charger has come to a happy ending. As always, I would love to know your feedback about your pick and the qualities that you have liked in it.

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