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iGBAccessoriesBest accessories for iPhone 14 series in 2024

Best accessories for iPhone 14 series in 2024

The iPhone 14 series is full of new features, and pairing them with some essential accessories can enhance your experience. You may skyrocket productivity, protect your phone, and unlock new ways to use the new iPhone. Here, I have listed some of the best accessories for iPhone 14 series.

1. Apple Leather Case with MagSafe – Editors Choice

Apple iPhone 14 Leather Case with MagSafe

I must mention that every product mentioned here is best in its own way since they are catered to different situations and use cases. But for me, ensuring my iPhone 14 is protected is the first thing I would do after getting it. And hence, this became the editor’s choice.

And speaking of the case, you know that your iPhone 14 is the best iPhone ever released by Apple. So would you compromise on protecting the best iPhone? Nope. Apart from the protection part, the iPhone 14 leather case offers that classic look and feel, which, as you can guess, is difficult to beat.

Since it’s made from specially tanned and finished leather, the exterior provides a soft feeling when you touch it. You can also be assured that the case will fit quite perfectly and won’t add much overall bulk. And yes, as the name suggests, it also supports MagSafe charging.

If you can get past the slightly higher pricing, you can go forward with this case.


  • Soft and premium finish
  • Snug fit
  • Excellent grip


  • Bit pricy

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2. Spigen – Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone

After cases, the next step in protecting your iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, or Pro Max is selecting the right screen guard. And I think the tempered glass from Spigen is the right fit.

The best thing I like about this screen protector is that it comes with an installation kit, so for people like me who are best at making a mess, this is a blessing. And even after applying it, this case won’t affect your iPhone 14’s touch response; it will be as smooth if you use it without a screen protector.

Also, Spigen has been making screen protectors for iPhones for quite some time, and since they have that experience, it’s better to go with an established brand rather than an unknown one.

While the installation kit makes the screen guard application easy, it may not effectively remove the bubble from the corners. But with some pressing around the corners, you can eliminate these air bubbles.


  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Precise dimensions
  • Doesn’t ruin the touch response of the screen


  • Installation kit may not be fully effective in removing air bubbles

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3. Apple MagSafe Charger – Charge iPhone Magnetically

Apple MagSafe Charger for iPhone 14

Can the best iPhone accessories list be complete without the mention of Magsafe? The best thing I liked about Magsafe is that it can be used with any iPhone since the 12 series. Yes, whether you bought a Magsafe for iPhone 14 Pro Max or regular iPhone 14, it is easily compatible with other iPhones in the series and previous generations.

Although the iPhones with poor battery life are a thing of the past, using Apple’s signature MagSafe technology to charge your iPhone is now an absolute must for the convenience and the addition to the status of owning a high-end iPhone.

This iPhone accessory contains magnets that perfectly align with your iPhone, providing it with quick, wireless charging. Moreover, the MagSafe charger can also be utilized to charge the AirPods case or any other Apple product that supports wireless charging.

The MagSafe charger provides wireless charging capabilities up to 20W, while other Qi chargers on the market will deliver a paltry 7.5W power. Overall, it’s a must-have accessory, especially if you tend to lose your power adapters.

However, to get a charging output of 20W or more, you’ll have to buy a compatible power adapter separately.


  • Can charge both iPhones and AirPods
  • Wireless charging up to 20W
  • Decent build quality


  • 20W power adapter isn’t provided

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4. Apple AirPods – Best music experience

Apple AirPods for iPhone 14

No matter if you are using the latest iPhone 14 or an iPhone 8, no other Bluetooth earphones would ever come close to the music experience you can have with the Apple AirPods. All you need to do is connect the AirPods to your iPhone once, and you’re set for the long run. This iPhone accessory is built to understand spatial awareness.

Once the AirPods are connected to your iPhone, they can detect whether they’re being used or not. The music starts playing when they are in your ear and pauses if you take them out. The AirPods also have complete connectivity to Siri for a more holistic experience.

Powered by Apple’s patented H1 chip, these earphones come with faster connection time for phone calls and better overall quality when gaming and switching between devices. In other words, you can’t go wrong with the Apple AirPods.

The only major con is that they’re quite expensive for a pair of earphones. The complete wireless design might also be an issue for people who tend to misplace their accessories.


  • Uses Apple’s H1 chip for superior music quality
  • Faster processing in terms of gaming and device connections
  • Excellent call quality


  • Quite expensive

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5. Razer Kishi V2 – The best gaming controller today

Razer gaming controller acccessory for iPhone

Mobile gaming has come a long way in the past few years. With multiple games coming to the mobile platform, the rise of mobile eSports has seen more and more people craving an excellent gaming experience on their iPhones, especially since the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus pack last year’s best A15 Bionic, and the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with the most powerful mobile processor; A16 Bionic.

However, what can be an issue is the touch controls. Regardless of the phone’s display size, touch controls aren’t the most intuitive for gaming. So, it only makes sense to buy the Razer Kishi V2 for all your mobile gaming needs.

Undoubtedly, the Razer Kishi V2 is the best iPhone gaming accessory you can buy today. It has programmable macros, analog triggers, and microswitch buttons to deliver a console-quality gaming experience. Furthermore, you can also stream and play PC, Xbox, or PlayStation games on your iPhone with this controller!

The USB-C port for connectivity eliminates any input latency and even provides passthrough charging. However, my only gripe with the controller is that the build quality could have been slightly better. You’d expect Razer to provide a superior build at this price point.


  • Provides console-quality gaming
  • Can stream PC, Xbox, and PlayStation games
  • Zero latency
  • Supports passthrough charging


  • Build quality isn’t up to the mark

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6. Belkin MagSafe Car Mount – For road trips

Belkin MagSafe Car Mount for iPhone

Considering the large iPhone 14 Plus or 14 Pro Max, you should check out this Belkin MagSafe car mount. Why? Because these big screens will come in handy while using the navigation on Apple Maps or enjoying your favorite shows (I won’t suggest watching videos while driving).

And these big guys do need a strong grip to hold them. With this car mount, I think that won’t be much of a headache. And no, it is not limited to big boys like the Plus and Max. You can also use it with any iPhone that comes with MagSafe.

Whether you prefer using your phone in landscape or portrait mode, the car mount can provide different orientations for your convenience.

The air vent mount has been designed to keep the iPhone 14, 13, and 12 series in mind. The powerful magnets also ensure perfect alignment and strength to hold your phone, even on the toughest road conditions.

Lastly, the integrated cable management ensures that there aren’t any cables dangling or distracting you from the road. Unfortunately, the car mount may not fit into all car vents. Despite these issues, it’s still one of the best iPhone car accessories available today!


  • Proper alignment and stronghold
  • Intuitive cable management
  • Provides multiple orientation options


  • Does not fit into every car vent

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7. Apple Leather Wallet – MagSafe compatible

Apple Leather Wallet MagSafe iPhone accessory

With digital transactions becoming the norm, fewer people carry extra large wallets. Additionally, thanks to the MagSafe technology, smaller wallets can attach themselves to the back of your phone, thereby reducing the number of items you have to carry.

The Apple leather wallet is one such MagSafe iPhone accessory that is almost essential today. Crafted from European leather, the wallet has a sleek, elegant, and minimalist look. This look matches perfectly with the design of the iPhone 14, 13, or 12 series.

The wallet has proper shielding and can hold two to three cards and a few extra cash notes. Moreover, the wallet supports Apple’s Find My service. This makes it supremely easy to track the wallet in case you lose it.
The card slots are quite tight, however. So you’ll have to put in extra effort to pull out the cards.


  • Premium finish thanks to the European leather
  • Supports Apple’s Find My service
  • Has three card slots


  • The card slots can be quite tight

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8. DJI OM 5 – For travel vlogging

DJI OM 5 iPhone 14 accessory

Content creation has become a huge part of our social media game. You’ll find plenty of people vlogging their travel experiences to create memories and provide content to their viewers.

And as you know, iPhones are the best for video capturing, especially the iPhone 14 series with improved camera hardware and software features such as Action Mode and Cinematic Mode. So if it sounds like something you’d want to explore, the DJI OM 5 is the right accessory that you need.

Furthermore, not only is its gimbal small, portable, and lightweight, but it also has a built-in extendable rod that provides you with a wider angle for shooting your videos. Apart from this, the ActiveTrack 4.0 software ensures you can capture every little detail of your subject.

However, of all the cool iPhone accessories, this is a slightly difficult one to use because of the steep learning curve. You’ll have to watch multiple videos and experiment with the gimbal to unleash its full potential.


  • Perfect optical image stabilization thanks to the 3-axis motor
  • ActiveTrack 4.0 keeps the subject in focus
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Features are challenging to use

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9. Lightning to 3.5mm – For more connectivity options

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm for iPhone

The Lightning port is one of the most iconic parts of the iPhone hardware. However, the requirement for a 3.5mm jack still exists in certain situations. So, this Lightning to 3.5mm jack from Apple – considering how relatively cheap it is – is an excellent accessory to keep handy. It is compatible with any iPhone from the 7 to 14 series.

While the use of the 3.5mm port is dying out, you never know when you might need such a connector for your iPhone. It’s a fairly simple accessory for connecting devices with a 3.5mm audio plug.

Unfortunately, the build quality of this connector isn’t the best. If you use it frequently, you might find yourself buying more of the same in the future to replace the damaged ones.


  • Provides an extra connectivity option
  • Affordable pricing


  • Build quality isn’t the best

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10. Anker PowerLine III – Super-fast charging

Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable for iPhone

Apple’s Lightning Cables aren’t the best for overall build quality since they can be damaged after a few bends. With the Anker PowerLine III, you’ll get both fast charging and durability.

The product has been tested by the manufacturers to provide at least 25,000 bends before any major damage. Furthermore, charging your device with this iPhone accessory is much faster, with 0 to 58 percent charge in 30 minutes. For this to work, however, you’ll have to use a USB-C power adapter.

If you’re wondering whether it’ll be suitable for your iPhone 14 or any other iPhone, you’ll also be pleased to know that this accessory is MFi certified. This ensures that you’re using a product meant to be used with Apple devices. It also comes in lengths of 3 feet and 6 feet.

Unfortunately, for all these perks, you will have to pay a premium price.


  • Superior durability
  • Provides super-fast charging capabilities
  • MFi certified


  • Fairly expensive for its features

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11. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 – Best portable speaker for iPhone

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM portable speaker for iPhone

Portable speakers can be a tricky accessory to purchase. With so many market options, finding one that suits your needs and budget, and provides excellent features is often easier said than done. However, if you’re on a slightly higher budget, the MEGABOOM 3 by Ultimate Ears is the best speaker you can buy today.

Thanks to the 360-degree thundering bass and balanced sounds, the speaker plays songs from all genres at their best. Moreover, the MAGIC button adds convenience and allows you to skip, play, or pause tracks directly through the speaker.

The ambient lighting on the speaker is brought to life through a two-tone fabric. It also supports wireless charging, in case you were wondering. With an IP67 waterproof and dust-proof rating, the MEGABOOM 3 should be on your shopping list if you’re looking for the best iPhone accessories.

The only significant con of this product is its pricing. The huge price tag may fend off potential buyers.


  • Superior sound quality
  • IP67 waterproof certification
  • Beautiful ambient lighting options


  • Expensive

Check out on: Amazon

12. E Tronic Edge Armband Case – Perfect for working out

E Tronic Edge Armband Case for iPhone

We all face the issue of handling our phones when we’re working out in the gym or going for a run. Keeping your iPhone in your pocket or in your hands can be a hassle when you’re trying to burn off those pesky calories.

Especially as the Mini devices are no longer part of the iPhone 14 lineup, the risk of dropping your device can be a problem for your phone. Also, keep in mind that gym workouts are sweaty. Since those sweat can’t benefit your iPhone other than making it dirty, it’s better to keep it away from it.

The E Tronic Edge Armband Case is the perfect solution for these issues. The armband is made with sweat-wicking, breathable fabric that keeps your phone away from deterrents. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a zipper to ensure that no matter how strenuous your workout is, your phone won’t fall out of the armband.

The armband’s material is also relatively stretchy, holding devices up to 7 inches in screen size. So, no matter how big your iPhone may be, it will fit perfectly into the armband.

Since the material used for the case is stretchable, it can get difficult to unzip it if the phone fits too tightly.


  • Made of sweat-wicking and breathable fabric
  • Zipper to ensure the phone doesn’t fall out
  • Can hold devices up to 7 inches in display size


  • Quite a tight fit

Check out on: Amazon

13. Sensyne Tripod – For photography enthusiasts

Sensyne Tripod for iPhone 14

Considering the capabilities of the modern iPhone, capturing night photos shouldn’t be that difficult, especially with the big 48 MP sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro series. However, keeping the phone steady for longer is difficult when taking long exposure shots.

If you’re a budding photographer looking for a tripod, the Sensyne tripod is an excellent accessory to start off with. This tripod can extend up to 62 inches and combines the functionality of a tripod with a selfie stick. The mount head also provides rotation capabilities for the full 360 degrees.

Whether you’re capturing a family moment, looking for the perfect night shot, or live streaming, this tripod can handle everything.

I wouldn’t recommend this product if you get annoyed easily when adjusting your iPhone as per your preferences.


  • Can extend up to 62 inches
  • Works both as a selfie stick and tripod
  • Mount head can rotate a full 360 degrees


  • Takes time to adjust your device

Check out on: Amazon

14. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – For all your charging needs

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 14

If you’re using an older iPhone that’s been through multiple charge cycles, you might be facing battery issues. Battery drain is also a common issue that power users face after frequent usage. So, purchasing an accessory such as the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is an absolute must.

The pack has a compact design that adds portability and makes on-the-go charging fairly convenient. Moreover, its powerful magnets and perfect alignment make wireless charging for iPhone 14, 13, and 12 series much easier. Despite the electromagnetic fields that are created upon charging, the pack won’t interfere with your key fobs or credit cards.

Furthermore, it connects and charges automatically without switching it on or off. Connecting a Lightning cable to the battery pack will ensure at least 15W charging speeds. However, if you can connect it to a 20W power adapter, you’ll be able to charge both your phone and the battery pack simultaneously.

The only issue here is that you’ll need to purchase a USB-C to Lightning Power Adapter and USB-C to Lightning Cable separately, thereby increasing the overall cost.


  • Compact design
  • Charges automatically
  • Can provide up to 20W charging


  • Needs other accessories for full functionality

Check out on: Amazon

Final thoughts

That’s all from my side. I think this small list of best accessories fulfills most of the requirements for an iPhone. Which products got into your shopping cart? Let me know. Also, if you use any other iPhone 14 accessories, mention them in the comments.

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