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Best cases for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in 2024

Apple announced the iPhone 14 series at the “Far Out” event on September 7, 2022. It has a similar design to the iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro sport a 6.1-inch display, so I’ve put together a list of the best iPhone 14 and 14 Pro cases you can get right now.

1. Apple leather case with MagSafe – Editor’s choice

IPhone 14 Pro Leather Case

Here is Apple’s provision to protect your iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. In addition to some modifications to suit the new short beasts, this one retains the typical features of Apple’s iPhone cases. Apple’s iPhone 14 and 14 Pro leather cases came out a few moments after Apple announced the release of its new premium lineup. This case is available in five colors; amber, forest green, ink, midnight, and orange.

It’s tanned leather, a snug fit, with a soft texture and patina finish despite being tough. That’s not surprising. Besides, Apple has designed it specifically for the iPhone 14 series. The raised edges, clear-cut ports, and button protrusions are factory standard and well-fitted to add extra protection against fall or impact.

The inner layer is lined with a sensory magnet to offer a smart attach and detach experience. The magnetic units eat deep into its functionality by giving you the fast-charging capability to keep your iPhone 14 or 14 Pro running.


  • Apple-recommended case for the iPhone 14 series
  • Fast charging on MagSafe
  • Different color options are available
  • Strong, tanned leather with a patina finish
  • Raised edges enhance the protection of the iPhone 14 series units


  • Expensive
  • Gets a MagSafe marking upon prolonged use

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro

2. Encased Rebel Series – Bundled with a screen protector

Encased Rebel Series Designed for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Case with Screen Protector

Encased Rebel Series offers a sturdy back cover with an HD tempered glass screen protector. So, your new iPhone 14 is safe and secured from every side. The brand has incorporated a multi-layer protective design with wireless charging compatibility. You will see a rubberized internal backplate for better stress absorption and a rigid PC outer cover for durability. 

This durable dual-hybrid case, it has passed the 10-foot mil-grade drop test as well. There is a reinforced camera guard included to protect the camera bump. You won’t have to worry about dropping your iPhone because of its rubbery non-slip edges. Moreover, tactile buttons make it easy to operate. The best part is you will get a limited lifetime guarantee.  

As the case is slightly thick, you may notice slow wireless charging with the case on. The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro cases have two color options: black and purple. I liked the unique purple color; it looks funky!


  • Multi-layer protection
  • Rubberized internal backplate
  • Textured sides for better grip 
  • Non-slip edges


  • Gets scratches
  • Limited color options

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro

3. Spigen Mag Armor (MagFit) – Sheer elegance

Spigen Mag Armor (MagFit) Matte Black case for iPhone 14 Pro

Feature-rich products packed with all the necessary protection protocols are hard to come by. However, the Spigen Mag Armor (MagFit) is one of a kind.  

The case weighs around 1/15 ounces or 32.8 grams. It is made out of TPU, and it features magnet-integrated shock absorption. The side has an Air Cushion, and you’ll get raised lips to protect the display against drops, etc.  

You do not miss out on MagSafe charging as the case comes with a magnetic ring. It also features solid feedback buttons, which are easy to press and maintain tactile feedback of the iPhone 14. It is available in Matte Black and Navy Blue.


  • Sleek and textured back 
  • Tactile button feedback 
  • Textured sides for better grip 
  • MagSafe magnetic ring 
  • Extra protection, thanks to raised lip and camera bump 


  • No significant cons 

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro

4. Nomad Modern rugged case – Simplest design

NOMAD iPhone 14 Pro Modern Leather Case

The iPhone 14 series broods originality in all areas. And then another smart-looking clear-cut tanned Horween leather case from Nomad surfaced. It’s protective, rugged, and stylish. Although you only have black and rustic brown options, the Nomad iPhone 14 series leather case looks elegant and goes well with any iPhone 14 color.

In addition to being leather, the Nomad leather case for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro mimics the Apple leather case, as it uses a patina finish. So unlike conventional leather cases, it gets stronger and becomes finer in touch as you use it. This case also supports MagSafe charging.


  • Supports MagSafe wireless charging
  • Strong Horween leather confers strength
  • Raised around the screen and camera edges for protection


  • No kickstand
  • Only available in two colors

Check out Nomad: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro

5. ESR Project Zero clear case – Flaunt your iPhone’s color 

ESR Project Zero Clear Soft Case: Flaunt your iPhone's color 

The iPhone 14 series comes in great colors. I love the Blue and Product Red iPhone 14 and the Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro. If you’re looking for a clear case to flaunt your new iPhone’s color, the ESR Project Zero is the right choice.  

The camera guard and air guard enable military-grade protection to ensure a dropped iPhone doesn’t ruin your day. ESR also states that the product is made from high-quality TPU material that takes longer to scratch and turn yellow.  

Get the ESR Project Zero if you’re looking for a case that doesn’t look bulky and lets you flaunt your iPhone without compromising its safety.  


  • Military-grade protection  
  • Only 1.6mm thick 
  • The high-quality TPU material takes longer to scratch and turns yellow 


  • Will turn yellow after a certain amount of time 

Check out on ESR: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro

6. Torras crystal clear case – Ultra-thin

TORRAS Slim Protective Translucent Matte Shockproof Phone Case: Clean design 

If you care about protection more than anything else, the Torras slim protective case is the right choice. It has a translucent back with bumper edges on the camera and has 10ft military-grade drop protection.  

While providing excellent protection, it doesn’t compromise on the in-hand feel. It is slim and grippy in hand. The case also supports MagSafe magnets on the case, which enable fast wireless charging speeds. The case is available in matte black and matte blue.


  • Military-grade drop protection 
  • Grippy edges 
  • MagSafe magnets to enable fast wireless charging 


  • No significant cons 

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro

7. Mujjo full leather case – Environment-friendly

Mujjo iPhone 14 Pro full leather case for a luxurious feel

I loved Mujjo’s iPhone 13 leather case. The leather cases for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are even better with a few more details added. This Mujjo leather case for the iPhone 14 series is crafted from vegetable leather that has been tanned to retain its patina over time. As a result, it is a better choice for the environment.

The Mujjo leather case is available in brown color only. The case looks bright regardless and pitches elegance. It also supports wireless charging.

I find the raised edges around the camera region protective enough for your iPhone 14 or 14 Pro lens. The skin around the screen protrudes by 1mm to prevent direct impact on your iPhone screen. Like other cases on the list, you’ll love the detail in the port cuts and button protrusions.


  • Tanned vegetable leather confers strength and is environmentally friendly
  • Raised edges around camera and screen regions protect against impacts


  • No significant cons

Check out on Mujjo: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro

8. ESR metal kickstand case – Enabling a hands-free experience

ESR iPhone 14 Pro Metal Kickstand Case

Many of us use the iPhone as a media consumption device thanks to its amazing display with accurate colors. But holding the iPhone 14 for long durations is painful, and the ESR Metal kickstand case enables a hands-free experience.  

Open the stand and keep your device on the table or any flat surface to view content without holding your iPhone for long hours.  

It has precise cutouts, is wireless charging compatible, and enables tactile button feedback. The case is available in black with a clear, non-slip textured design.


  • Strong kickstand  
  • Military-grade protection 
  • Textured design for great grip 


  • The clear variant will eventually turn yellow 

Check out on ESR: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro

9. Torro kickstand case – Most protective

Torro iPhone 14 Pro kickstand case

The Torro leather case for the iPhone 14 series is ideal for you if you love your leather grained. Torro is a wallet design featuring a fitting card holder inside the closure, which also folds into a kickstand for convenience. Purely carved out of genuine leather, this case for the iPhone 14 series is undoubtedly rugged and snug fit.

The inner part of the screen cover is lined with thermoplastic polyurethane, ensuring your device stays shockproof all day. The Torro leather case might cover your iPhone 14’s glory, but you’ll be protecting the screen. The case also protrudes around the screen and camera edges for further protection.


  • Kickstand available
  • The wallet design offers extra protection for the screen
  • Raised edges add more protection


  • It doesn’t support MagSafe

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro 

11. i-Blason Ares – 360-degree protection

i-Blason Ares Dual Layer Rugged Clear Bumper Case with Built-in Screen Protector: 360-degree protection 

The i-Blason Ares rugged bumper case is for those who want their iPhone to be in pristine condition and do not mind the additional bulk. It also features an in-built screen protector.

While this case adds significant bulk to your iPhone, it ensures 360-degree protection and is available in various colors. It also supports wireless charging and has tactile buttons and accurate cutouts. 


  • 360-degree protection 
  • In-built screen protector 
  • Wireless charging compatible


  • Bulky design 

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14

10. Cyrill Kajuk Mag case – The sophisticated one

CYRILL Kajuk Mag Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Case Magsafe

The Cyrill leather case offers four-layer protection to the iPhone 14 series. The inner lining consists of soft microfiber to avoid abrasions. The material is pure vegan leather covered with a hard protector and flexible TPU bumpers on the back and edges to complement its smooth texture with strength.

The Cyrill leather case also supports MagSafe wireless charging and fits your iPhone 14 or 14 Pro snugly. The magnetic lining on the inner part of the leather also allows fast charging on MagSafe. So you don’t need to remove it from the case when using a wireless charger.

It’s available in cream or black. So while it seems limited in color design, it still goes well with any iPhone 14 color. Overall, the Cyrill MagSafe case is sophisticated and handy if your day tends towards the rough side of life.


  • Back PC-like cover and raised edges, with microfiber inner shockproof offers extra protection
  • Support for fast-charging on MagSafe


  • Available in two colors only

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro 

These were some of the best cases for the newly launched iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. If you have other case recommendations, leave them in the comments below.  



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