How to use Crash Detection on iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8

How to setup Crash detection on Apple Watch

The latest generations of Apple Watches and iPhones are here, and so are their new features. While we will be discussing all the features introduced with the latest Apple Watch variants (Ultra, SE 2022, Series 8) and iPhone 14 series, let’s take a look at one particular feature which blew my mind: Crash Detection support for Apple Watch and iPhone.  

So what is this feature? Is it available for your device? And most importantly, how can you use Crash Detection on your Apple Watch and iPhone? Let’s find out right now!  

What is Crash Detection on iPhone and Apple Watch?

Crash Detection on Apple Watch
Source: Apple

Crash Detection can be termed as an advanced version of fall detection. In this, your Apple Watch or iPhone detects a car crash and automatically opens an option to use Emergency SOS on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

When activated, your devices will share location and notify emergency contacts and services. Apple had been studying front, side, rear, and rollover collisions for years to develop an advanced sensor-fusion algorithm in their crash test labs.  

To use the feature effectively, Apple Watch uses the help of the data from the built-in gyroscope, motion sensors, accelerometer, microphone, GPS, and barometer readings. Meanwhile, the iPhone also uses its built-in gyroscope, dual-core accelerometer, and data from the supported Apple Watch if connected.  

And for the privacy concerned, the data won’t be sent anywhere outside but will be stored inside your device, which is also encrypted.   

Apple devices that support Crash Detection

Now that you know how Apple’s Crash Detection works, let’s check which iPhones and Apple Watches support this feature. The feature works much more efficiently if you use both the supported iPhone and Apple Watch.  

iOS devices:

  • iPhone 14  
  • iPhone 14 Plus  
  • iPhone 14 Pro  
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max  

We can hope that future iPhones will also support built-in Crash Detection.   

watchOS devices:

  • Apple Watch Ultra  
  • Apple Watch 8  
  • Apple Watch SE (2022)  

Since the future Apple Watches will be an upgrade over the current generation, we can expect all future variants to come with an updated version of the Crash Detection feature.   

How Crash Detection works on iPhone and Apple Watch

How to use Crash Detection on iPhone 14

Crash Detection will be available by default on devices supporting this feature. Crash Detection activates automatically on the newly-launched iPhone 14 series and the Apple Watch 8 when driving passenger cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks.  

And when you meet with a sudden accident or crash, both the iPhone and the Apple Watch give you the option to activate Emergency SOS, provide your location, and notify the emergency contacts.

With the help of two new motion sensors and a sensor-fusion algorithm, the latest Apple Watches can detect heavy crashes. The sensors on the iPhone 14 series can detect crashes up to 256Gs, allowing it to activate an Emergency SOS even after extreme impact.

If the user doesn’t respond to this prompt 10 seconds after the impact, the device will automatically turn on Emergency SOS. The Crash Detection feature will work even if you turn on low power mode on Apple Watch or iPhone

That’s it!

While car manufacturers are trying their best to improve the safety features of their vehicles, it’s great to see Apple make a conscious effort to increase the safety of its users. What are your thoughts on the new Crash Detection feature, and how effective do you think it will be? Let me know in the comments.  

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    1. Since the feature has not been released, I’m not fully sure if this can be disabled or not. As of now, Apple has made sure to make this feature fool proof as much as possible. Then again, if there is a way to disable this feature, I will update it as soon as possible

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