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How to Setup Emergency Medical ID on iPhone

How to Setup Emergency Medical ID on iPhone and iPad

I assume that all of you are quite familiar with the Health App available on iPhone. The best part about setting up an emergency Medical ID is that anyone besides you can easily access is right from the Lock Screen. They can get an idea of your health issues and try to help as soon as possible. If you haven’t set up a Medical ID already, then it’s the right time to do it. The process is straightforward and hardly takes a couple of minutes. Let’s take a look!

How to Setup Emergency Medical ID on iPhone

Step #1. Launch the Health app from your iPhone Home Screen.

Tap on Health App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on “Medical ID” at the bottom-right corner → Now tap on “Create Medical ID” to begin adding your health details.

Tap on Create Medical ID on iPhone

Step #3. On the next screen, enter all your medical details including allergies, health condition, emergency contact details, and any special notes. This will be useful in case of emergency, and anyone around you can quickly access these details.

Fill Medical ID Details in iPhone Health App

Step #4 After you are done with adding the details, toggle ON “Show When Locked”. This feature is optional but highly recommended. The reason is that all the details you have entered will be visible to others even if your iPhone is locked with a Passcode.

Set Up Medical ID on iPhone

That’s all; you can now exit the Health app and lock your iPhone. You can confirm whether it is working or not by swiping up to the Passcode screen and then tapping on Emergency followed by tapping on Medical ID. Even though this feature is optional, we would strongly recommend setting it up if you have any serious injuries or health issues.

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