How to Set up Emergency Contacts on iPhone and Apple Watch

Wherever you go, emergencies might occur unexpectedly. What if you get lost? What if you are traveling alone in a cab and find yourself unsafe? That’s why it’s a good idea to add emergency contacts to your iPhone and Apple Watch. This is easy to do. Then, when an SOS is triggered from your iPhone or Apple Watch, your device will call the emergency services department of the area and share your current location with them.

It will also alert your emergency contacts with a text message (unless you choose to cancel). Moreover, you can also change and remove emergency contacts whenever you need to. So let’s check out what the setup process involves.

How to Add Emergency Contacts to iPhone and Apple Watch

Step #1. Long press the in-built Health app icon on your iPhone and then tap on Medical ID.

Step #2. Tap Edit from the upper right.

Step #3. Scroll down to EMERGENCY CONTACTS and tap the green plus button.

Tap on Add Emergency contact in Health App

Step #4. Now, choose the contact number you wish to add.

Step #5. Next, select a relationship that you have with the chosen person.

Step #6. Finally, tap on Done from the upper right.

Select the contact to Add Emergency Contacts to iPhone

Some Things to Note:

You can not choose emergency services as an SOS contact. In an emergency situation, your iPhone or Apple Watch can automatically find the local emergency service department’s number.

The Medical ID (emergency contact, etc.) that you set on your iPhone is automatically carried over to your Apple Watch.

in case you are in a serious situation, like an accident, emergency contacts and Medical ID can be seen by anybody without even unlocking the iPhone.

How to Change or Remove Emergency Contacts on iPhone

Have a friend who no has shifted to a different city, or did you part ways with the person in your relationship? In such a case, you may wish to change the emergency contact or remove it. Here is how to do that.

Step #1. Long press the Health app icon on your iPhone. Tap on Medical ID.

Step #2. Tap on Edit → Tap on the red minus button.

Step #3. Tap Delete → Tap on Done from the upper right.

Change or Remove Emergency Contacts on iPhone

Signing off…

This is how you can add emergency contacts to Medical ID on your iPhone. I hope you never have any real-life use for SOS, but it is a sensible idea to have emergency contacts set up.

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