Best Apple Watch Health Apps: Keep Records of Your Fitness Regimen

Health is wealth. One of the most hackneyed phrases of our time has still got some deeper sense when we begin to lose our wealth, i.e., health. In this age of technology, we want everything at the tip of our finger. And now your health is on the wrist of your hand. You bet! We are talking about the best Apple Watch health apps that can help you check your health and fitness every time, everywhere. Here, we have listed nine awesome health apps you can use on your Apple Watch and stay healthy, stay fit.

Best Health Apps for Apple Watch

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Best Apple Watch Health Apps

#1. Nike+Running

Nike+ Run Club Apple Watch App Screenshot

Fitness lovers would always like to keep a consummate & comprehensive data of exercise they do. For such health aficionados, here is a perfect app: Nike+ Running. This app has got a list of excellent features a person would love to explore. The app helps you learn how to perform daily workouts and makes you ready to compete your friends. Its MotionX feature connects your iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer to provide you perfect tracking of distance, pace and time you have taken for running. Moreover, you can share your running details with your friends and cheer for them. Other cool stuff is Compare & Compete, Capture the Moment, Apple Watch, Apple Health and more.

Price: Free
Download Nike+Running

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#2. Runtastic PRO

Runtastic PRO Apple Watch App Screenshot

Runtastic PRO is one of the best health apps. Since the app is leading in its category, there can be no doubt about its excellent features and facilities. Now the app is available on Apple Watch, and it boasts great features on this relatively small screen. You can kick-start a Runtastic activity directly from your wrist with Apple Watch. Check details of your current activity in real time and enjoy quick access to tracking controls without taking your iPhone out of your pocket. Control music with one click; get data of your recent activities & check your progress with monthly workout data. And share your success on Facebook & Twitter directly from your Apple Watch.

Price: $4.99
Download Runtastic PRO

#3. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga Apple Watch App Screenshot

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Pocket Yoga is your own Yoga instructor that can guide you through your entire yoga session. Practise yoga at your home without worrying about pace. You can follow 27 different sessions of various duration and challenges. The pose dictionary teaches you the ideal posture, alignment, and its benefits. With Apple Watch, you can receive extra information on your wrist while you are playing a practice on your iPhone. You can check your current pose, pose name, time remaining, calories burned and more. Controlling your practice from your Watch is also possible. Other useful features are voice & visual instructions, 200 pose images, quick preview, ongoing log of your practice, sessions designed by expert yoga instructors, play music, connect your Apple TV through AirPlay to play the practices and track your heart rate & calories you have burned.

Price: $2.99
Download Pocket Yoga

#4. Pedometer++

Pedometer Apple Watch App Screenshot

Count every step you walk. Pedometer++ helps you check your activity from your wrist. This Apple Watch app gives you information on your current day’s activity that includes step count, distance, and floors. Moreover, you can check a graph of your last week’s step counts. From the clock face on your Apple Watch, you can take the Glance view to see a dashboard of how active you have been today. One of the major benefits of this app is that it doesn’t drain much of your battery life.

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Price: Free
Download Pedometer++

#5. Strava Running and Cycling

Strava Running and Cycling GPS Apple Watch App Screenshot

Strava has been touted as the world’s top 10 most innovative companies; Strava Running and Cycling are developed by Strava Inc for health-conscious people. With this Apple Watch app, you can keep an eye on your runs and rides with GPS, throw challenges and see how your running and riding compare with friends. The app provides you important details like the distance you covered, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned. Besides challenging your friends, you can challenge yourself by surpassing your previous records; for that, you need to keep your personal records. You can share your activities on Facebook and Twitter; Share Instagram photos from your activities on your Strava profile.

Price: Free
Download Strava Running and Cycling

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#6. Map My Run

Map My Run Apple Watch App Screenshot

Every morning you go for a run and map your route; this is how Map My Run is working. The app helps you record up to 600 different types of workouts; record all your fitness activities with this app, import data from third-party devices and enter workouts manually. Moreover, you can also keep track of what you eat along with your exercise to get a complete picture of your health. See real-time data like distance, pace, calories burned and more on your Apple Watch. Show your activities to your friends on social media and make them jealous of your healthy development. On your Watch, there would be less bugs, and you can also experience some improvements.

Price: Free
Download Map My Run

#7. Cyclemeter GPS

Cyclemeter GPS Apple Watch App Screenshot

Turn your Apple Watch into fitness Watch. Get this most advanced application for cyclists ever designed on your Apple Watch and record a number of physical activities (of course rides on your cycle). This app doesn’t require any website log in; you can make a summary of all your data by week, month and year. Record your heart rate, the speed of the bike, up-down of your bike and bike power with sensors. Beating your previous speed or miles would boost your confidence, and by this app, you can compete with yourself by performing better than your previous records. Apart from biking, this app supports running, skating, skiing, walking, and many other activities.

Price: Free
Download Cyclemeter GPS

#8. Endomondo

Endomondo Apple Watch App Screenshot

Endomondo is your personal trainer in your pocket. Get the best benefits of your workouts – running, walking, biking and more. After every workout session, keep a record of full training to analyse your performance to improve on the same. The audio coach of the app can help you achieve your health goals. For social media geeks, they can encourage their friends to work out more and also receive pep talks from others. Also, check comments on your friends’ performance & progress; launch competition against the score/goal of your friends and finally share results & workouts on other social media channels.

Price: Free
Download Endomondo

#9. Do not forget your Pill

Do not forget your pills Apple Watch App Screenshot

For some chronic ailments, patients have to take tablets/pills regularly. And if anybody skips a single pill on a day, their health may deteriorate. Now, never skip your tablet. With Do not forget your pills, an Apple Watch app, you can set a reminder system for pills and medicines for your entire family. This app has a very simple layout and gives the efficient result. Following a few simple steps, you can create and manage your daily or weekly reminders. Apart from setting reminders for medicines to be taken, you can also plan reminders for medicines already taken. You can create multiple plans for different medicines in this app.

Price: Free
Download Do not forget your Pill

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