It’s just a matter of a couple of weeks before Apple Watch launches. Expectedly, Apple fans have already begun to check out Apple Watch apps. As Apple Watch apps provide an all new experience to you thanks only to the exclusive features and revamped avatar, there has been unbeatable curiosity to know how apps would be able to model themselves to suit users’ interest.

Ready to have a quick look at some of the best Apple Watch reminder apps? As Apple Watch is your most personal device, you are sure to use it more passionately than any other devices. Using the Watch to keep you reminded of small things would be a nice try-on. Let’s head over!

Best Apple Watch Reminder Apps

Best Reminder Apps for Apple Watch

#1. Medication Alarm by new media company GmbH & Co. K

Medication Alarm Apple Watch App IconMedication Alarm keeps you reminded of your medication time so that you don’t forget to take your medication on time. This app allows you to enter end number of reminders based on your need. You can have an overview of your future intake and also be able to track the package content of your medication easily.

This app makes sure you are able to take your medication as per guideline. You can confirm whether you have taken medication or not. If you often forget to take your medication and find it hard to solve this habit, this app is the perfect option for you.

#2. Braintoss by Richard Wolfe

Braintoss Apple Watch App IconBraintoss is an elegant reminder app that keeps you reminded of your task in a unique way. Simply speak whatever you want to remember and send it to your email using your Apple Watch. That’s how easy it will be for you to keep yourself in the best of know what you don’t want to forget!

Braintoss works impressively. And once you’ve got it, you would be charmed to its functionality.This app should work out well for you if you regularly use email.

#3. Cheatsheet by Christopher Adam

Cheatsheet Apple Watch App IconThere are many times I forget to take my driving license, ID, or luggage combination while going out. Though I often try to make sure I take these little things with me, it’s not always easy to do so. That’s why I always feel the need of having an elegant reminder app like Cheatsheet that can help me solve this dilemma comfortably.

Cheatsheet has been designed to help you remember the small things. You can dictate this app which you find it really hard to remember all the time. it allow you to write down anything you don’t want to forget. At any time if you feel like missing anything, just go to Cheatsheet Today Widget and make sure you’ve got everything right. It has lots of icons which you can choose to recognize things instantly.

#4. Mail Pilot 2 by Mindsense LLC

Mail Pilot 2 Apple Watch App IconMail Pilot allows you to check out your reminders for today in Apple Watch’s Glances. You can go through all the notifications and keep yourself reminded of the task. In case you want to have more information regarding your reminders, you can launch Mail Pilot 2 and drill-down inbox.

This is a pretty simple yet effective reminder app designed to assist you in remembering things which you tend to forget more often than not.

#5. RemindMeAt by Mikael Löwgren

RemindMeAt Apple Watch App IconRemindMeAt makes sure you read a small note so that you don’t forget anything before you arrive at any place. For example, if you go to shopping mall, it will quickly allow you to check out a small note in order that you don’t forget to buy anything.

Based on your GPS location, this app allows you to see currently active notes. Hence, you are always at the best of your task and never miss out on things which you have decided to do at a particular place.