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Best Notes Apps for Apple Watch in 2024

Do you remember the famous saying: “Sleep with pen and paper by your side. A million-dollar idea often comes at 4 in the night.”? While it might be troublesome to find a pen and paper at night while the lights of your room are off, having a notes app on Apple Watch can be much handy. To help you create, collect, and store the things you don’t want to forget, We have created a list of some of the best free notes app for Apple Watch.

1. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote Apple Watch Notes App Screenshot

One of the most used and loved apps, OneNote lets you capture your thoughts, ideas, and discoveries effortlessly. Its intuitive interface and range of features give you space to not forget anything important.

Having said this, be it some big event, a million-dollar idea, or a tracklist you can’t afford missing. It has a friendly interface considering the tiny screen of your Apple Watch and offers you an unhindered ‘Noting’ experience.

Price: Free


2. Notebook – Take Notes, Sync

NoteBook Apple Watch Notes App Screenshot

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by more than 16.5 thousand users, NoteBook was awarded the best app of the year in 2016. Some of the exciting features that the app comes with include Taking Notes, smart cards, organize notes, notable gestures, etc. You can also customize your experience by changing your note cards’ color, creating a notebook cover, or switching to a dark theme.

Not just this, you can also use gestures to perform various functions.

Price: Free


3. Drafts

Drafts Apple Watch Notes App Screenshot

One of the most love features about this app is that it allows you to create and sort a note based on its importance. You can use custom fonts, and lets you create notes through dictation or file import. While the basic version is free to use, it comes with a Pro version, which offers themes and icons, workplaces, additional widgets, and enhanced automation.

The advanced version also allows you to create and edit actions while on the go.

Price: Free (Pro Version $1.99/month or $19.99/year)


4. Bear

Bear Apple Watch Notes App Screenshot

The application has quite a fan base of writers, lawyers, chefs, teachers, engineers, students, parents, and more. The application lets you write while on the go and share it with anyone while ensuring privacy. The app was awarded the 2017 Apple Design Award and App Store App of the Year 2016.

Like our previous application, this, too, comes with a pro version offering additional features like encryption, Touch ID support, sync notes, export to PDF, DOCX, HTML, etc. and numerous app themes more personalized experience.

Price: Free (Pro version available for $1.49/month and $14.99/annum)


5. Cheatsheet Notes

Cheatsheet Notes Apple Watch App Screenshot

Unlike the others, this one’s pretty new in the app store. The app is designed to help you remember the little things which matter a lot in your personal and professional life. Despite being new, it is housed with some of the great features. It offers a friendly and straightforward UI and has over 200 icons that can help you recognize what exactly you are looking for.

Its Pro version allows you to unleash the full widget, watch app, and keyboard. Not just this, you can also use iCloud syncing with a simple in-app purchase.

Price: Free (Cheatsheet Pro – $4.99)


6. SnipNotes – Clever Notebook

SnipNotes Apple Watch App Screenshot

This one’s another newbie in the utility and productivity section of the Appstore. The app won’t just let you create notes while on the go, it also allows you to find your preferred note with ease and quickly access it from anywhere. Not just this, it also saves your time by auto recognizing your note’s content and shares relevant information related to it.

You can also customize its appearance through various design and formatting options.

Price: Free (Unlock Full Version – $1.99)


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