Best Apple Watch Note-taking Apps in 2020

Smart and innovative ideas should be captured as soon as they strike the mind. Else, they might completely disappear or fade away in the oblivion. With Apple Watch always sitting right on your wrist, recording notes–no matter where you are– is hassle-free. Just hit the record button, dictate your term, and you are ready to go! I’ve lined up some of my favorite Apple Watch note-taking apps that make recording ideas super simple. If you want to get one for your smartwatch, take them a look. I’m sure you’d find these note apps very user-friendly.

Top Notes Apps for Apple Watch in 2020

#1. Evernote

Evernote Apple Watch Note App Screenshot

“Evernote” is undoubtedly the most intuitive note-taking app for Apple Watch. You can use it to dictate notes, and they will be instantly transcribed.

The app also lets you dictate searches to let you quickly find the specific notes. And with the option to set reminder readily available, you can stay in the loop with everything that matters to you.

But what makes Evernote ahead of the curve is the universal availability. I mean you can use it not just on your Apple Watch but also iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, it doesn’t matter where you are; you will be able to access your captured thoughts easily.

Price: Free

#2. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote Apple Watch Note App Screenshot

Microsoft OneNote is feature-rich and one of the highly rated note apps across the platforms. So, you can expect it to live up to the demand on your Apple Watch.

Talking about the user-interface, it seems to be pretty neat and clean. You can comfortably record your thoughts and keep an eye on all of your notes. And with the timely alerts, OneNote helps you remain updated.

Even better, it has the compatibility with tons of international languages so you can choose to capture ideas in your preferred lingo.

Price: Free

#3. Notebook

Notebook Apple Watch Note App Screenshot

Zoho Corporation’s Notebook has long been one of the leading note-taking apps for iOS. And its companion app for Apple Watch is equally impressive.

With this app in the offing, you can record everything that’s churning in your mind anytime and anywhere. Besides, you will also scribble thoughts right on your wrist. As all of your notes will be a glance away, snapping a look at all of them shouldn’t be a big ask.

Moreover, Notebook works accurately and supports several languages including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Price: Free

#4. Bear

Bear Apple Watch Note App Screenshot

When it comes to providing a better note-taking or writing experience, Bear has been a top-notch option. This app won the Apple Design Award 2017 and was the App of the year in 2016.

With the help of Bear note app, you will be able to dictate notes accurately on your smartwatch. Thanks to the clean user-interface, this app makes it easy to keep track of all of your tasks.

As it’s available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac as well, you can synchronize your captured thoughts across the devices.

Price: Free

#5. Drafts 5

Drafts 5 Apple Watch Note App Screenshot

“Drafts 5” is a simple and pragmatic app with all the efficient tools for recording ideas on the go. Personally; I’ve found its UI seamless that makes interaction more convenient.

Whether it’s dictating new drafts or scribbling, it has you fully covered. Plus, you can append or prepend your drafts with ease.

What’s more, you will also use the tags to keep all of your notes fully organized. Another advantage of tagging is that it lets you quickly find specific drafts.

Price: Free

So, these are the apps that have topped my lineup. Hopefully, you found them appreciable.

What’s Your Top Bet?

Sadly, not many popular note apps like Notability and GoodNotes support Apple Watch. Nevertheless, I think that the above apps are good enough to stand up to the task pretty well. So, let us know about the one that’s going to be installed on your watch.

Rest assured, I will add more worthy apps in this roundup. So do not forget to bookmark this post.

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