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Best Smart Notebooks You Should Buy in 2024

While our digitized world simplifies note-taking on handy devices, some users prefer the traditional method. These best smart notebooks are a great way to bridge that gap between the analog and digital worlds. A must-try for anyone who misses the feel, ease, fun, inspiration, and simplicity of writing or drawing on a paper.

1. Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

A smart book that helps you keep organized and save the planet as well. The reusable notebook works with any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter. Once done, wipe the page clean with a damp cloth, and just like that, your notebook is new again.

Rocketbook Fusion has 42 pages, and as the name suggests, it sports a blend of seven different page styles. Lined, ideas, dot-grip, OKR goal template, task list, weekly, and monthly calendar pages to ensure you have everything you need to stay organized.

Another intriguing feature is that you can scan and store your scribbles on your cloud services via an iOS or Android app. You can get this smart dairy in eight fantastic colors and two sizes.

USP: Reusable Smart Notebook
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2. Wacom Bamboo Slate Small Digital Notebook

Wacom Small Digital Notebook

A simple, elegant, and efficient way of transforming your handwriting into shareable digital files. Wacom Bamboo mixes the ease of writing or drawing on paper with the preciseness (precision). Write and draw on the paper as you would typically do.

When you are ready, turn the page into a digital, shareable file with just the press of a button. These files can saved to your device or cloud storage. With a Wacom Inkspace app, you can convert the note into text, edit them and export them into JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, or WILL files.

The paid version of the app enables transforming handwriting to rich text. Thanks to this feature, you can also search for a specific entry with ease. Wacom Bamboo is also available in a folio-style diary.

USP: 3-months app trail included
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3. EVO Planner Daily Journal

EVO Daily Planner Smart Notebook

EVO is way smarter than your average smartphone-friendly notebooks. Result of over ten years of R&D in cognitive psychology, the planner enhances your productivity. The 90-day journal is personalized as per your brain type: Oracle, Alchemist, Explorer, and Architect.

The EVO app tracks your daily progress and hands out observations accordingly. Touted as the world’s first flow and productivity system, it can help you evolve and increase your self-awareness. Moreover, the aesthetics of the planner tops any products in our listing. The copper-gilded pages, blue binding, and full-color agenda, all make for a great looking notebook.

USP: Tracks your progress
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4. Moleskine Smart Notebook with Writing Set

Moleskine Smart Notebook

This writing set isn’t the cheapest of the lot, though it is definitely amongst the best digital notebooks currently available. Through the combination of the paper tablet, pen+, and an app, your scribbles digitize in real-time. That’s right, no need for a scan or something; it converts immediately.

Thanks to a Ncoded technology, which enables Pen+ to capture each stroke and recognize its exact location on the paper tablet. Interestingly, if your device is not next to you, the smartpen will use its internal memory to store the data. So, when you reaccess the app, the said data will be on it as well.

Tap on the envelope icon from the top of the page, to share your notes via email, (what’s not to like) What’s more? Moleskine Smart Notebook can also record audio to sync with your notes. Now re-imagine notetaking in lectures!!

USP: Real-time digitalization
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5. Smart Notebook With Erasable Pen from ParKoo

ParKoo Smart Digital Notebook

This notebook/planner can play many roles for you, from a bullet journal to a travel notebook, from a planner to a workout journal. You can scan your data, upload it, sync with other devices, edit it, search for something, and even share it with others.

With an erasable pen, you can correct your mistakes on the go. If you need a bigger eraser, your hair dryer can do the job, thanks to a heat-to-erase feature. What’s unique is an AR View feature, wherein you can add a text, video, or audio to your notes via the iOS app.

The unlined pages incorporate time management lines, that let you scribble your schedules and appointments. Just scan this and sync with your calendar or set reminders.

USP: Budgeted option
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6. NEWYES Smart Personal Organizer Notebook

NEWYES Smart Personal Notebook

Do you buy monthly/yearly planners? Why take the trouble when you can reuse NEWYES Planner over and over again. Jot down your schedule with erasable pens. Once done, clean the pages with a pen eraser or hot hair drier.

The 136 paged planner sports three yearly plan, 24 monthly plan, 104 weekly plan, and 5 password pages. Blast your ideas, notes, or journal entry direct to iCloud, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote, and email. So while you are erasing your plans from this paper, a simple scan can digitize and immortalize them for ages to come.

USP: 136 paged planner
Check out on Amazon

7. Livescribe Dolphin Professional Edition Smart Notebook

Livescribe Dolphin Edition Smart Notebook

While talking to a client, your team, or board members, you often rely on memory, some rough notes or minutes of meeting to work forward. Wouldn’t it be great if you can digitize everything you hear, write or draw for future reference? Livescribe’s pens and smart notebooks aim at that very solution.

This bundle incorporates an executive lined journal and an Aegir Smartpen, among other things. The Livescribe paper effortlessly digitizes your handwriting instantly. With the Livescribe+ app’s help, record audio/pencasts by tapping on the record icon on the paper. To replay the recording, tap on the play button. Now, that’s what I called convenience.

Thanks to the app, you can take your notes with you everywhere, share them as text, image, PDF, or word Doc. The app can recognize up to 26 languages and search your notes for what you need.

USP: Record pencasts
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8. Farsler Fingerprint Encrypted Notebook with Leather Cover

Farsler Smart Notebook with Leather Cover

A slightly different product from our line-up of digital notebooks, but no less smarter than any of them. The folio cover is like a safe that opens only from your fingerprint. It can store your diary, the private information written on it, your passport, and other essentials that need safekeeping.

A 360° biometric identification technology allows fast recognition within one second. You can set up two fingerprint data. With an in-built, 210 mAh battery, the dairy has 180 days long standby time. You can charge it conveniently and safely with a USB charger. The notebook’s sturdy binding ensures that the pages and stuff inside are well-protected.

USP: Fingerprint encrypted
Check out on Amazon

So, which one of these is your favorite!

My quest started with a simple question – what are the best smart notebooks in the market. And I am glad that my research led me to these amazingly fascinating notebooks. In all honesty, my eyes are set on more than a few of them. What’s your take? Did you like them, love them, or hate them? Do share your views and reviews with us in the comment section below.

Here are some more exciting and smart products that can digitize your life further:

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