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Twelve South dubs its second-generation wireless headphone adapter as AirFly Pro. Though it does have some amazing new features, is it truly worthy of the ‘PRO’ suffix? Let’s find out.

At times you come across devices that only offer audio output through a headphone jack. For instance, televisions, in-flight entertainment systems, Nintendo Switch, gym equipment, and hi-fi systems. So, even some of the best Bluetooth headsets or earbuds are rendered useless, until you employ a transmitter.

AirFly Pro – An All-in-one Bluetooth Transmitter

Twelve South Airfly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter for Wireless Headphones

AirFly Pro enables devices that sport a 3.5mm headphone port to support one or more Bluetooth earphones such as Apple Aipods, Powerbeats, BeatsX, etc. Though a Bluetooth transmitter is not a new invention, Twelve South has managed to up the ante with its AirFly Pro.

This sleek and smart device lets you bridge the gap between your Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth enabled devices in more than a few ways:

  • The Transmit Mode (TX) – When on the transmit mode, send audio from a non-Bluetooth device to your Bluetooth headsets. Connect your wireless headsets with the AirFly Pro and plug-in the device, say to the in-flight entertainment system
  • The Receive Mode (RX) – Interestingly, it works in reverse as well. Convert your analog audio system into a Bluetooth-friendly one. Send audio from your Bluetooth enabled devices, say a smartphone to an AUX-IN port of a stereo; whether at home, car or DJ sound system
  • Audio Sharing – While Apple introduced audio sharing in its iOS update, what should non-iPhone users do? Well, AirFly Pro seamlessly doubles as Bluetooth headphone splitter as well. Connect the second set of wireless headsets and share music, movie, etc. with your friends and family

What’s Great 

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

What I loved most about the device is the minimalistic, smart and easy to access design. The all-white AirFly Pro carries only what is required. A power button, an LED, a sleek mode switcher, reset button and USB C port. The audio jack comes with a cover cap for safekeeping when not in use. The cap also has a keyring, for those who want the device handy always.

Nothing is complex here, neither usage nor the design. Everything from making a connection to switching the modes is pretty simple and well explained in the accompanying user manual. In fact, the manual also includes a Status Light Guide, that elaborate the meaning of color or patten shown by the light.

Is AirFly Pro The Perfect Companion?

Twelve South Airfly Pro Wireless Audio Transmitter

If you love hearing music, podcasts, audio novels or watch series or movies, you will know the value of great wireless headphones. Moreover, if you travel and commute on a regular basis, the said value manifolds. AirFly Pro allows you to stay wireless, wherever you go; whether in a flight or in a car, at the gym or at home.

It is indeed a great companion for your wireless needs. Especially, if the Bluetooth is not running smoothly on your device or it does not have Bluetooth compatibility. Or you simply want to connect two devices and watch/listen to the same movie/music.

Another important aspect is the battery life; the AirFly Pro boasts a battery life of around 16 hours. Ensuring that your entertainment is not hindered in the middle of your commutes. Further, the device seamlessly supports all good wireless headphones and earbuds, making it an almost perfect choice. But why almost perfect? Because there are a few more things to discuss.

The Cost Quotient

Twelve South Airfly Audio Transmitter for Bluetooth Earphones

At $55, AirFly Pro couldn’t be counted as the most affordable headphone adapter. You might find a budgeted version, though that would be a compromise. When an exclusive brand like Twelve South offers a product, you can trust its quality, performance, and durability.

Even Apple recognizes the quality of Twelve South products and therefore, the tech giant has enlisted the AirFly Pro on its website. I have thoroughly tested the product and found that the audio output during transmission and receiving mode is flawless. Neither did I come across any lag nor breakage during my testings.

Further, while testing the audio sharing feature, the audio was perfectly split between the two sets of earbuds I used. A great plus point in the brand’s favor. Now, I can boast that AirFly Pro is the perfect companion for your wireless needs.

But Twelve South’s AirFly Pro Misses this 

Twelve South Airfly Audio Transmitter for Wireless Earphones

Being a tech lover, I want my accessories to be all-inclusive. While I declared AirFly Pro as perfect, I have just one improvement suggestion for the next iteration. This may be quite personal, but it needs a better battery indicator; just saying full charge and low power is not enough for me.

Other accessories around me have spoiled me with the 4-LED display system. I would love that in the AirFly Pro II.

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AirFly Pro is Really a Pro

Twelve South Airfly Pro Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Our lives are fast moving towards a wireless world, thanks to some innovative, awe-inspiring devices such as Bluetooth buds, smart switches, wireless charger , and whatnot. Moreover, we have tasted the freedom, no one likes to be wired up. This has pushed us to forgo some of our favorite devices.

However, AirFly Pro introduces the power of Bluetooth to the devices that were previously limited to wired headphones. Just plug in the compact magician and enjoy wirelessness. I totally loved this sleek, smart, minimalistic, effortless and multifunctional solution. Do let me know your reviews in the comment section below.

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