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Twelve South Journal iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 11-inch Cases

When Apple launched iPad Pro 12.9-inch, social media was abuzz with discussions about the size. However, the tech giant clearly communicated that it was meant for artists and people who belong to a creative clique. Those who want to paint, draft, and sketch would like to use this plus-sized iPad. Once the device got public acceptance, it was cases and covers that set the tongue-wagging of critics. Thankfully, some manufacturers created the best leather cases for this tablet.

But for a classic case (oops, my old habit of using a pun), we had to wait until Twelve South launched its Journal. Now here is a truly luxurious and sophisticated piece crafted from genuine leather. When you install your device in this leather case, you will be convinced there can’t be a better option for your high-class iPad.

Twelve South Journal Case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 11-inch

Unlike its BookBook case for iPad Pro, this one has a more professional design to lure pro users. Moreover, there is a modern appeal in this Journal case, which sets itself apart from other vintage cases made by Twelve South.


Twelve South Journal iPad Pro Executive Case

Simplicity rules, from top to bottom. Like other Apple accessories from Twelve South, this case also boasts simple design. While BookBook creates a pseudo book for your tablet, Journal has no other intention but to add style in the most simple way. It is very much in line with Apple’s philosophy of keeping things simple yet stylish.

To keep up with cognac shade of this case, Twelve South adds the same color to the two zips. So when you place this Journal on a desk, it looks purely cognac. This untouched beauty is one of the glaring features of this case. Nobody can miss your premium tablet when they walk by you.

For whom the case made

Twelve South Journal iPad Pro Case for Executives

A college-goer would certainly not like to put his/her iPad Pro in this Journal. The purpose here is not to reveal your personality crudely; people, who belong to the upper echelons of the society don’t like to shout down others. On the contrary, they instigate onlookers to launch a whispering campaign against them. If you believe that your professional demeanor speaks louder than your words, this case is for you.

Twelve South Journal iPad Pro Case Storage

When you open the case, you will find a microfiber pocket on the left; beneath this, you can put a keyboard or other documents. Note that the pouch may not accept any big stuff like your wallet or even an iPhone. The case is precisely designed to attach your Apple Pencil magnetically on the right side, and this will not prevent you from zipping and unzipping the case smoothly.


Twelve South Journal iPad Pro Case Viewing Angles

The inner shell (or plastic tray) is not detachable, but you can always adjust it to multiple angles to watch visual contents on your iPad Pro. A notable feature is a wedge below the plastic tray. You can type emails and documents using the built-in keyboard. Moreover, the same wedge allows you to unleash your creative power of sketching and painting.

A display stand helps you watch videos and movies, and read eBooks on your iPad Pro. Don’t miss that back cover window, letting you click beautiful pictures and 4K videos on your iPad.


Twelve South Journal iPad Pro Case Overall Qualities

Twelve South uses genuine leather for the outer cover, which protects your iPad against daily wear and tear. Your device is pretty secure from six sides inside this case. The inner shell tightly hugs your iPad as you cannot move it with a gentle hustle or push. However, it can be a little harder for users to remove their iPad to clean it.


  • Depth: 0.75 inches (19.1 mm)
  • Width: 9.5 inches (241 mm)
  • Length: 12 inches (304 mm)
  • Weight: 25.75 ounces (.73 kg)
  • Interior pocket: 11″ x 8.5″ x 0.25″


Creative people would certainly appreciate the craftsmanship of this Journal case. If the price is not a constraint, this case is the best choice. It is luxurious, elegant, and strong – three qualities an iPad user is looking for.


  • Twelve South Journal (11-inch): $99.99
  • Twelve South Journal (12.9-inch): $119.99

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