Best stylus for iPad and iPad Pro in 2022

best ipad stylus

Whether for note-taking, drawing, or editing, the stylus is a great iPad Pro accessory. More so with the bunch of handy features added in iPadOS 14. And while owning one might not be a tough decision, deciding which one to own is a big one. Depending upon your usage, you will have to consider things like the nib, grip, and precision.

To make things easier, we have drawn a list of the best stylus for iPad and iPad Pro so that you can fund the perfect match.

  1. Apple Pencil Gen 2
  2. Adonit Note-M stylus with mouse sensor
  3. Wacom bamboo sketch
  4. Logitech Crayon digital pencil
  5. Adonit Pixel pressure sensitive stylus
  6. MEKO universal disc stylus
  7. Adonit Dash 3 capacitive fine point digital pen
  8. MoKo active rechargeable digital pencil
  9. elago grip premium aluminum stylus
  10. Bargains depot multi-tip stylus
  11. Yoyomax fine point stylus pen
  12. Adonit Note – UVC high accuracy digital pen

1. Apple Pencil Gen 2

apple pencil 2 for ipad pro

Thanks to Apple’s proprietary system-wide integration, Apple Pencil is the unchallenged leader of this category. Powered by Bluetooth, the ultra-precise stylus boasts pixel-perfect precision, industry-leading low latency, and built-in palm rejection

With an astonishing tilt and pressure sensitivity, it replicates your movements almost entirely, giving a more natural feel. Which comes especially handy while you are doing some intricate work at a fast pace. This matters even more with the introduction of the Scribble feature.

While Apple claims that other stylus pens would support the feature, the level of precision and comfort offered by Apple’s own is unbeatable. If you have budget concerns, you can pick up the Gen 1 Apple Pencil, though it lacks some potent features.


  • Flawless compatibility with iPadOS
  • Pixel-perfect precision
  • Charges wirelessly


  • Doesn’t come with extra tips
  • Limited compatibility

Buy it from Apple

2. Adonit Note-M stylus with mouse sensor

Adonit Note-M stylus with mouse sensor for iPad

Adonit Note-M is a multipurpose device that conveniently works as a mouse and a stylus.

The pointy tip is the stylus end that works just as well as an Apple Pencil to take notes or sketch. It has palm resistance but lacks tilt detection or pressure sensitivity.

You can lay it on a flat surface and use it like a long and slender mouse. The shape might be a bit odd for this function, but it works well and gets the job done. The advantage is that you don’t have to carry a separate mouse and stylus when on the move.

It has left and right mouse buttons that are easy to click with your index finger, and there’s also a tiny touch panel that functions as a scroll wheel. This is pretty nifty and works as it should.

Further, it can magnetically attach to the side of your iPad like the Apple Pencil. However, it cannot wirelessly charge. You need to use the included USB-C charging cable to power it up.

The battery lasts about 8-10 hours in stylus mode, but it is considerably less in mouse mode – about 4-5 hours. One thing I liked, though, is that you can use it as a mouse even while it’s charging.

It works with a wide variety of Apple tablets, including most iPads. All in all, it’s one of the best Apple Pencil alternatives you can get, and I love the dual purpose it serves.


  • Dual function of mouse and stylus
  • Smooth note-taking
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact and well-designed


  • Stylus tip is not replaceable
  • Buttons get accidentally pressed while using

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3.Wacom bamboo sketch

wacom bamboo pencil for ipad pro

Wacom is a well-known brand for drawing tablets. And its stylus makes a bold impact on our list. Bamboo Sketch steps outside the box with an ergonomic triangular design, lending a comfortable and handy grip.

It features a pressure-sensitive fine tip for authentic sketching and drawing experience on iPad and iPhone. There’s also the two exchangeable pen nibs (soft and firm) and two customizable shortcut buttons so that you can genuinely make the pencil an extension of your finger.

What’s lovely is its epic 15 hours battery life, which you can charge via the magnetic or USB charger. The box also includes a carrying case to conveniently stock the pen, extra nibs, and the USB charger when not in use.


  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Great for drawing
  • Integrates with almost all creative apps


  • Not readily available

Buy it from Wacom

4. Logitech crayon digital pencil

logitech digital stylus for ipad pro

Though it was initially designed with kids in mind, we suggest that you don’t underestimate this digital pencil as childish. Crayon seamlessly works with all Apple Pencil supported apps, even incorporates palm-rejection technology and a smart tip.

And not just that, it has quite a few things working in its favor. For instance, the flat side design prevents it from rolling off the desk. Further, it auto-shuts down after 30 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery.

And while the 7.5 hours of writing time is lesser than its contemporary, it makes up for it with fast charging support, 30 minutes from a two-minute quick charge. The one major thing it lacks in comparison is pressure sensitivity.


  • No need to Pair
  • Battery saving mode
  • Does not roll off the desk


  • No pressure sensitivity
  • Only supports iPad released after 2018

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5. Adonit Pixel pressure sensitive stylus

adonit pixel sensitive stylus for ipad pro

Another very prominent name in the digital drawing market, Adonit, develops a range of stylus catering to various categories. The Pixel is almost the best alternative to Apple Pencil, with around 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Along with that, it boasted a 1.9mm Pixel Point Tip and enhanced Palm Rejection, making it perfect for writing and filling in fine details. The stylus also has programmable shortcut buttons that can be set to do your bidding.

I would also like to praise the inclusion of the Grip Sensor, which turns on the pencil as soon as you pick it. So, you can grab it and start working without wasting any more time.


  • Multiple-App support
  • Grip Sensor
  • 15-hours of battery life
  • LED light indicator


  • Palm rejection is spotty
  • Not great for drawing or sketching

Check out on Amazon

6. MEKO universal disc stylus for iPad

meko universal stylus for ipad pro

Crafted from aluminum with a steel clip, Meko is the most pen-like stylus in our listing. It even has a convex top body, covered with grooved rubber for enhanced grip. And quite like a pen, it comes in varied colors like black, blue, purple, pink, and gold.

The difference is in the nib, as it is replaced by a disc and fabric tip, and here’s where all the magic lies. Thin and see-through disc lends you a more authentic writing/drawing experience. Whereas the fiber tip with a 3mm radius is excellent for coloring, navigating, and scrolling webpage.

Interestingly, the 2-in 1 pen can be assembled into different styles according to your preference. A normal-sized pen with access to both the tips or a mini-pocket version with just a disc tip at the display. And whether your iPhone or iPad Pro, it is 100% compatible with all touch screen devices.


  • Wide compatibility
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Pen like grip
  • Both tips are easily replaceable


  • No additional feature like pressure sensitivity
  • Does not feel very natural

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7. Adonit Dash 3 capacitive fine point digital pen

adonit dash 3 digital pen for ipad pro

A more affordable option from the house of Adonit; Dash 3 offers a simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful and precise experience. The 1.9mm tip is constructed from improved material, which allows increased drag and faster and more natural experience.

What’s interesting is its connection style! Open any sketching or note-taking app and click the push button to start or stop using. There is also a handy, pen-style handy clip, so can easily carry it around wherever you go.

Dash offers a surprising 14 hours of continuous use and can fast charge fully within 45 minutes. Since features like palm-rejection are missing here, the stylus great for writing and basic sketching.


  • Compatible with all touch screen devices
  • Easy click-on mechanism
  • Great battery life


  • Lacks features like pressure sensitivity
  • Not that great for drawing

Check out on Amazon

8. MoKo active rechargeable digital pencil

moko active rechargeable stylus for ipad pro

Moko mixes the base of everything that you might need for sketching and drawing on an iPad Pro into a neat package. The 2-in-1 design incorporates a 1.0mm spiral tip for precise, detailed work and the fiber tip for when you need broader strokes.

No need to replace tips; just turn the pen upside down to use the other tip. What’s great is the tips are charged with hypersensitivity, that lends accurate writing, drawing, and recording experience. Further, a palm rejection feature is employed to negate your palm’s touch for more accuracy.

The beast supports up to 20 hours playing time and a standby mode. When not in use, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes. And quite like the Adonit Dash 3, this one has a click start and does not need paring, driver, or Bluetooth.


  • 20 hours playing time
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy Charging Via USB


  • Not pressure-sensitive
  • The grip is not that good

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9. elago grip premium aluminum stylus

elago premium aluminum stylus for ipad pro

Following suit to elago’s motto of “simple sophistication,” the Grip Stylus maintains a sleek, stylish, minimal, and functional form factor. Ergonomically designed, it lends optimum grip while minimizing the fatigue during extended use.

Special care has been given to implement a natural feel, touch accuracy, and precise control. Thanks to interchangeable tips, you can extend the digital pen’s life almost indefinitely.

While an extra tip is including in the pack, you can also purchase them separately. And if you prefer colors, Grip is available in six beautiful shades, black, silver, chocolate, gold, red-pink, and jean indigo.


  • Designed for a perfect fit in your hand
  • Soft tip for better screen-protection
  • Reasonably priced


  • No extra feature
  • The nib is quite thick

Check out on Amazon

10. Bargains depot multi-tip stylus

bargains multi-tip stylus for ipad pro

While this one doesn’t have much technological efficiency under its belt, it’s still nifty enough to be owned. The 2-in-1 stylus carries two different sizes of rubber tip, 0.18″ (4.5mm) & 0.24″ (6mm) in diameter.

Notably, most stylus sport a tip of around .40″ diameter; in comparison, Bargains Depot offers much more accurate and precise tips. As per the norm, the smaller one is designed for precise lines, writing, or selecting small icons.

Whereas, the larger one is to fill color and other details easily. It is crafted from aluminum to lend it a pen-like feel. What’s unique is that it comes with 20 extra tips, 12 of 4.5 mm and 8 of 6mm. So, you can trust this bargain stylus to last you quite long.


  • Smaller rubber tips
  • Feels like you are holding a pen
  • Great Value for money


  • Just one protective cap, the other tip is always naked
  • Strats slipping with the slightest of sweat

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11. Yoyomax fine point stylus pen

yoyomax fine point stylus for ipad pro

Yoyomax offers a 1.5mm innovative tip design, which makes every little action easier. Whether turning a page, drawing a picture, or writing a long not, the fine tip will happily do your bidding.

Further, you don’t need to hustle with Bluetooth connection or any other annoying setting; it’s ready to use out of the box. With 8-10 hours of working time, your stylus is always on the run quite like you.

The ergonomic design not only makes the stylus pen comfortable to hold, but it’s built like a real pen. Moreover, it is compatible with capacitive touch screen devices, including iPhone and Android Phones.


  • 1.5mm sensitive & precise tip
  • Comfortable grip
  • Wide compatibility


  • No palm rejection or pressure sensitivity
  • Does not support professional apps

Check out on Amazon

12. Adonit Note – UVC high accuracy digital pen

adonit note digital stylus for ipad pro

We have been investing in sanitizers for our hands, UV sanitizers for our devices… How about a stylus with LED UVC germicidal light to disinfect your hands & iPad Pro by killing various germs.

Notably, it smartly incorporates a G Sensor power-off mechanism that detects a flip-up and immediately stops the UV light to avoid accidental eye damage. In terms of functionality, it features a native palm rejection and pixel-perfect precision.

As per Adonit’s normal norms, the pen also supports major professional apps. With around 12 hours of battery back-up, you can easily and safely finish your projects in one go.


  • Germicidal light to kill germs
  • World’s first EPA approved stylus
  • Incorporates palm rejection


  • Tips are not pressure-sensitive
  • No fast charging

Check out on Amazon


An appropriate stylus can manifold your productivity; increases the accuracy of typing, swiping, highlighting, drawing, selecting tools, or accessing drop-down menus.

So, we advise you to choose the best iPad Pro Stylus according to your usage. For instance, will you be writing, making notes more or sketching, or creating graphics? I hope this accessory guide could help you; in case there is some confusion, suggestion, or feedback, please share it in the comment section below.

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