Best iPad apps for better and smarter usage in 2024

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iPad is a powerful device. However, what is the use or significance of all that power if you don’t have the right apps to use it? Well, this list of best iPad apps can help you, whether you’re using an iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad mini.

Note that I have taken these apps on a generic basis and tried covering common use cases. However, your use case and choice of apps might differ. So, while the apps mentioned below are some of the best, take them as indications or hints to find the perfect app.

1. Things 3 – Best for task management

Things 3 best iPad app for task management

Why download it?

  • Clean, minimal UI
  • Cool organizational features
  • One-time cost, no subscriptions

Here’s one task: go to YouTube, search iPad productivity, and go through the first few videos. Or you can trust me when I say that most pro iPad users suggest this app for to-do lists and task management.

And I support their notion; Things 3 is an almost perfect app (check the review for more). It boasts an easy-to-use UI that is customizable and fun. There is also a Home Screen widget and Siri Shortcut support for quick access.

You can also create to-dos, reminders, or notes by mailing them to Things. Moreover, it supports the Apple Pencil, keyboard shortcuts, and several more features.

And if you’re not ready to shell out $20 just yet, try its iPhone or Mac version for free. Although, the seamlessness of Things 3 for iPad is on an entirely different level.

Price: $19.99


2. Spark Mail – Perfect companion for mails on iPad

Spark Mail best app for reading and sending mails on iPad

Why download it?

  • Intuitively organizes the inbox
  • Easy to schedule, snooze, and sign emails
  • Smart collaborative features

Spark Mail has got almost everything you want from a smart email-management app. For starters, its intuitive UI studies your behavior and builds a truly personal experience that’s fast, collaborative, and well-suited for the iPad’s big screen.

The Smart Inbox neatly categorizes all new emails into personal, newsletters, and notifications. You can schedule an outgoing message and even snooze an incoming one, to read it later or at an appropriate time.

Spark also supports a full-featured calendar, integration with apps like iCloud and Dropbox, and quick replies with a tap and swipe to select the apt signature. It also doubles as a chatbot; you can invite teammates and discuss specific emails and threads within the app.

Furthermore, it supports shared inboxes, i.e., multiple people can handle the emails. Interestingly, the feature allows you to assign emails (like tasks), set deadlines, track progress, and more.

Price: Free


3. Procreate – Best iPad app for designers

Procreate best iPad app for designers

Why download it?

  • Created especially for iPad
  • An array of exclusive artistic tools
  • Tutorials for almost everything

Procreate, and iPad are a match made in heaven, especially if you own an iPad Pro. You can create sketches, paintings, illustrations, animations, mood boards, and whatnot; the sky is the limit.

Moreover, it’s intuitive, easy to use, supports Apple Pencil, and incorporates various artistic tools. The key highlights include 100s of handmade brushes with over 100 customizable settings, 16K or 8K canvases, numerous buildable color pallets, and customizable single-finger gestures.

Other benefits include an advanced layering system, lightning-fast Valkyrie graphics engine, QuickShape feature for perfect shapes, dynamic type, stroke stabilization, perspective, isometric, and visual symmetry guides.

And that’s not the best part; the iPad app is so popular that you’ll find detailed tutorials on the web and YouTube. So, whether you are a pro or a beginner, Procreate might be the best iPad drawing app.

Price: $12.99


4. iWork – Sufficient for documentation and more 

iWork for iPad

Why download it?

  • Made by Apple for Apple products
  • Ready-to-use templates and advanced tools
  • Free to use

iWork is a software suite by Apple that comprises Pages for documents, Numbers for spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations. And since they are made by Apple, they will work seamlessly with your iPad, no matter the model.

Each app is aided with templates that make getting started a breeze. And design tools that facilitate all basic and advanced functions. Moreover, they are built to support Apple Pencil so that you can add notations and handwritten text, draw, highlight, and more.

Plus, iWork enables real-time collaboration, so your team can work together, whether using Mac, iPad, iPhone, or PC. And yes, they might not be the best in their fields, but as mentioned in the title, they are sufficient for day-to-day versions. Plus, they are free to use on your iPad.

Price: Free


5. Google – Best iPad app for Googling

Google best iPad app for Googling

Why download it?

  • All-things Google on your iPhone
  • Search via voice or iPhone camera
  • Get updates on things that catch your fancy

Yes, you can Google stuff from Safari. However, the Google app has some special tricks up its sleeve, making it a worthwhile app to have on your iPad.

The Google app gives you a fast-track ticket into searching the web. Whether you’re searching a query, nearby shops/restaurants, live sports scores, images, videos, news, or more.

And not just by typing; you can search via voice, use the Google Lens option to search with your camera, or scan QR codes. Moreover, if you want the search to be private, you’re also privy to Incognito mode right from the app.

Another benefit of using the Google app on your iPad is the personalized experience, from getting updates on the topics to real-time updates on sports, movies, and events that interest you.

Price: Free


6. Fantastical Calendar – For organizing your schedule

Fantastical Calendar for organizing your schedule on iPad

Why download it?

  • Beautiful UI
  • More than a calendar – tracks tasks, weather, and more
  • Syncs across devices

A multiple award-winning calendar app that keeps you abreast with your schedule, tasks, weather, and more. It boasts a beautiful, minimal, clean, and easy-to-use interface, suitable for students, CEOs, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and almost everyone.

You can view a full-screen calendar for the day, week, month, quarter, or year. Its strength lies in its intuitive, natural language text parsing. That means you can create tasks using natural language and are not restricted to certain phrases or actions.

Furthermore, it integrates apps like Todoist, Google Tasks, Zoom, Google Meet, etc., and auto-creates appointments and tasks accordingly. It also makes finding your availability and scheduling events a breeze.

And if you go for the premium subscription, you’ll be privy to some fantastic tools such as custom calendars as per location, interesting calendars like sports, moon phases, etc., custom event colors, and more.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $6.99)


7. 1Password 7: Great for securing passwords  

1Password best iPad app for securing passwords

Why download it?

  • Remember all your password and autofill them
  • Notifies if your passwords are compromised
  • Store cards, accounts details, and documents

So many accounts and passwords, but so little brain bandwidth, pretty unfair, isn’t it? Get yourself out of this rut by using 1Password on your iPad.

It not only saves you from the hassle of remembering the passwords but also helps you set strong passwords for important accounts. And since it supports auto-fill, your login process will be quite seamless.

1Password also doubles as an authenticator; you can store two-factor authentication codes and access them whenever needed. It also keeps a strong vigil on existing passwords and sends you an alert when the password is compromised and needs a change.

There’s more; the app extends its support beyond passwords. You can save your bank accounts, credit cards, addresses, notes, documents, passports, and more into the 1Password vault.

Price: Free (Subscriptions starting from $3.99/month)


8. Headspace: Best iPad app for guided meditation 

Headspace best iPad app for guided meditation 

Why download it?

  • Helps you stay centered and focused on the tasks at hand
  • Easy-to-follow sessions
  • Mini sessions at your fingertips

You might need to use an iPad Pro for graphic designing, iPad Air for college purposes, or an iPad for binging, but for all that and more, you need to be in the right head space (pun intended).

The idea is to have a calming app on your iPad, and my weapon of choice is Headspace. One of the best apps of its kind, it houses hundreds of sessions to help you manage stress, relax and focus your energy in the right direction.

It offers guided meditation, sleep aid, breathing exercises, stress-busting workouts, and soothing morning rituals. If you don’t have time at your disposal, don’t worry. The app offers mini 3-minute sessions to keep you refreshed and energized in the meanwhile.

And the best part is that the app helps track your progress, mental and emotional health, mood swings, and how many Mindful Minutes you have spent meditating.

Price: Free (Subscriptions start from $12.99/month)


9. Evernote – Great for organizing notes on the iPad

Evernote best iPad app for organising notes

Why download it?

  • Multi-purpose app for organizing notes and tasks
  • Simple, minimal, and neat UI
  • Syncs across devices

While Apple’s Notes app works flawlessly on iPad, certain features and perks are exclusive to Evernote. This one app can single-handedly take on the jobs of many apps, from note-taking to task management.

You can capture your ideas in any form, write, sketch, or add content like images, docs, PDFs, audios, web clippings, etc. Plus, scan and organize documents, handwritten notes, whiteboards, and more.

Evernote can be integrated with your Google Calendar, bringing your schedule, task lists, and notes to one platform. The app further allows you to organize everything into separate notebooks so personal or professional agendas aren’t mixed up.

If you choose Evernote, you’ll also be privy to an all-inclusive home dashboard, sync across various devices, and a powerful search interface that filters texts from images and handwritten notes.

Price: Free (In-app subscriptions start from $8.95/month)


10. Garage Band: For audiophiles who like to tinker with music    

Garage Band best iPad app for audiophiles  

Why download it?

  • Make, edit, or remix music with ease
  • Multi-touch support
  • Free to use

Wanna set up a custom ringtone for your iPad or iPhone? Or want to build your brand of music? Or just want to practice playing your favorite instrument? Well, you can do all this and more with this nifty app.

Garage Band is created by Apple, so expect a seamless and smooth experience. Plus, it houses a collection of touch instruments, making it a makeshift, full-featured recording studio.

And things don’t stop at that; the app support multi-touch gestures, i.e., you can play the digital keyboard, guitar, or other instruments almost like real-life instruments. You can also plug in a guitar, bass, or capture any other sound, to create the sounds of your choice.

Notably, it is more typical than your usual apps and would require some exploration and experiments from your end. And whether it works for you or not, it will surely be a fun ride, so explore away.

Price: Free


11. Netflix – Most favorite iPad app for binging

Netflix most favorite iPad app for binging

Why download it?

  • Extensive variety of content to choose from
  • Great picture and sound
  • Accessible PiP mode

I don’t think this app needs any introduction. So, let’s keep this one short and simple. Netflix is my top pick; it has amazing shows and an even more amazing algorithm with additional features like Play Something, games, and more.

Yes, it is more expensive than its competitors, but when you love a show, movie, or series, those extra bucks are just worth it. Moreover, it allows you to take full advantage of your iPad’s screen and speakers. And if you like to multitask, Netflix also has a decent PiP mode.

Price: Free (Subscription start at $15.49/month)


12. Minecraft – One of the best iPad games

Minecraft is one of the best iPad games

Why download it?

  • Fun, interactive, and educational game
  • Variety of gaming modes
  • Large and friendly community

There is gaming, and then there is Minecraft. You can explore infinite worlds and build up stuff, from a simple home to a grand castle. Basically, it’s your world, and you can build it your way.

It is one of the best iPad games out there and correctly so. You can choose the survival mode and play typical challenges with limited resources. Or opt for the creative mode and spend hours enjoying the escapades on the offer.

Minecraft houses a variety of mods, and some of these are so intricate that you can consider them complete games. You also get to interact, compete, and befriend a large community of like-minded gamers.

Price: $6.99 (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


13. GIPHY World: Best fun AR app for iPad  

GIPHY World best fun AR app for iPad  

Why download it?

  • Fun to explore
  • Could share the experience with friends
  • Free to use

When talking about iPad games, I have to bring this one. Although not really a game, it is super fun to play around. And why is this one special? Because it brings GIFs to life.

GIPHY World is an AR (augmented reality) powered app that projects a chosen GIF wherever the camera points. And while you can import GIFs from the vast array of Giphy’s library, you can also draw in the air to bring your imagination and art to life.

Want to share the experience with a friend? Simply collaborate with them, record a video, and share the whole scene.

Price: Free


14. Calculator – If you’re missing this app on iPad

Calculator app for iPad

Why download it?

  • Easy-to-use, minimal UI
  • Works efficiently
  • Up to 80 themes to choose from

It’s no secret that the iPad has been missing a calculator app since its inception. And while I somewhat understand the developer’s sentiment, because even this one doesn’t have the perfect design, we still need an alternative.

Now, you can make some small calculations from the spotlight (just type in the query); however, we would need a calculator for complex calculations. So, if you often have to do calculations for your business or deduce canvas sizes, you should try this app.

The Calculator app works how it should work, but what stands out is the array of 80 themes at your mercy. Choose the one you like and start calculating.

Price: Free


15. Amazon Shopping – An app you’ll surely need

Amazon Shopping an app you'll surely need on an iPad

Why download it?

  • Exhaustive product listing
  • Prompt sales and offers notification
  • Use AR to view the products

Another app that needs no introduction. Amazon has most of us hooked; it is usually the first place we check for goods availability and price. And I don’t think a shopaholic’s iPad is complete without this app.

Yes, the web interface is decent, and you can seamlessly shop from the browser. However, the app surely offers better perks; for starters, you won’t have to log in repeatedly. In fact, you can use Face or Touch ID to sign in.

Plus, you’ll get notifications for sales, daily deals, special prices for products you have favorited, and more. Further, when using the Amazon app, you can get a 360° view of the product and even use the AR/VR feature to see whether it fits into your room or not.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


16. CapCut – Great video editor for iPad 

CapCut best video editor for iPad 

Why download it?

  • Suits both beginners and pros
  • Ample filters and effects to choose from
  • Free to use

The best part about the CapCut app is that it is packed with features and free. Additionally, it boasts an easy-to-use UI, allowing newbies to learn the editing process and make quick and easy edits.

You can trim the video, change its speed, or reverse it with a few taps. CapCut can also help you overlay videos or photos, apply subtle or dramatic effects, smoothen the skin with advanced features, and more.

The app also has an extensive music library, stickers, text style, etc. And most importantly, iPad (especially iPad Pro) truly allows you to have enough screen space to edit videos and the portability to edit them on the go. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


17. Audible – Best iPad app for audiobooks

Audible best iPad app for audiobooks

Why download it?

  • Wide selection of audiobooks
  • Can adjust the speaking speed
  • 3-month trial with Amazon Prime

While physical books will never lose their charm, I prefer audio novels over ebooks. And if you feel the same, Audible is the right app. As an avid audio novel listener and podcast addict, I have tried and tested a variety of platforms.

And maybe not for podcasts; Audible is one of the best for audio novels. For starters, the variety of books you get with your subscription. I am YA (Young Adult) lover, and Audible originals and novelettes have my heart.

The iPad app is not different from the iPhone app, and that’s a good thing. Because you don’t have to adapt to a separate interface. Plus, it syncs between devices, ensuring you continue exactly where you left, even if you change the device.

And if you have Amazon Prime subscription, you get a 3-month trial for free, so tap that download button and give the app a shot.

Price: Free (Subscription start at $7.99/month)


18. ZOOM – Best iPad app for video conferencing 

ZOOM best iPad app for video conferencing

Why download it?

  • Invite up to 100 people on the call
  • Tools to enhance your video calling experience
  • Smooth and simple UI

Video calls, conferences, classes, workshops, and more have been the norm. And iPad is one of the best devices for video calls (for a complete explanation, check out this article), so it’s obvious that the list of best iPad apps will include Zoom.

FaceTime is great and works nicely, although it has its limitations. And Zoom overcomes all that, giving users a smooth video calling experience. Alongside great video quality, Zoom facilitates screen sharing, scheduling meetings, call recording, chats, file sharing, and more.

Zoom further neatly adopts iOS and iPadOS features like safe driving mode with Apple CarPlay, Siri Shortcuts, and direct share in Zoom Rooms.

Price: Free


19. Shadowrocket – Efficient proxy utility client for iPad

Shadownrocket efficient proxy utility client for iPad

Why download it?

  • Makes proxy servers easier
  • Advanced tool to enhance your user experience
  • Doesn’t collect or share your data

While there are several great VPNs for iPad to secure your web usage, proxies have their use case. And if you want to dip into the world of proxy servers or need assistance, Shadowrocket is the perfect starting point.

Once set up, it employs rule-based software that routes all your web traffic via proxy servers, so your IP address is hidden and protected.

And that’s not it; the app also boasts advanced features such as measuring traffic usage and speed, ad blocker, configuring rules to match domain, CIDR IP range, and/or GeoIP lookup.

Price: $2.99


As mentioned earlier, not all of these iPad apps might be the right fit for you. You’ll have to fine-tune things according to your use case and preferences. And if you need some help with that, use the comment section below. Moreover, if you have some apps I might have missed, feel free to share those as well.

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