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How to Turn a Voice Memo into iPhone Ringtone

How to Make a Voice Memo into a Ringtone on iPhone

Recording voice memos are useful. You may record your professor’s lecture and listen to it. You may record a funny sound or your awesome beatboxing. This post shows you how to make a voice memo into a ringtone on iPhone in simple steps. One more thing, if you have a funny voice note of your siblings or a voice recording of your infant saying ‘Daddy/Mummy’ for the first time and you wish to set it as your ringtone or text tone. How would you do it? Well. It is easy.

How to Make a Voice Memo into Ringtone on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Voice Memos app on your iPhone and locate the voice recording you would like to set as a ringtone.

Open Voice Memos App on iPhoneStep #2. Tap on the desired voice memo and then tap on the three horizontal blue dots and tap Save to FilesOn My iPhoneSave.

Tap on three dots and Save Files in Voice Memos App on iPhoneNote: If you do not see Save to Files, tap on Edit Actions, and then tap on the green plus icon shown before Save to Files.

Step #3. Download and launch the GarageBand App on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch GarageBand app on iPhone and iPadStep #4. You will see several instruments like Keyboard, Drums, AMP, Audio Recorder, etc. Tap on any instrument. I am using the Keyboard.

Tap on Instrument in GarageBand app on iPhoneNote:

  1. If you wish to record something in your voice now, don’t tap on any other instrument.
  2. Tap on Audio RecorderRed dot and record your voice.
  3. Then tap on the green triangle button and follow from step #6 below.Tap on Audio Recorder to record voice in GarageBand app on iPhoneTap on Red dot to record your voice in GarageBand app on iPhoneStep #5. Tap on the red circular record button and play the instrument. Don’t worry about what you record as it will be deleted very soon. We are doing this just to get access to the full editor. After you are done playing, tap on the green triangle.

Tap on Green Triangle in GarageBand app on iPhoneStep #6. Now tap on the button that looks like a brick wall. You are now inside the full editor.

Tap on brick wall button in GarageBand app on iPhoneStep #7. Tap on the tiny plus (+) icon in the top right. This button is to change the duration of your project. The default is 8 bar, which equates to 16 seconds. Tap on it. Now switch on Automatic. Or you may use Manual to set the project duration.

Tap on Tiny Plus Icon in GarageBand app to Make Voice Memo on iPhoneSelect 8 bar in manual in GarageBand app on iPhoneTurn on Automatic option in GarageBand appStep #8. Tap on the loop icon. We had saved the Voice Memo in the Files app, so tap on Files app.

Tap on Loop Icon in GarageBand app to Turn Voice Memo into iPhone RingtoneBrowse Items from File App in in GarageBand app on iPhoneStep #9. Now tap on the voice clip. Next touch and hold the voice memo and slightly move your finger without lifting the hold. This will import the voice note in GarageBand.

Tap on voice clip and touch and hold voice memo in GarageBand appImport voice note in GarageBand App on iPhoneStep #10. Tap twice on the green audio bar and tap on Delete. This will remove the unnecessary audio we created using Keyboard.

Tap twice on Green Audio Bar and Tap on Delete in GarageBand App on iPhoneRemove Unnecessary Audio in GarageBand App to Turn Voice Memo into RingtoneStep #11. If you need to remove a few seconds from the voice memo, just drag the long vertical bar and tap twice. Now tap on SplitDrag the scissors down to trim the part of voice note you do not need.

Drag Long Vertical Bar to Trim Part of Voice Note in GarageBand AppTap on Split to Trim Part of Voice Note in GarageBand App on iPhoneDrag scissors down to Trim Part of Voice Note in GarageBand AppStep #12. Delete the unusable part of the voice note by tapping twice and then choosing Delete. If you trim the starting part, make sure you drag the remaining clip to the left and align it with the border.

Delete unusable part of voice note by tapping twice in GarageBand AppDrag Remaining Clip to Left and Align With Border in GarageBand AppStep #13. We can set the endpoint of the ringtone too. But since ringtone can not exceed 30 seconds, we will leave it. Apple will automatically trim and set the duration as 30 seconds while exporting. Or, if you wish, you can follow Step #11 again and trim away the part of the voice note to achieve the desired end for your ringtone.

Step #14. Tap on the down arrow icon, which is in the top left. Now tap on My Songs.

Tap on down Arrow Icon and tap on My Songs in GarageBand AppStep #15. Tap and hold on the file that has just been saved as a project. Tap on ShareRingtoneContinueSet a name if you wishExportUse sound asStandard Ringtone.

Tap and hold on file in GarageBand Recents on iPhoneTap on Share File in GarageBand App to Turn Voice Memo into iPhone RingtoneChoose Ringtone from Share Songs in GarageBand App on iPhoneTap on Export in Ringtone in GarageBand App to make Voice Memo into RingtoneChoose Use sound as in GarageBand Recents on iPhoneSelect Standard Ringtone in GarageBand Recents to make Voice Memo into Ringtone

You may also, Go to Settings app → Sound and HapticsRingtone and select your newly created voice note ringtone. You will see this on top of the list under RINGTONES.

Select voice note under ringtones to turn Voice Memo on iPhone

Wrapping up.

This is how you turn a voice memo into a ringtone on the iPhone or iPad without using a computer and spending any money.

Now, the steps I mentioned above were quick and straightforward. If you desire, you may also add songs or other tones as background with your voice note. You will have to play with the app, and you can unleash your full creativity. It is fun and adventurous.

If you have a recording, not in your Voice Memos app, but Google Drive, Dropbox, or elsewhere, you can link these with Apple’s Files app and follow the exact steps above.

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