How to Set Any Song As An iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes

Through a workaround, it’s possible to set any song as iPhone ringtone without iTunes. Using GarageBand, you can create a ringtone of your favorite song and then easily set it up as your ringtone or text tone depending on your need. Refer this quick guide to find out how it’s done the right way!

Apple has supplied unique and melodious ringtones to iPhone users. But users would always like to set their favorite songs as iPhone ringtones. Until now, users had to rely on iTunes to set a song as ringtone, and this was quite a breeze for users.

But now the process has become even more difficult for iPhone users. With technological advancement, the process should become easier. Well, Apple has its own technology and every user has to comply with it.

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If you are using GarageBand on your iPhone or if you own iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, you can easily set any song as iPhone ringtone. You can download GarageBand app from the AppStore. It is noteworthy that we have shared an interesting app to turn your favorite songs into ringtone.

How to Set Song as iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes

Step #1. First off, download or import your favorite song to Music Library.

If you forget this step, you won’t find the song in GarageBand app.

Step #2. Now launch GarageBand on your iPhone.

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Tap on Instruments in GarageBand iPhone App

Step #3. On your GarageBand app, tap on View button.

Tap on View Button in GarageBand iPhone App

Step #4. Tap on Loop Browser button.

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Tap on Loop Icon in GarageBand App

Step #5. Now tap on Music tab to select your song from the section of Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, Songs etc.

Tap on Music Tab on iPhone GarageBand iPhone AppSelect Song to Make a Ringtone in Garageband

Step #6. Add the song to GarageBand by dragging the song to left or right.

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Import Song to GarageBand on iPhone

Default length of the song is too short to enjoy any ringtone, and therefore, you can edit the length of song so that you can listen to the ringtone for long time.

Step #7. Tap on “+” button to increase length of your song.

Tap on Plus Button to Increase Length of Song in GarageBand

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Now you can add bars to your song; add more bars to make your ringtone longer.

The app offers more editing options; if you think that the ringtone is going to become too long, you can trim the song to the desired length. You can see the sides will become yellow; now you can drag lines from left to right or right to left to trim the song. If you wish to loop or split the song, double-tap the song preview.

After each edit, listen to the ringtone; if you find it pleasing, go ahead or continue editing.

Step #8. Tap on drop-down arrow.

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Step #9. Tap on My Songs.

Tap on My Songs in GarageBand

Your newly created ringtone will be saved as My Song; you can rename it by tapping on the title.

Step #10. Press and hold thumbnail for your song.

Tap on My Song

A two-row menu will appear on your iPhone screen.

Step #11. Tap on Share icon.

Tap on Share Sheet in GarageBand iPhone App

Step #12. Now tap on Ringtone icon.

Tap on Ringtone Icon in GarageBand App

Step #13. Give a suitable name to the ringtone and tap Export button.

Tap on Export in GarageBand iPhone App

Once the ringtone is exported successfully, a dialog box will appear with an option: Use sound as.

Step #14. Tap on “Use sound as”.

Tap on Use Sound As

A new menu will appear with options: Standard Ringtone, Standard Text Tone, and Assign to Contact.

Create RingTone using GarageBand on iPhone

If you want to follow another option, you can go to Settings → Sounds → Ringtone and select your ringtone from there.

Watch how to set any song as a ringtone in iPhone:

You can create a few more ringtones and assign each for your family members, friends and colleagues.

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