How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13

Set your favorite song as your ringtone with the help of this guide on how to purchase ringtones on iOS 13 running iPhone and iPad. Give custom ringtones to favorite people in your contact list.

With iPhone’s omnipresence, it is hard to figure out if it is your phone that is ringing. Therefore, the need to have a customized and personal ringtone is much more prominent than ever. Moreover, Apple doesn’t offer a collection of impressive ringtones, apart from its signature ‘Opening’ ringtone. Until now, users have been using iTunes to set any song as ringtone. Alternatively, there are many third-party ringtone apps to ditch the default. But now Apple brings an easy and quick way to buy ringtones on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13.

Not just to set your ringtone apart but also to have a custom ringtone for all the important contacts on your device. Apple is simplifying its operating systems across all its devices; recently, the tech giant has separated Apple Music, Podcasts and TV from iTunes. Similarly, Apple has made it even easier to purchase ringtones from the Tones Store. You could now do so directly from the Settings.

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How to Purchase Ringtones in iOS 13 and iPadOS Running Device

Step #1. Launch the Settings App on your iPhone.

Open Settings app on iPhone running iOS 13

Step #2. Go to the Sounds & Haptics and tap on Ringtone.

Go to Sounds & Haptics and tap on Ringtone in iOS 13

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Step #3. Tap on Tone Store and choose your favorite tone and tap on it.

Tap on Tone Store and Choose Ringtone in iOS 13

(You can preview the tone by tapping on the name of the tone)

Listen Ringtone in Tone Store on iOS 13 Running iPhone

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Step #4. Tap on the Price of the ringtone.

Tap on Price to Buy Ringtone in iOS 13

(Note: A pop-up screen will appear asking you set the tone as default ringtone, text tone or use it for contact or tap on done if you have not made up your mind how to set it.)

Choose Preferred Option to Set Ringtone in iOS 13

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Step 5:  You will be asked to authorize the purchase and once done the tone will appear in your ‘Ringtones List’.

To on OK and Authorize to Purchase Ringtone in iOS 13

That’s how you purchase a ringtone and make your iPhone stand apart from the crowd of iPhones.

Signing Off…

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With this guide, I hope you are able to enjoy purchasing lots and lots of ringtones on your iOS 13 running iPhone. Mention in the comments below if this tutorial was helpful to you and if you want us to do any more such tutorials.

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