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How to Set an Apple Music Song as Alarm on Your iPhone

How to Set an Apple Music Song as Alarm on iPhone

Whenever an alarm goes off in the morning, I wish to open the eyes with charged up energy and full-on happiness as they set the perfect tone for the whole day. And this is where a nice tune comes into play for kickstarting the entire journey with plenty of joy or complete peace of mind.

To keep monotonous out of the way, I prefer to set my favorite Apple Music song as an alarm on the iPhone. Slightly hidden within the stock Clock app is an option to choose any song from the music library as the wake-up ring-bell.

So, if the general tunes no longer live up to your fancy, follow along with this hands-on guide to assign an exciting song the responsibility to wake you up in the morning!

How to Set Any Song As An Alarm on iPhone

Add Your Favorite Song to the Music Library on iOS

Sticky Note: If your music library already has the song, you can start with the Clock app straight away.

Step #1. Launch the Music app and then hit the Search button. Then, enter the name of the song you wish to add to your library.

Find the Song you wish to add to your library on iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on the “+” button on the far right of the song.

Tap on Plus button next to the song in Apple Music app

Note: If you haven’t enabled iCloud Music Library, you will get a popup to activate it. Tap on Turn On.

Step #3. Next, tap on the cloud icon to download the track.

Tap on cloud icon to add Song to Music Library on iOS

Set Your Favorite Song As an Alarm Using Clock App on iOS

Now that you have got the song ready, set it up as an alarm.

Step #4. Open Clock app on your iOS device.

Open Clock app on iPhone

Step #5. Ensure that the Alarm tab is selected at the bottom. Then, tap on Edit button at the top left corner.

Tap on Edit in iOS Clock app

Step #6. Select the alarm to which you want to set the song.

Select alarm to which you want to set the song

Step #7. Next up, tap on Sound.

Tap on Sound in iOS Clock app

Step #8. Now, tap on Pick a song and hit Songs.

Tap on Pick a song and hit Songs in iOS Clock app

On the next screen, you will have access to all the songs that have been added to your library. Find the song and tap on it.

Set an Apple Music Song as Alarm on iPhone

Step #9. Up next, tap on the Back button at the top left and then hit Save at the top right to confirm.

Tap on Back and then Save in iOS Clock app

That’s pretty much it! Now, the song will be played when your alarm goes off. You can go through the same steps explained above to change the track or create a new alarm with a nice song.

Wake Up With Renewed Hope And Boundless Energy…

So, that’s how you can get up each day with renewed energy and charge yourself up to live up to the expectation admirably. An inspirational or exciting song can play a pivotal role in motivating you to give your 100% during the rigorous exercise or challenging tasks.

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