How to Set an Apple Music Song as Alarm on Your iPhone

Your day begins with many challenges and getting up on the dot is the first daunting task of the day. Time’s cruelty forces you to break your sweet slumber and now, it’s time for you to get up and go. Though your morning alarm set in your iPhone gives you a gentle reminder every morning, you wish you listened to any of your favourite songs when the sun rises.

Thankfully, your Apple Music comes to your help. Now you can choose your favourite songs as your morning alarm and wake up to a tune that you would like to hum throughout the day.

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How to Set an Apple Music Song as Alarm on iPhone

Apple has pre-installed some pleasant options you can choose as your alarm tone; but it has a limitation. As a music lover, you would like to start your day with a song sung by your favorite singer.

With a few simple steps, you can set any Apple Music song as your alarm on your iPhone. But before you set the song as an alarm, you need to add your favorite songs to Library.

How to Add Apple Music Songs to Library on iPhone

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First off, open your Apple Music to add your favorite songs to My Music option.

Step #1. Search for the song.

Step #2. Tap on Ellipsis next to the song. A menu will swipe up with different options.

Step #3. Tap on Add to My Music.

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Tap on Add to My Music in Apple Music

One by one, you can add songs to your Library. Now come out of the Apple Music and launch Clock app on your iPhone.

How to Set Apple Music Song as Alarm on iPhone

Step #1. Tap on Clock app.Tap on Clock App in iPhone

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Step #2. Tap on Alarm from the bottom menu. If you have already set any alarm, you can tap on Edit or add new alarm by tapping on “+” sign.

Edit Alarm in iPhone Clock App

Step #3. After setting the time, tap on Sound.

Tap on Sounds in iPhone Alarm

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Here, you will find two main sections: SONGS and RINGTONES.

Songs and Ringtone Sounds for iPhone Alarm App

Step #4. Tap on Pick a song from the SONGS section. You will be landed on a Select Music menu screen.Tap on Pick a Song

Step #5. Tap on Songs. You will see a list of songs you have added to My Music.

Tap on Songs in iPhone Alarm App

Step #6. Tap on your choice of song.

Select Song from Apple Music in iPhone Alarm App

And it will be set as alarm tone in your iPhone.

Now wake up to your choice of songs every morning. You can follow the same method to change the songs every day or every week.

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