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Best alarm apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

While they say that if you snooze, you lose, sometimes, sleeping is way more tempting. However, that might get you late for work, appointments, or classes. Thankfully, these alarm clocks for iPhone can save the day and, depending on sleeping habits, could wake even the hardest sleepy heads.

So, before it’s time to sleep again, check out these alarm clocks app and download the one that suits your bill.

  1. Alarmy
  2. Galarm
  3. Alarm Clock for Me
  4. Alarm Clock HD
  5. Loud Alarm Clock
  6. Sleep Cycle
  7. iOS native app
  8. Motion Alarm Clock

1. Alarmy – Editor’s choice

Alarmy Morning Alarm Clock for iPhone

Alarmy seems like an app developed by a fellow sleepyhead who understands exactly what heavy sleepers need. It is not as simple as turning off a loud alarm; you’ll have to do some pre-selected activity to silence the alarm.

The idea is to wake your brain and body with some activity like solving a math or memory puzzle, scanning barcodes, clicking pictures, taking certain steps, type-in some quotes, etc. All the while, the alarm volume gradually increases, encouraging and putting pressure on you.

And though locked under premium, the app also has a neat wake-up check setting and backup louder alarm sounds for the extra stubborn sleepers.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Interesting, doable tasks for the morning
  • Sleep assistance
  • Quick alarm for reminders


  • Some basic features locked under premium
  • Slightly expensive for an alarm app

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $4.99)


2. Galarm – Best collaborative alarm clock

Galarm Best collaborative alarm clock for iOS and iPadOS

Who would have thought you’d need all this from an alarm clock? But Galarm comes as fun and much-needed surprise. More than just waking you in the morning, it can double as a daily planner, organizer, and collaborative tool.

It is overflowing with features from future alarms (any day, any time), flexible repetition (daily water reminder), alarm history to ring on silent/vibrate. But the USP is group alarms, buddy alarms, and alarm chat.

You can set the alarm for an impending meeting, luncheon, party, etc., and add participants. And on the dot, the alarm will go off for all participants. You can even set the alarm for a buddy; imagine reminding them about a date??


  • Feature-packed app
  • Allows future and repetitive alarms
  • Set collaborative alarms
  • Premium is not too expensive


  • Register your number for group alarms
  • Every participant needs to download the app

Price: Free (Premium subscription from $0.99/month)


3. Alarm Clock for Me – Best personalized alarm clock

Alarm Clock for Me Best personalized alarm clock for iPhone and iPad

The best part about this app is the amazing way it makes you love waking up in the morning. Every little detail is customizable. Choose clock face from stylish designer themes or gently wake you up to your favorite playlist.

And not just wake up; you can also use the app as a sleep aid and play your favorite songs or white noise. If you’re a chronic snoozer, choose an activity to stop the alarm, like shake the device or solve a math puzzle.

Furthermore, the app boasts a countdown timer for your vacation, anniversary, birthday, etc., a multifunctional timer for cooking or workout, a weather report section, and even a handy flashlight.


  • Wakes you up with your favorite music
  • Doubles as a bedside clock
  • Built-on sleep aid
  • Multiple handy features from countdown to weather report


  • Ads on the free version

Price: Free


4. Alarm Clock HD – Best for Apple Watch owners

Alarm Clock HD best alarm clock for Apple Watch owners

Alarm Clock HD is a multifunctional alarm app packed with various customization. There are endless options of theme colors, sleep timer, flashlight, music library sync, and more.

The main digital clock boasts Apple-Watch-like complications that show date/day, current weather, and battery level. You can also follow the latest Tweets and news directly from the app; however, this is limited to paid users.

And though it doesn’t support as much customization as the Alarm Clock for Me, it offers an Apple Watch app that gives it a leg up.


  • Add playlist as alarm tone
  • Has an Apple Watch app
  • A wide array of color selection for the clock


  • Limited options for repeating alarms
  • Premium version is slightly expensive

Price: Free (Premium subscription starts from $1.49/month)


5. Loud Alarm Clock – Best for super-heavy sleepers

Loud Alarm Clock iOS app for super-heavy sleepers

The Loud Alarm Clock offers the loudest possible alarms, staying true to its name. Interestingly, these alarm sounds will surprise you, so you don’t get used to them. They can be anything from somebody shouting at you to warning buzzers.

Beware, they can be too loud and scary at times; my husband almost killed me because of it. But that also means that the strongest of sleepers (we call them Kumbhakarna in Hindi) can be shaken awake by it.

And while the app doesn’t offer any other elaborate features, there is a voice assistant Jarvis. Maybe an ode to Marvel’s Tony Stark, this Jarvis can tell you the time, toggle on the flashlight, and tell you the weather.


  • Super loud alarm tone
  • Simple-to-use app
  • Surprise voice every time
  • Built-in voice assistant


  • Not for faint-hearted
  • Can change theme only with payment or tasks

Price: Free (Premium costs $3.99)


6. Sleep Cycle – Best for tracking sleep pattern

Sleep Cycle best iPhone and iPad alarm app for tracking sleep pattern

Sleep is an intricate science, and understanding it could help you unlock productivity, creativity, and maintain overall health. This app is not only a smart sleep monitoring app but also doubles as an intuitive alarm clock.

Sleep Cycle will study and understand your sleep pattern, and accordingly, it will wake you up while in your lightest sleep phase. Thanks to it, you get up peacefully and less groggy than an unruly wake-up call.


  • Wakes you up gently in light sleep
  • Track your sleep and wake up mood
  • Great built-in sleeping aid
  • 7-day free trial
  • Apple Watch app


  • Expensive for an alarm app
  • Slightly complex UI

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)


7. iOS native app – Most minimal

iOS native app for alarm

Yes, Apple’s native Clock app has its limitations, but it works great as an alarm clock. Plus, other perks like windows and sleep focus mode also come into play if you use the built-in bedtime feature.

And while you can’t choose a custom playlist, you can surely connect with Apple Music for a favorite song or select one from purchased or downloaded songs. Overall, it is an effective alarm clock app, though not as feature-packed as others on the list.


  • Easy-to-use app
  • Syncs with the Health app and other Apple devices
  • Free of charge


  • Can’t set custom reminders
  • Alarms don’t auto-delete
  • Limited features

Price: Free


8. Motion Alarm Clock – Most fun alarm

Motion Alarm Clock most fun alarm app for iPhone and iPad

Perfect for someone who isn’t a heavy sleeper but will enjoy some tasks to recharge your senses before the day begins. It is pretty basic; the alarm won’t stop unless to shake your iPhone.

What’s more? You can set the number of shakes as per convenience and even lock the alarm to prevent you from cheating. The app also features custom wake-up sounds, including randomized playlists, a text-to-speech tidbit, bedtime reminders, and super short snooze.

However, a feature my better half loved is ‘Don’t wake my spouse.’ You can silence the alarm repeatedly for a couple of seconds, not disturbing their sleep pattern.


  • Shake iPhone to stop alarm
  • Custom wake-up sounds
  • Spouse-friendly feature
  • Daily bedtime reminder


  • The UI is not that clean
  • Expensive premium

Price: Free (Premium costs $7.99)


So, what’s your pick?

Well, these are some of my favorite picks. It’s now your turn; let me know about the alarm apps that have impressed you. Tell us about the features you’d like to see in your favorite alarm app for iOS in the comments below.

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