Best Alarm Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Alarm Apps for iPhone and iPad

Every one of us tends to sleep those five minutes extra in the cozy bed. By doing so, we all often get late for work. Apart from that, it also matters how you wake up because your entire day depends on that. It’s not just the body that needs rest; it’s your brain that is resting peacefully. Waking up suddenly from deep sleep can result in a tired and lazy day. Several alarm apps for iPhone and iPad are available on the App Store, but we have handpicked the best for you. All you need to do is to check the list of apps below and download them.

1. Alarm Clock for Me

Alarm Clock for Me iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Alarm Clock for Me” can safely claim to be the best alarm app for iOS. What has made me want this app is the intuitive user-interface and a range of impressive designer themes that allow you to add some nice customization into the mix.

Craft a great wake-playlist and get up in the morning with renewed energy. It lets you set multiple alarms using your favorite tunes so that you can stay in sync with your time.

Take advantage of the sleep timer to listen to your favorite music with complete peace of mind at night. Plus, you can also keep track of weather conditions to plan your day perfectly.

Price: Free

2. Pillow

Pillow iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Pillow app not only monitors your sleeping pattern, but it also integrates with Apple’s Health app. Each and every sleeping session is merged with data in Apple’s Health app. This helps you to analyze your sleeping pattern and make necessary changes if required. In case you have a habit of speaking while you are asleep, then this app records all the sounds you make, which you can play when you wake up. The Pillow app doesn’t bluntly wake you up on your set time, instead; it wakes you up before the alarm when the app finds the best time.

Price: Free
Download Pillow

3. Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds

Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This alarm app is totally different from all of the above. It not only wakes you up, but it also provides meditation guides to get a sound sleep. This helps if you are suffering from insomnia. Even the wake-up tones are designed with perfection to make sure you wake up fresh right from the bed. Meditation feature is not available in the free version; you’ll need to spend $4.99 to have them. Apart from that, the basic version is free to use.

Price: Free
Download Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds

4. Sleep Time

Sleep Time Alarm iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Sleep time app for iPhone and iPad is similar to Sleep Cycle. This app monitors your sleeping patterns and wakes you up in the light phase of sleep. This ensures you are relaxed when you wake up. Apart from this, there are many different alarm options available along with an option to set any soundtrack as your alarm. The app is basically free to use, but in case you need more detailed features you might consider opting for the premium version.

Price: Free
Download Sleep Time

5. Good Mornings

Good Morning Alarm iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Good Mornings app also keeps track of how sound you sleep. It also monitors your sleeping patterns and wakes you up when you are in the light phase of your sleep. What set apart Good Mornings from other similar apps is its 3D Touch capabilities. You can 3D Touch app icon to peek at stats and other features of the app. The app is not free, but the features are worth the price.

Price: $4.99
Download Good Mornings

6. Math Alarm Clock

Math Alarm Clock iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

There are few people who would actually love math problems. Even if you don’t, this app will throw math problems when the alarm goes on. The alarm will only go off after you successfully solve the math problem. You’ll have to speak out the answer loud enough so that the app can check whether your answer is correct. I guess this is enough to wake you up completely. The app is completely free as there are no other premium features.

Price: Free
Download Math Alarm Clock

7. Motion Alarm Clock

Motion Alarm Clock iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Motion Alarm Clock is somewhat similar to the Puzzle Alarm Clock app. If you don’t want to churn your brain right from the bed, then Motion Alarm Clock is perfect for you. Instead of a puzzle, Motion alarm clock gives you a simple task to keep your iPhone in motion for a few seconds. The alarm goes off only after you perform the requested task. By doing so, you’ll definitely lose your sleep and get out of bed in time.

Price: Free
Download Motion Alarm Clock

8. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

It’s not that hard to wake up, it’s getting out of bed that matters. We usually tap the snooze button and get back to sleep. Puzzle Alarm Clock shows no mercy in this regards. The app won’t turn off the alarm until you solve the puzzle displayed on the screen. This will take a couple of minutes, and by that time you’ll have lost your sleep. It’s a perfect app if you are genuinely interested in waking up on time. Lastly, it is completely free.

Price: Free
Download Puzzle Alarm Clock

That’s pretty much it! So, these are my favorite alarm apps for iOS.

What’s your pick?

It’s now your turn to share thoughts and let me know about the alarm apps that have impressed you a lot. Plus, tell us about the features you’d like to see in your favorite alarm app for iOS.

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