10 Best calendar apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023 

Best calendar apps for iPhone and iPad

Calendars have evolved beyond paper. Modern technology brings us advanced calendar apps on our iPhones, offering date tracking, task management, collaboration, and event scheduling. In this article, I’ll list best Calendar apps for iPhone and iPad, including Apple Calendar and others from the App Store, all with user-friendly features. Let’s begin!

  1. Apple Calendar
  2. Fantastical
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Any.do
  5. Calendars 5
  6. Microsoft Outlook
  7. BusyCal
  8. Calendly Mobile
  9. Todoist
  10. TimeTree

1. Apple Calendar – Editor’s Choice

Apple Calendar app

If you are an ‘Everything Apple’ person, Apple Calendar is likely your first choice. Though, it won’t be wrong because the app is an absolute package. The USP of this pre-installed iPhone app lies in its simplicity. Most of us prefer a calendar app with high efficiency and limited clutter – Apple Calendar gives you this and more.   

With the no-frills design, Apple Calendar offers you smooth app navigation. The switch between days, months, or years is smooth. In addition, you get the flexibility to create individual calendars for work, home, etc. Just touch and hold the blank space against a day to create events. Further, you can set notifications for the events designed and send invites to others.   

Moreover, you can sync Apple’s Calendar with other apps or calendars like Apple Maps, Google Calendar, etc. By doing so, you can effectively create a balance between your commitments. This will save you from confusion with dates and help you boost your work productivity.   


  • It comes pre-installed on all iPhones 
  • Seamless user interface 
  • Syncing with other calendars, apps allowed 
  • Send invites for meetings 


  • Fewer customization features 

Price: Free 


2. Fantastical – Color-coded navigation

Fantastical calendar app

Fantastical is a gem! When I say this, I wish to draw your attention to the long list of features this terrific calendar app blesses its users with. Designed with an intuitive design, Fantastical is easy to use and highly efficient, like the Apple Calendar. Further, the app is color-coordinated and logically wired to ensure one of the best navigation experiences.   

This app’s heart lies in its features like natural language task creation and recurring due dates. For adding tasks, type “Remind me to read texts every day at 10 AM’ or dictate it, and the app will follow your instructions without a miss. Moreover, you can use the Quick Add feature to schedule tasks immediately.   

On this app, you can create different calendars and include events with a unique color highlight. The color bands help categorize events on distinct parameters like overlapping timelines, close deadlines, etc. In addition, the multi-colored calendar bars help you understand which event belongs to which calendar. You can easily connect this app with Google, iCloud, Todoist, Office 365, and more.   


  • Color-coded event categorization 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Quick Add ensures instant event addition 
  • Set reminders, send or revert to invites 


  • Complicated time format setting

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $6.99) 


3. Google Calendar – Google ecosystem at your fingertips

Google calendar app

With Google Calendars, you get streamlined calendar integration with other essential apps, included or not in the Google Workspace. In addition, the Google Calendar app for iPhone has everything you can expect from a user-friendly brand like Google, such as ease of use, intuitive features, and multitasking. 

You can create several color-coded calendars for smooth work organization with your single Google account. Navigation or switching from one calendar to another is a breeze on this app despite multiple calendars because of the advanced search facility. Connect with your coworkers, schedule meetings, edit events, send reminders, share content, etc., with your colleagues or friends like never before using Google Calendar.

Another essential feature of the Google Calendar is the cross-device functionality. This ensures that you can access the calendar app on any iOS platform. The auto-integration with Gmail events like reservations, flights, and more get added to the calendar. This facility saves you from messing up with dates. The app also supports the best third-party collaborations. You can use this guide to learn how to sync Google calendar on iPhone.


  • Seamless integration with Google Workspace 
  • Color-coded calendar events 
  • User-friendly work experience 
  • Cross-device capacities 


  • Glitches with reminders 

Price: Free  


4. Any.do – Switch between multiple calendar views

Any.do calendar app

Any.do is a popular productivity app that combines the power of a task manager and calendar. The app lets you keep track of all your upcoming work or personal commitments under one tab. Despite not being a typical calendar app, Any.do houses multiple features that can help you plan work with set timelines. 

Some of this app’s most popular features are recurring events, natural language task creation, and location-centric reminders. You also get a feature named My Day which helps to plan and prioritize your day by analyzing your upcoming events. You get a new slate under the My Day head every day. Oh, and the deletion is automatic; you don’t have to burden yourself with it.   

Moreover, the app supports four different views for calendars – agenda, day, three-day, and week. Apart from this, you get a full-month view of all the tasks simultaneously. In addition, the nine widget options on the app help you get a bird’s eye view of tasks, events, or both on your iPhone. Further, Any.do is fully compatible with Siri, lets you set reminders, and offers third-party app integrations.    


  • Natural language recognition support 
  • Easy user interface 
  • My Day feature helps in prioritizing tasks  
  • Ideal for organization and planning 


  • Expensive 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99) 


5. Calendars 5 – Perfect for teamwork 

Calendars 5 calendar app

Simple and efficient – Calendars 5 by Readdle effortlessly fits into these two parameters. The platform allows you to schedule and sync tasks in real-time across all your Apple gadgets. In addition, the Calendars app lets you categorize your tasks based on days, weeks, or months. Easy sharing facility makes Calendars 5 the best iPhone calendar app for families.

Managing your schedules is very convenient on this top-rated digital platform. First, decide your availability based on the scheduled tasks of the day, week, or month. Then, just drag and drop events based on your convenience. Trust me; the color-coded events make navigation smooth. Precisely, the Calendars app helps you organize and manage your routine work without a glitch.  

You can even see your coworkers’ schedules on the app. This comes in handy, especially when you are leading multiple teams. Additionally, you can create your daily targets using Smart Tasks, set reminders for events, create recurring tasks, etc. The natural language recognition of the app ensures that your instructions are well-read by this platform.  


  • Effective natural language inputs 
  • Access everything in one place 
  • Dedicated apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch 
  • Perfect for organizing work  


  • Lengthy loading time

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


6. Microsoft Outlook Calendar – Popular free calendar app for iOS

Microsoft Outlook calendar app

Microsoft Outlook is the official Pandora box for Windows users. However, the brand does have a dedicated calendar app for iPhones. Keeping the interface fluid, the Microsoft Outlook Calendar supports multiple views, such as day, agenda, three-day, and month. Moreover, you can switch between the views with a single tap, meaning hassle-free in-app navigation. 

The app lets you sync other calendars or apps with Outlook Calendar. This ensures you get a more centralized and productive workspace. Plus, with Microsoft Bing support, you can subscribe to your preferred suite of public calendars and seamlessly add the schedules of your TV shows to your Outlook calendar. You will never miss that special episode ever!  

Moreover, using Outlook is a breeze. The app stands out from its competitors with its top-notch scheduling facility. For instance, in case of overlapping events, the calendar app lists alternate times. Further, you can easily access multiple Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and OneNote with a single sign-up for the Outlook calendar app.   


  • Excellent scheduling function 
  • Easy navigation 
  • Multiple views based on days, months, etc.  
  • Integration with Bing 


  • Outlook account creation is necessary  

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


7. BusyCal – Easy to customize calendar

BusyCal calendar app

If you are a multitasker, a good calendar app can be the best companion you can ask for. One such amazing app is BusyCal. The app is home to some of the best features synonymous with the best calendar apps available in the market. From natural language recognition to customizable calendar views – BusyCal makes your life easy simply by existing on your iPhone.

Create a separate calendar with a different name for all your professional and personal commitments. In addition, navigating through your calendar suite is pretty easy. Just switch between calendars based on day, month, week, or list. Further, you can customize the calendar appearance, such as colors, event times, week numbers, etc.

Besides, BusyCal gives you access to an in-built to-do list, maps, tags, alarms, weather, birthdays, anniversaries, graphics, etc. In addition, you can integrate the app with other apps like iCloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and others. This eventually helps you to sync and share your calendars with other iOS or Mac devices easily.   


  • Create multiple calendars 
  • Customization tools available  
  • Easy syncing with other apps 


  • Works better on iPadOS 

Price: $9.99 


8. Calendly Mobile – Best scheduling app

Calendly Mobile calendar app

Most of us depend on our iPhone Calendar app to schedule meetings and remember about them. If you belong to this group, Calendly Mobile is perfect for you. This excellent app works like a calendar by offering plenty of valuable features for scheduling, organizing, and planning meetings. 

With its smart schedule management solution, Calendly Mobile allows your clients to fix appointments with you. To aid this, the app reflects your available dates on your official Calendly Mobile account to others. However, you still get complete freedom to reschedule or cancel the meetings scheduled by your clients.    

The app has various software versions like Basic, Essentials, Professional, Teams, and Enterprise. Each plan caters to different user requirements and comes in individual price packages. In addition, the advanced Calendly Mobile plans offer additional features to the clients like reminders, email invites, and others.   


  • Easy meeting scheduling  
  • Email appointment booking allowed 
  • In-built sharing feature for iOS  
  • Users can create surveys 


  • Poor customer support 
  • Advanced features require extra payments 

Price: Free  


9. Todoist – A digital task manager

Todoist calendar app

Those who use task management apps must be aware of Todoist. The digital platform grabs one of the top places in the list of top-rated productivity apps for iPhone. Now you must be confused why we have included ‘Todoist- the task manager’ in this list of best calendar apps for iPhone? Well, we use calendar apps to organize our work effortlessly. Todoist does just that, so we had to include it in this list.

Just link Todoist with the Calendar app in your timeline and get information about all the previous or upcoming tasks at your fingertips. It is one of the best Calendar apps with reminders for iPhone.    

Trust Todoist’s intuitive language recognition feature to set schedules, plan tasks, or assign tasks to your team members. In addition, the in-built stack of project templates, like packing lists, meeting agendas, etc., free you from the burden of drafting a new format for every event. Further, you can access Todoist on multiple devices using extensions, apps, and widgets.   


  • Pre-designed task lists 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Seamless integration with any iPhone calendar  


  • Frequent lags 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


10. TimeTree – Clear calendar outlay

TimeTree calendar app

TimeTree is one of the best scheduling apps for iPhone, recognized for its collaborative approach. It offers a streamlined interface that keeps your personal and professional work from getting mixed. All the schedules associated with an individual are kept in a single calendar which is easily shareable within a group. Thus, ensuring that all the tasks and notes are always easy to access for every group participant.  

As you sign up, you get welcomed with a neat, minimalistic timeline feed outlay. Instead of flashy features covering the screen, TimeTree gives you the feel of a paper calendar in an upgraded digital version. In addition, you get color-coded events, accessible via two distinct display categories like ‘week’ and ‘lists.’ Also, the ‘Full Month’ view gives you a complete overview of all upcoming events in one place.   

The app offers a simple solution to add memos to your and your colleagues/friend’s calendars. This helps you edit other people’s calendar events or schedules in seconds to ensure uniformity. This feature is helpful when you are required to collaborate with a team. Further, with reminders, everyone in the group gets notified about an upcoming event.  


  • Easy calendar sharing in groups 
  • Reminders to never miss important schedules 
  • Optional addition of public calendars 
  • Add memos on the calendars of colleagues 


  • Privacy concerns

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.49) 


Wrapping up

Calendar apps bless you with an effective solution to bring discipline into your messed-up schedules. They boost your productivity, simplify complicated work dimensions, and manage your availability at all the needed places. I hope you find a perfect calendar app to accompany your iPhone from this list.   

Also, do share your favorite calendar app in the comments section.   

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