No one carries a day planner anymore and it is very hard to find calendars anywhere these days. As these visual representations of the progression of the days begin to disappear from our workstations and office desks, they have been replaced with smartphone based calendar apps instead.

These apps are quite versatile too. They show us the date, help us set alarms and reminders for anniversaries and birthdays and even help us save to-do lists and notes for remembrance.

Here are the top calendar apps for iPhone that are the most functional.

Best iPhone Calendar Apps

1. Agenda Calendar

Agenda Calendar iPhone App LogoCustomizing the calendar app is one feature that most such apps don’t offer. However, the Agenda Calendar helps you clear the clutter away from your calendar app with the help of 12 layout options. Each one of these are sleek and present you with only the information that you need and hides the information that you don’t need to see sitting at the top of the app.

Price: $1.99
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2. Week Calendar

Week Calendar iPhone App LogoThe Give Week Calendar makes handling tasks super easy. It allows users to edit events in batches and even helps them color code assignments to ensure that the most urgent ones catch your attention at a single glance. Thanks to its innovative scheduling system, this calendar app simplifies chore management for all users.

Price: $1.99
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3. Awesome Calendar

Awesome Calendar iPhone App LogoIt would be very easy to deem an app that calls itself “awesome” arrogant, but the Awesome Calendar does exactly what its name promises with a built in note maker and a to do list, a number of ways to display information and an interface that will make you look forward to organizing your calendar.

Price: $5.99
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4. UNIQLO Calendar

UNIQLO CALENDAR iPhone App LogoThe worst thing about trying to organize your iPhone’s calendar is that when you run these apps, you usually cannot listen to music or play videos on the side. The UNIQLO Calendar addresses these very same worries as helps you enjoy the navigation and organization process with tilt-shift videos and music that play while you tinker with this calendar app.

Price: Free
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5. Calvetica

Calvetica Calendar iPhone App LogoCalvetica is a functional calendar that comes wrapped into a polished package with features like attendee and contact management, synchronization with multiple platforms and event set up within an appealing interface.

Price: $2.99
Download Calvetica

6. Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant iPhone App LogoWith the good old pen and paper day planners, you had the freedom to scribble away a tonne of vital info. This functionality is sadly lost in most calendar apps. However, the Pocket Informant app for the iPhone helps you organize contacts and plan events across multiple calendars with simple swipe and tap inputs.

Price: $12.99
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7. MiCal

miCal iPhone App LogoIf you are a frequent traveler and find keeping track of your flights and connecting buses too stressing, the MiCal app for iPhone could become your new BFF. The calendar app helps you stay prepared and plan journeys ahead of schedule. You can input GPS coordinates with events to help the calendar sync time automatically while its built-in weather forecast helps you stay prepared for anything. The calendar app also helps you organize flight details so you never end up running to the wrong terminal between flights.

Price: $1.99
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8. Cal from Any.DO

Cal iPhone App LogoAnyone who has seen Any.Do knows that Cal is one of the finest, most minimal and beautifully crafted calendar apps on the store. Having won rave reviews for its gorgeous interface and simplicity, Cal plays on the flat styles popularized by the likes of Google apps. It’s a treat to use this calendar app.

Price: Free
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9. Fantastical

Fantastical iPhone App LogoFantastical builds on the familiarity of iPhone’s stock calendar app to bring you a fresh and feature-packed app. The app isn’t vastly different but the usability and the additional features sort of make it far more powerful than the stock. Anyone with a taste for more charm to an otherwise normal calendar app should have this on their device.

Price: $4.99
Download Fantastical

10. Easy Calendar

Easy Calendar iPhone App LogoWhen it comes to an app that can serve both as a schedule and a planner, the Easy Calendar should be your top choice. The app puts the control of your plans back into your own hands by helping you create events and reminders with as few as three taps.

Price: $1.99
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