Can’t Add Calendar Events on iPhone? Let’s Fix This Issue

Not Able to Add Calendar Events on iPhone

After updating iOS, some users cannot add calendar events on the iPhone. Often, many of the past calendar events are also missing. The error usually boils down to syncing issues. If you haven’t synced your Calendar or if the events synced have an upper time cap, you get these strange errors that prevent events from being added or past events from showing up. If you’re facing a similar issue, here are some fixes that might be useful.

Cannot Add Event to Calendar on iPhone? How to Fix It

Sync iPhone Calendar with iCloud

Step #1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad.

Step #2. Tap your name from the top.

Step #3. Tap iCloud.

Open Settings Tap on Profile and Then Tap on iCloud on iPhone

Step #4. Turn ON the option for Calendars. This makes sure your iCloud calendars are synced to the device.

Turn ON Calendar and Sync with iCloud on iPhone

Choose to Sync All Calendar Events on iPhone

More often than not, having a different selection in Sync events leads to a lot of confusion. So makes sure all events from the past are synced and not just a few from the recent past. For this:

Step #1. Open the Settings app.

Step #2. Scroll down and tap Calendar.

Open Settings and Tap on Calendar

Step #3. Tap Sync. Select All Events.

Sync All Calendar Events on iPhone

Make Sure Calendars Are Synced On All Devices

If you have more than one Apple device, then ensure that the calendar is synced across all your iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices. For this, first of all, you have to sign in using the same Apple ID on all these devices. Next, make sure Calendar is enabled in iCloud (first method of this page).

For enabling iCloud sync for a calendar on Mac,

Step #1. Click on the Apple logo from the top left and click System Preferences.

Click on Apple Menu and Select System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Next, click Apple ID.

Click on Apple ID in System Preferences on Mac

Step #3. Now, Tick the box for Calendars.

Sync Calendars on Mac

After this, all events from calendars will be synced across all your devices. This would ensure that an entry you make on Mac’s Calendar app is also shown on your iPhone and vice-versa.

Software Update

Step #1. Open the Settings app on iPhone and tap General.

Step #2. Next, tap on Software Update.

Open Settings Tap on General and Then Tap on Software Update

Step #3. If you have a pending update, tap Download and Install.

Reset Your iPhone

This is an extreme measure that erases your phone completely. Before you look to reset your iPhone, make sure you have a backup so that you can restore all your important data after the reset.

Signing off…

I hope this short guide was helpful. Finally, birthday events can be added to the Calendar app simply by adding the birth date to a contact in the contact card. Next, open the Calendar app, tap Calendars from the bottom row, and check Birthdays. Now you will see birthday events in the Calendar app.

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