How to find all emojis and their meanings on iPhone and iPad

How to Find the Meaning of Emojis on Your iPhone

Every day, Apple users send thousands of different emojis to express their emotions. We may not fully understand all emojis or emoticons provided on our iPhone and iPad—after all, there are nearly 4,000 of them. Though, you can usually get the gist of an emoji’s meaning at a glance.

Apple likes to hide a lot of features inside its products. One such feature is a reader that tells you iPhone emoji meanings. 

Follow this simple method and listen to what your iOS device has to say about your favorite emojis.

How to find the meaning of emojis on iPhone and iPad

Here’s how to find emoji definitions on your iDevice: 

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad → Tap Accessibility.

  2. Tap Spoken Content under the section VISION.
  3. Toggle Speak Selection on.

    Toggle Speak Selection on on iPhone
    Now, close Settings and open a messaging app to type in some emojis.
  4. After selecting any emoji you like, press and hold the emoji with your finger.
    A menu will appear on the screen with some options including Select All.
  5. Tap Select All.
    This will further lead us to some options like Cut, Copy and more.
  6. Tap on the arrow on the right side.
    This will show you some more options including Speak.
  7. Tap Speak.

    How to find the meaning of emojis on iPhone and iPad
    The voice will give a description about the selected emoji. 

The top 50 emojis explained

If you’re just looking for a quick list of some of the most popular emojis and their meanings, we have you covered.

Emoji SymbolEmoji NameEmoji Meaning
😂Face With Tears of JoyLaughter; Cheerfulness
❤️Red HeartLove
😭Loudly Crying FaceCrying, sadness; Can also mean something is very cute
😎Smiling Face With SunglassesCool; Sunglasses
😍Smiling Face With Heart-EyesLove, endearment
👍Thumbs upOK, understood; Good
😊Smiling Face With Smiling EyesHappy; Blushing
🥶Cold FaceCold, freezing
🙏Hands Pressed TogetherThanks; High five; Prayer
🙈See-No-Evil MonkeyEmbarrassed, blushing
😘Face Blowing a KissBlowing a kiss; Love
😱Face Screaming in FearScared; Surprised, shocked
😬Grimacing FaceUnsure; Tense
🙌Hands Raised in CelebrationAppreciation
👏Clapping HandsClapping; Celebration
🔥FireApproval, appreciation; Hot
😁Beaming Face With Smiling EyesHappiness, joy
💔Broken HeartSadness; Brokenhearted
🤣Rolling on the Floor Laughing FaceLaughter; Joy
👌OK Hand SignUnderstood; Agreement
☹️Frowning FaceSadness; Disappointment
😡Red Angry FaceAnger, madness
🥰Smiling Face With HeartsLove; Appreciation
💯Hundred Points SymbolExcellent; Understood
👀EyesSurprised, shocked; Shifty
😪Sleepy FaceTired
😞Disappointed FaceUpset, disappointed
🤬Face With Symbols Over MouthAngry, distraught
🤒Face With ThermometerSick
🥺Pleading FaceCute, adorable; Admiration
🤯Exploding HeadMind blown; Shock
😏Smirking FaceConfident
🥵Hot FaceHot 
💀SkullSkull; Laughter
👋Waving HandGreetings, goodbye
🤡Clown FaceFunny
🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️Man/Woman ShruggingUncertainty; Indifference
🎉Party PopperCelebration, excitement
💕Two HeartsLove
😴Sleeping FaceTired
🍀Four Leaf CloverLucky
Check Mark SymbolApproval, understanding
🤔Thinking FaceDeep in thought
😐Neutral FaceIndifference; Unsure; Awkward
😕Confused FaceConfused
😉Winking FaceWink; Joking; Cheeky
😇Smiling Face With HaloInnocent
😮Surprised Face With Open MouthShock, surprise
🤢Nauseated FaceSick, nausea
💪Flexed BicepStrong

Now you can explore hundreds of emojis and their meanings on your iPhone and iPad. Get to know the meaning of all emojis! Have any other Apple-related questions? Ask away in the comments below.

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