Find the Meaning of Emojis on Your iPhone & iPad [How-to]

Do you know the meaning of emojis you use in your daily conversation? If not, read this interesting information on how you can find the meaning of emojis on your iPhone/iPad.

Every day we use hundreds of different emojis to express our emotions. Little are we aware of the meaning of all emojis or emoticons provided on our iPhone and iPad. Though from the face of the emoji we get to know what could be the meaning of one.

Apple has lot of hidden features inside its products. One such feature is audible announcement of meaning of emoji characters. This feature clearly tells you what the meaning is of emoticon you are using in your conversation.

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How to Find Meaning of Emoji on iPhone and iPad

If you frequently chat with your friends and family on your iPhone or iPad, you must be curious enough to know what that emoticon means. So here is the solution. Follow this simple method and listen to what your iOS device explains you about your favourite emojis.

How to Find The Meaning of Emojis on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone/iPad → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings Then General on iDevices

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Step #2. Now tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility in iOS 9 on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on Speech from under the section of VISION.

Tap on Speech in Accessibility Settings on iPhone

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Step #4. Toggle the Speak Selection ON.

Toggle On Speak Selection in iPhone Accessibility Settings

Now come out of the Settings app and open any messaging app to type in emojis.

Step #5. After selecting any emoji, press and hold the emoji with your finger.

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A menu will appear on the screen with some options including Select All.

Step #6. Tap on Select All.

Open Message App, Type Emoji and Select All on iPhone

This will further lead us to some options like Cut, Copy and more.

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Step #7. Tap on the arrow on right side.

Tap on Arrow in Message App Popup on iPhone

This will show you some more options including Speak.

Step #8. Tap on Speak.

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Type Emoji and Tap on Speak in iPhone Message App

The voice will explain everything about the emoji including the color and shape. You can explore hundreds of emojis on your iPhone and iPad: FREQUENTLY USED, SMILEYS & PEOPLE, ANIMALS & NATURE, FOOD & DRINK, ACTIVITY, TRAVEL & PLACES, OBJECTS, SYMBOLS, and FLAGS.

Your iPhone and iPad can explain all these emojis in detail. Go ahead and get to know the meaning of all emojis.

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