How to find all emojis and their meaning on iPhone and iPad

How to Find the Meaning of Emojis on Your iPhone

Emojis are cute! Emojis bless us with a unique way to express everything, from mood swings to monotonous symbols. Interestingly, Apple offers a stunning collection of nearly 3,700 emojis for iPhone and iPad users. While using emoticons is easy, understanding their meanings can be challenging for some.

For instance, you must have seen people insert the wrong emojis in messages and give a different meaning to the text. However, iPhone allows you to find the meaning associated with a particular emoji. Want to know how? Use these easy-to-follow steps to decode the language of emojis.  

How to find out what emojis mean on iPhone or iPad

First, you need to enable Speak Selection and then make the iPhone read the expression out on an emoji-supported app. Follow these simple steps, and you’d be good to go!

Turn on Speak Selection on iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings app → Tap Accessibility
  2. Choose Spoken Content.  
  3. Toggle on Speak Selection.

    Tap Accessibility, click Spoken Content, toggle On Speak Selection in Settings

    Make your iPhone tell you the meaning of emojis

      Now, after making the changes in the Settings app, let’s try this feature on an iOS app that supports emojis. We have taken the Notes app as an example here.  

      1. Open the Notes app → Open a new note or an existing one.
      2. On your keyboard, tap the emoji icon on the bottom left.
        If you have multiple keyboards installed, you’ll find the emoji icon next to the space bar.

        Tap the emoji icon in keyboard
      3. Insert the emojis of your choice.
      4. Press and hold the emojis until a pop-up menu appears → Choose Select All.
        If you have entered just one emoji, tap Select.
      5. Tap the arrow appearing on the second pop-up menu that appears.
      6. Keep swiping left until you find and tap Speak.

        Tap Select All, tap arrow, click Speak in Notes
      7. Now, your iPhone will read aloud the meaning of the emoji you selected.

          Top 50 emoji meanings on iPhone and iPad 

          We have highlighted the most common yet popular iPhone emoji meanings list below. Do check them out.

          Emoji SymbolEmoji NameEmoji Meaning
          😂Face With Tears of JoyLaughter; Cheerfulness
          ❤️Red HeartLove
          😭Loudly Crying FaceCrying, sadness; Can also mean something is very cute
          😎Smiling Face With SunglassesCool; Sunglasses
          😍Smiling Face With Heart-EyesLove, endearment
          👍Thumbs upOK, understood; Good
          😊Smiling Face With Smiling EyesHappy; Blushing
          🥶Cold FaceCold, freezing
          🙏Hands Pressed TogetherThanks; High five; Prayer
          🙈See-No-Evil MonkeyEmbarrassed, blushing
          😘Face Blowing a KissBlowing a kiss; Love
          😱Face Screaming in FearScared; Surprised, shocked
          😬Grimacing FaceUnsure; Tense
          🙌Hands Raised in CelebrationAppreciation
          👏Clapping HandsClapping; Celebration
          🔥FireApproval, appreciation; Hot
          😁Beaming Face With Smiling EyesHappiness, joy
          💔Broken HeartSadness; Brokenhearted
          🤣Rolling on the Floor Laughing FaceLaughter; Joy
          👌OK Hand SignUnderstood; Agreement
          ☹️Frowning FaceSadness; Disappointment
          😡Red Angry FaceAnger, madness
          🥰Smiling Face With HeartsLove; Appreciation
          💯Hundred Points SymbolExcellent; Understood
          👀EyesSurprised, shocked; Shifty
          😪Sleepy FaceTired
          😞Disappointed FaceUpset, disappointed
          🤬Face With Symbols Over MouthAngry, distraught
          🤒Face With ThermometerSick
          🥺Pleading FaceCute, adorable; Admiration
          🤯Exploding HeadMind blown; Shock
          😏Smirking FaceConfident
          🥵Hot FaceHot 
          💀SkullSkull; Laughter
          👋Waving HandGreetings, goodbye
          🤡Clown FaceFunny
          🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️Man/Woman ShruggingUncertainty; Indifference
          🎉Party PopperCelebration, excitement
          💕Two HeartsLove
          😴Sleeping FaceTired
          🍀Four Leaf CloverLucky
          Check Mark SymbolApproval, understanding
          🤔Thinking FaceDeep in thought
          😐Neutral FaceIndifference; Unsure; Awkward
          😕Confused FaceConfused
          😉Winking FaceWink; Joking; Cheeky
          😇Smiling Face With HaloInnocent
          😮Surprised Face With Open MouthShock, surprise
          🤢Nauseated FaceSick, nausea
          🧐Face with monocleSuspicious look
          🫠Melting faceBlushing
          🫶Heart handsDepicts love
          🫡Saluting faceRespect
          🫢Face with open eyes and hand over mouthGiggling
          💯Hundred points symbolShows perfection
          💪Flexed BicepStrong

          Wrapping up

          Emojis unlock a new way to interact and connect with others. With no words in the play, they give an interesting look to your message. After reading this article, you don’t have to worry about messing up with emojis on iPhone or iPad. Also, you got a list of the best emoji meanings iPhone and iPad have in their ecosystem. So, switch to emoji texting now!

          Don’t forget to share your favorite emoji in the comments section.  

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