Showing emotions in the way you like has become pretty easy by using the emojis available in your smartphones. Of course, there might be numerous emojis available in apps like WhatsApp and Facebook but what about other apps?

To make the text conversations funnier and simpler, we have listed top 10 emoji apps for iPhone and iPad. Be it a funny face or an angry bird face, you will get all kinds of emojis in these apps. To be frank, even if you have a couple of them installed in your iPhone/iPad, that's more than enough for you to express the emotions in your way!

Best Emoji Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Emoji Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces iPhone App IconWith over 3000+ unique rage faces and booth stickers; SMS Rage Faces app is my first choice in the list of emoji apps for iPad/iPhone. So if you are frustrated with normal text messages, this app is a perfect pick for you. And most interestingly it's available for free! Some unique features of the app are easy to use, search any face quickly, optimize the image size in WhatsApp according to your needs, add your favorite faces for future use and lots more. You can even zoom in the faces to have a closer look at them. Camera booth gives you a chance to customize your pictures with memes and popular faces. And at last, share what you like on social media.

Price: Free
Download SMS Rage Faces

#2. Emoji Type

Emoji Type iPhone App IconYou might have tried dictionary in your keyboard, which suggests you the complete word when you type one or two words. But have you ever experienced the similar with Emojis? You will surely say no. Isn't it? Emoji Type is one such app that suggests you the emojis as you type. It is not just for your text-messaging app but it is applicable for apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. The more you use the app, the more accurate will be the results. So just be quiet, and type carefully :D

Price: $0.99
Download Emoji Type

#3. ImojiApp

imojiapp iPhone App IconIt doesn't matter what the situation is around but you will find all kinds of stickers in the ImojiApp to express your feelings in the form of stickers. Most interesting thing about this app is you can create your own stickers within the app and use them in your chat box. Isn't it really amazing? You can even search the stickers as per the situation or relation to the context in ImojiApp. It is compatible with Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free
Download ImojiApp

#4. Kimoji

Kimoji iPhone App IconThe Kimoji app is no more different that the normal stickers and emojis apps. The only thing that makes it unique is an integrated QWERTY keyboard. This makes it quite easy to use the app in different apps that you use often to text messages. According to the app developer, there will be more packages updated in the app. So download it now and see what's special you will get in the next update.

Price: $1.99
Download Kmoji

#5. Adult Emoji Icons

Adult Emoji Icons iPhone App IconIf you want to spice up your conversations with some flirty, angry, violent etc kind of emoticons, Adult Emoji Icons app is made just for you! There are more than 700 emoticons in the app and they are compatible with most of the apps used in day-to-day life for text messaging. If you want to flirt with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can most probably find the most romantic emoticons in this app. Just make sure that you are at least 17 years to use this app.

Price: Free
Download Adult Emoji Icons

#6. Flirty Emojis Icons

Flirty Emojis Icons iPhone App IconThis is yet another emoji app for iPhone and iPad with flirty stickers and emoticons. I am quite sure that the emoticons used in this app are never seen before by your friends. So just give a try to this app and surprise your friends or partners with flirty kind of emoticons. Make sure that you turn on the Allow Full Access to send the emoticon via virtual keyboard. This will allow you to use the flirty emojis in all the messaging apps.

Price: Free
Download Flirty Emojis Icons

#7. Finland Emojis

Finland Emojis iPhone App IconFinland is the first country in terms of developing an emoji app based on the country theme. The app has almost 31 tongue-in-cheek emotions. When you see these emojis in your iPhone or iPad, you can surely see that they are a part of the Chinese calendar. Go “Finnish” by using this Finland Emojis app on your iPhone or iPad! It is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later versions.

Price: Free
Download Finland Emojis

#8. Emoji++

Emoji++ iPhone App IconSearch your favorite emoji at a rapid speed by installing Emoji++ on your iPhone/iPad. It is considered to be fastest emoji app for iOS devices. Scrolling in between thousands of emojis is very difficult. Isn't it? So to make sure that you don’t waste your time in searching the emojis, this app helps you to search emojis faster. You can also set your own custom emojis and make a different list which you use often.

Price: $0.99
Download Emoji ++

#9. Emoji Free

Emoji Free iPhone App IconIf you are looking for a variety of emojis in a single app, then Emoji Free app is your way to go. The emojis in this app are more cartoonish which gives them a unique look. Animated emojis with well designed cartoon images is something which you are going to love once you install this app. You can use this app almost in all apps where you have to type the text using keyboard. The recent update of this app added some Christmas emojis. So you can make sure that every season there's something new for you!

Price: Free
Download Emoji Free

#10. Emoji>

Emoji> iPhone App IconWith more than 45 million users, Emoji> app is one of the best emoji apps for iOS devices. New emojis for iOS 9.1 and 8.3 devices have been added in the latest update. Besides using the included emojis and stickers, you can also request a new one to the app developer. Sending emojis is also faster when you use this app. In-app purchases are available as well. Although the app size is 70 MB, you can still give it a try. It is compatible with iOS 8 or newer iOS versions.

Price: Free
Download Emoji>

So this ends the perfect list of emoji apps for iPhone/iPad. You can now express your emotions your way by installing anyone of these emoji apps listed above. Share the emojis with your friends and have fun!!!

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