I guess most of you would have figured it out by now but for those who don’t know, here’s a way to spice up your iMessages or even add some funny emojis to your notes and reminders and emails.

The iPhone comes with a set of emoji icons that you can access right from your keyboard. And that means you can send those funny, fascinating and beautifully-crafted Emoji icons to your friends via iMessage or email or Whatsapp or whatever service you use.

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In Android, Whatsapp made use of this new emojis and made them quite popular (well, if these were popular even before that, I am to be forgiven for the lapse).

How to Add Emoji Keyboard on iPhone

So, if your friend is bugging you on Whatsapp with these emojis and you’re still trying to figure out how to get them on your keypad.

How to Add Emoji Keyboard to iPhone and iPad Running iOS 7.x:

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Step #1. Go to Settings.

Step #2. Tap on General.

Step #3. Scroll down and tap on Keyboard.

Step #4. Now tap on Keyboards.

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Step #5.  Tap on Add New Keyboard.

Step #6. Scroll down and choose Emoji.

Step #7. Tap on Done!

Now, to use the Emoji, you have to do this:

Step #1. Tap the globe icon when you see the keypad.

Get Emoji to iPhone Keyboard

Step #2. If you’ve got multiple keyboards enabled (for instance, three or four), you have to tap it as many numbers of times as it would take to get to Emoji Keypad

Step #3. Once done with Emoji, just tap on the globe icon again to return to the regular keypad

While the whole thing works just like that, you can’t tweak stuff here to add more emoticons to the emoji keyboard. Make sure you check the whole thing: you can swipe to scroll through a list of emojis, and you can tap on the tabs for different collections of emojis.

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You can use the emojis almost everywhere. I mean, wherever there’s going to be the keypad and typing, you can switch to the emoji keyboard.