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Best iPhone apps for entrepreneurs in 2024

Particularly for entrepreneurs, time’s running fast, and one has to be faster to sustain and grow in today’s ultra-competitive market. Amidst the entire hassle, managing time while efficiently doing your tasks is one of the key drivers to success. To ensure that your boulevard to success is seamless, I have listed some of the best iPhone and iPad apps for entrepreneurs to help you manage your business smartly. Keep scrolling to know more.

Why you should have these Entrepreneurs Apps?

Being an entrepreneur is as tricky as being a Human. This is because you have to keep your clients happy while meeting your business goals. Today, we have an app for everything. The ones listed below are closely analyzed based on user reviews and their purpose. Scroll through the list, identify your needs, and don’t miss installing the app to enhance your productivity.

Best iPhone apps for Entrepreneurs

1. SignEasy – Sign and Fill Docs

Signeasy sign and fill docs iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The app has been downloaded more than 6 million times and has been featured among ‘Best Business App’ by Apple. Not just this, it has been the only eSignature app to get featured in the list. The app offers you the simplest way to sign your digital documents, and it is as legal as the physical document. It allows you to get anyone’s signature from across the globe in a few minutes. You can also sign documents from apps like Gmail, DropBox, OneDrive, Outlook, etc.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases Starting $5.99)


2. ScanBizCards

scanbizcards iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Business Cards are an excellent way to establish a connection. However, managing them may prove tedious. The ScanBiz Cards app is designed to ease you with it. It lets you export unlimited cards to Salesforce CRM. You can also create new contacts or merge scans with your existing contact list. Few additional features include assigning contacts to groups, add notes to each contact, forward contacts, search and sort cards in 3D, etc.

Price: $0.99


3. Dropbox – Backup, Sync, Share

dropbox iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

DropBox bestows you with the easiest way to keep your files handy always by uploading them on the cloud. Besides storing, you can also share them with your colleagues, partners, and clients. The app lets you share large files, scan documents, IDs, receipts, photos, and much more. Besides, with Dropbox, you can access any file format even when you are offline. It supports over 175 different file types with no need for additional software. Pretty handy, right?

Price: Free (In-App Purchases Starting $11.99)


4. Skype for iPhone

skype iPhone App Screenshot

This is one of the most common apps used by professionals across the globe. It’s widely used for video calls and conferences that can house up to 49 people at once. You can also use it for chats, voice calls, and basic file sharing purposes. You can make unlimited calls to fellow Skype users if you are using WiFi or have an unlimited data plan.

The marvels of this app with others like Slack and Zoom could be noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The apps have undoubtedly served an unmatched role in making work-from-home possible.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases Starting $3.49)


5. Unroll.Me

unroll-me iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are using outlook or have subscribed to various newsletters like me, you may receive numerous marketing and promotional emails every day. Even though certain mail apps have filters, some mails still make their way to the inbox. This eventually leads to missing some important emails in a pile.

Unroll.Me helps you declutter your mailbox by cleaning and storing mails separately in a digest called rollup. You can also choose to unsubscribe them and keep only the subscriptions you want in your inbox. Neat, right?

Price: Free


6. Strides: Goal & Habit Tracker

strides goal habit tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For an entrepreneur, habits and goals are of crucial importance. The app lets you track anything you want in four types; track habits using streak calendar, reach targets on time, real-time tracking, completion with milestones. It offers you over 150 templates to create your tracker, progress reports, charts representing success rate and history, ability to add notes, etc. All in all, the app can undoubtedly serve you with numerous features and functionalities.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases Starting $4.99)


7. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

pocket iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Reading is one of the best habits to have not just for an entrepreneur but for everyone. However, not everyone loves it, and maybe there’s a lack of time. Pocket app is a brilliant solution to it. The application is an equitable space to some of the best content available on the web. You can save an article to read it later and resume whenever you wish, and on the device you want. This isn’t all; don’t miss the app’s listen to feature. It will narrate the article while you are doing other things or simply resting with your eyes closed.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases Starting $4.99)


8. Business Insider

business insider iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Over the years, Business Insider has earned an unbeatable reputation amidst CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and CMOS. The platform allows you to scroll through regular updates and guidance on doing business. With the app version, you get access to current news on some of the top verticals, including BI Prime, Business Insider, Insider Videos, Insider, etc. You also receive alerts and can save articles to read later. Besides this, you can also access the saved articles while offline.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases Starting $11.99)


9. Unit Converter – Best Unit App

unit converter iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Though last in our list, nowhere least. The unit conversion application comes free and lets you convert not just currency but a lot more. It comes with easy to use interface that enables you to execute conversion with a single tap. Also, the app’s currencies are updated daily to ensure you don’t go wrong with your numbers.

Price: Free


Which Entrepreneurs Apps Did You Install?

The entrepreneurial journey is about being most productive whilst saving your time. The apps listed above have proven their expertise in assisting leading brands and startups. Sneak into your iPhone and iPad and identify the apps you already have and those you need to install. Remember, your hard work needs smart work.

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