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Decades ago there was a time when only giant corporations were ruling the economy. Things have changed now; people have started thinking rationally before deciding on employment. The ratio of entrepreneurs is rising with each passing day. There are so many challenges to be faced as an entrepreneur. We cannot help you with them, but what we can do is give a list of best iPhone and iPad apps that every entrepreneur should have to will reduce your job to some extent.

These apps are in general context, regardless of your dynamic industry. So feel free to cruise around the list and download the ones that are relevant to your profile. Let's have a look at the list.

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Best iPhone and iPad Entrepreneurs Apps

Best iPhone/iPad Apps for Entrepreneurs

#1. Adobe eSign Manager DC

Adobe eSign Manager DC iPhone and iPad App IconAs an entrepreneur, you'll have to sign many documents each day. Some documents are critical to being signed in person, but if you are on a business tour, you can use Adobe eSign Manager to do the job. Every document you sign is encrypted and stored in a certified server. Above all, the recipient has the authenticity certificate as well; to make sure the document was signed legally. There are tons of other features of this app, so make sure to check the details.

Price: Free
Download Adobe eSign Manager DC

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#2. MobileDay

MobileDay One iPhone and iPad App IconMeetings and conference calls are always a headache for any entrepreneur, especially when you have more than ten people in a teleconference. MobileDay One app automatically integrates with the native Calendar app of iPhone/iPad and notifies you ahead of any conference call. With just one touch, you can connect all the people on the teleconference. It also offers scheduling calls, running late notifications, and much more; above all, it is entirely free. So start organizing your busy schedules with this handy app.

Price: Free
Download MobileDay

#3. Venmo

Venmo iPhone and iPad App IconVenmo is a great app to send money to your colleagues at the office. Either you or your staff member is on a tour and is in need of cash, use Venmo app. It's a part of PayPal and thus, entirely reliable in terms of security. Every transaction is encrypted, and there are almost zero chances of fraud. It is a must have app for all the entrepreneurs.

Price: Free
Download Venmo

#4. Mint

Mint iPhone and iPad App IconAs an entrepreneur, your main agenda is to make profits. But apart from that, you should also keep a close watch on the money outflow. This is when Mint comes into action. It helps you to manage your finance, cash inflow/outflow, makes a budget, and much more. The app is completely free, so download and start exploring the possibilities.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Price: Free
Download Mint

#5. Pocket

Pocket iPhone and iPad App IconManaging a business is a lot tougher than any normal person thinks. An entrepreneur sacrifices a lot of things to achieve his dream. From your busy schedule, if you come across a video, photo, content, or nearly anything which you wish to view later, then you can use the Pocket app. It manages almost everything from anywhere and helps you keep updated with your interesting topics. The app also has browser extensions to support desktop or Laptop, so you'll have all the favorite stuff anytime you wish.

Price: Free
Download Pocket

#6. Truecaller

Truecaller iPhone and iPad App IconIt's a universal problem faced by every entrepreneur that they start receiving marketing or other calls from unknown numbers. You might be in an important meeting or on a roaming plan; it's better to install Truecaller app and check the name of the person calling. This way, you can filter calls on your own and save some time. The app is completely free to download and use, so make the most out of it.

Price: Free
Download Truecaller

#7. Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me iPhone and iPad App IconReceiving newsletter, promotions, and marketing emails are part of entrepreneurship. At times, it because hard to search for an important email out of these bunch of Spam. Try installing Unroll.Me app on your iPhone or iPad and then see the difference. It smartly keeps your Email account organized by showing things that matter. It also helps you to unsubscribe from particular emails that you don’t want to see. Like all other apps, this one is also free, so give it a try.

Price: Free
Download Unroll.Me

#8. Calcbot

Calcbot iPhone and iPad App IconWhether you wish to calculate your bank balance or convert the currency, Calcbot is here to help you. This tiny little app works as a calculator, as well as a unit converter. So if you are an international trader, the app will surely benefit you. Besides, the app also supports Apple Watch, so you won't even need to pull out your iPhone or iPad to do the calculation.

Price: Free
Download Calcbot

#9. CardKeeper

CardKeeper iPhone and iPad App IconWhen you are an entrepreneur, you meet a lot of people and everyone hands over their business card. Then comes the time when your pockets and wallets are filled with business cards, making things a lot bulky. Try CardKeeper, which smartly scans, digitalize, and organize your business card collection on your iPhone/iPad. It also automatically adds details to iOS Address Book. You can also send the scanned card to other CardKeeper app user via AirDrop.

Price: Free
Download CardKeeper

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From the list, did we miss any other apps that entrepreneurs should use? Shout it out in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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