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iGBAppsSloan #1 Student loan app review: Student loan solution

Sloan #1 Student loan app review: Student loan solution

Having trouble figuring out how to pay your student loans? Want an effortless way to set up weekly or monthly payments? How about a way to accept money towards your student loans from anyone, anywhere (including a special plan to receive funds from your employer?)

Enter Sloan student loan debt manager. An easy sign-up process, intuitive dashboard, and credible security encryption are just a few features that make Sloan an attractive solution for paying off your outstanding loans.

Let’s take a further look and determine whether the app stands by its words and actually helps with debt management.

Get started with the Sloan app

Sloan is termed as the #1 student loan management application. It not only offers multiple ways to save but also boasts crowdfunding with the Sloan community’s help. Keep reading to learn how to use the app.

Setting up an account is as easy as launching Sloan on your iPhone and selecting Get Started. From here, you’ll enter information like your name, SSIN, and the financial institution(s) with which you have a loan.

Your information is FDIC-insured and encrypted and further protected with Plaid, meaning your credentials are never stored on Sloan’s servers. Click through to read more about keeping your iPhone secure.

Once you’ve created an account, select your loan (such as Discover – student loans or Navient – Loans.) Log in with the username and password associated with your loan’s account. Now you can view information like the outstanding balance on your loan(s) on your dashboard.

Features and advantages of Sloan

Sloan is a one-of-its-kind application with an intuitive interface that offers ease of use. Here are some other features that I found particularly useful and convenient.

Student loan calculator

The student loan calculator makes quick work of understanding interest rates and due dates. You can use the calculator to formulate a payment plan and understand how much you should be paying per period.

Efficient debt manager

Sloan makes it a breeze to pay off multiple loans (up to 30) from one screen, set up weekly or monthly payments, and view fulfillment timelines.

Crowdfunding & P2P giving

Know friends and family who want to contribute towards paying off your student loans? Sloan’s crowdfunding option allows you to accept money from anyone who wants to send it your way.

Besides, you can invite regular or one-time payments from your friends or family, whether it is for paying off the debt or a special event directly from the app. Pretty neat, eh?

Employer benefit plan

You can also collaborate with your employer to set up a specific employee benefit plan for your account. This money goes straight to the student loan accounts without ever going into the borrower’s personal bank accounts.

There are multiple built-in financial methods such as snowball and highest interest first to help you eliminate your loan’s balance.


Round-ups are an exciting way to pay off your loans little by little. Whenever you (or another person who enables Round-Ups to pay to your account) make a purchase, Sloan will round the total up and set the difference aside to pay off your loans. A few cents here and a dollar there when paying for gas and groceries add up!

Wrapping up student debt with Sloan

Sloan is an excellent app for managing your student loan debt financials. I think its ease of use and the ability to accept crowdfunding from any source makes it a cut above the rest.

What’s your experience with Sloan? Let us know; iGeeksBlog wants to hear from you!

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