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Best iPhone and iPad Apps for College Students in 2024

Students at universities have to work on many academic projects during the semester. While working on multiple subjects, things may go haywire. Thankfully, Apple has added a lot of extraordinary features to its third-generation iPad Pro. And to enhance the Apple tablet capabilities, there are some iPhone and iPad apps for college students. We have compiled a list of iPhone and iPad apps for college students to use in their studies. Since students are continuously hooked to smartphones and tablets, the apps come in handy to finish their college projects on the dot. We have selected a few essential apps after trying dozens of apps from the App Store.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Now, I know iPads come with limited storage options, and the ones with more storage are quite expensive. So, an alternative to that is to have a cloud drive to store all your notes and class presentations.

I know iCloud is already there preinstalled on all our Apple devices, but it offers only 5 GB free storage while google offers 15 GB. Which is considerably more. Also if you have 2 Gmail IDs then you have an added benefit of 15 GB extra storage. So you can make the most out of this free app

Price: Free (1TB – $9.99)

2. Duolingo

Duolingo iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Do you have a foreign language in your course, or are you just inclined towards learning new languages? Well, Duolingo is your answer in both circumstances.

This app offers over 30 languages that you could choose from and learn them for free. The app is very much fun, easy, and effective to learn a new language, and its game-like learning will keep you motivated and interested.

Price: Free ( Duolingo Plus – $9.99)

3. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Juggling between multiple courses and corresponding assignments all the while keeping a sane mind is very important. Stress is the biggest productivity killer and would eventually affect your grades.

Headspace is one of the best apps out there that helps in calming your nerves down and keeps you stress-free.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

4. Adobe Scan: Document Scanner

Adobe Scan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Having a scanner app is a must these days, and if you are a student, then it is of utmost necessity as you would need to scan your paper handouts. Handouts can sometimes be too much to handle, and we might even forget to carry them.

Having a scanned copy of your handout will surely be very handy. You could save it as a pdf and export it to your notability app and write over it.

Price: Free (PDF Pack – $9.99)

5. Photomath

Photomath iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For those students who have Math in their courses, I sincerely salute you. And if you are not aware of Photomath then you must definitely be living under an Everest sized rock.

In Photomath all you have to do is click a picture of your problem and the app will solve it for you. Not only does it solve the problem, but it also gives steps to the solution so you could learn from it. But make sure you only use the app when you cannot solve a problem don’t make it a habit.

Price: Free (Monthly – $2.99)

6. Quizlet

Quizlet iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Every student has to have this app. Actually, all the apps in this list are very important, but this one helps you in learning and revising. This app lets you make flashcards to practice and learn your courses, or you could also download and choose the flashcards that are already made by other students.

Exchange flashcards with your friends for group study and learning purposes. Enhance your memory by playing memory games on the app to help you remember better. Make use of the speech option that can pronounce up to 18 languages correctly. So, you can listen to your flashcards on the go.

Price: Free (Quizlet Plus – $19.99)

7. Forest – Stay focused

Forest iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Have you ever started mindlessly scrolling through your phone while you were studying? If yes, which I feel most people would answer, then Forest is the best app for you. This app motivates you not to use your phone for a specific period of time.

Just set the timer and keep your mobile aside. If you are successful, then the app will grow a tree on your virtual forest, but if you exit the app before the timer ends, then your tree won’t grow. It is a very interesting way to stay away from your phone.

Price: $1.99

8. Notability

Notability iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I have been an environment enthusiast since forever, and I love to switch to digital format wherever possible. So I switched to Notability for trial purposes, and I am not ever going back to normal pen and paper now.

Notability offers a variety of tools to make your note-taking experience worth every penny it charges. Shifting to digital note-taking comes with a ton of advantages like you don’t have to carry multiple notebooks, all your notes are synced with the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing them and many more.

Price: $9.99

9. Grammarly

Grammarly iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Students have to write “n” number of papers during their university papers. And writing those in wrong grammar or with spelling mistakes will definitely hamper your grades. Grammarly is the perfect app for correct spelling and grammatical errors.

It is basically a keyboard for the iPhones and iPads that can correct your grammatical mistakes and spell-checks your write-up. Not only does it correct the grammar and spell checks your text but it also gives you suggestions on how the sentence can be in a better manner or if a better synonym can be used for a specific word.

Price: Free (Monthly Plan – $29.99)

10. Class Time Table

Class Timetable iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Have you ever forgotten to finish an assignment by its due date? Or have you ever skipped a class because you lost track of time? I know to be in the University we all have to remember a lot of stuff and, Due Dates and Time Tables should not burden our thoughts.

This app keeps track of all your Assignments, due dates and class timings, you can also feed in the room number or class numbers. So, this app reduces a considerable burden of yours.

Price: Free (Upgrade to Pro $0.99)

Signing Off…

I have always emphasized and said that all these apps might help you out to achieve your goals but ultimately will always come down to you. You have to work hard and not rely on 100% on these apps. They are just there to help you not do your work for you.

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