Business card reader/scanner apps for iPhone can be a great way to save time when you add a contact to your address book. Combining iPhone's powerful camera with a really good character-recognition/text-scanning can be useful and that's what business card scanning apps do.

If you're in sales or the people-facing part of any business (marketing, retail, customer relationships, support etc.), you'll find that business card readers are enormously helpful: they scan a card and transcribe the data into a contact almost instantly, they help in managing contacts (a few of them also help in sync and backup) and most importantly, they can save time.

Best iPhone Business Card Reader Apps

Best Business Card Reader/Scanner iPhone Apps

#1. FoxCard

FoxCard Pro iPhone App IconHaving more than 100 million users, FoxCard is one of the best in the business when it comes to letting you effortlessly scan and save cards to contacts. Equipped with the top notch OCR technology, it is able to capture every subtle detail with complete clarity. As per need, you can add photo, text, and remarks to your card. It supports 9 languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish.

Price: Free

#2. CardKeeper

CardKeeper iPhone App IconCardKeeper is simple yet highly effective business card reader for your iPhone. It is fully capable of scanning cards with the desired result. Once you have scanned any card, you can easily add it to your address book. Besides, it enables you to manage your cards without any hassle. You can quickly share your cards via AirDrops.

Price: Free

#3. Business Card Reader Plus

Business Card Reader Plus iPhone App Icon“Business Card Reader Plus” is lightning fast and boasts of the ability to scan cards with absolute precision. It automatically detects all the edges of the card and removes the defective edges.

With the use of auto-normalization of the phone, as well as extension numbers, it aquatically puts the missing parts. What's more, it can even correct any typos and fill in the missing address filed to ensure. The business card reader supports 25 languages.

Price: $39.99

#4. SamCard Pro

SamCard Pro iPhone App IconAs compared to its rivals mentioned in this list, SamCard Pro doesn't have too many elegant features. However, it does the work of scanning cards flawlessly. The anti-shake photo shooting technology ensures all the information of the cards is captured accurately. It allows you to shoot both horizontally and vertically. SamCard Pro supports seven languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish.

Price: $5.99

#5. Business Card Scanner

Business Card Scanner iPhone App Icon“Business Card Scanner” is exceptionally user-friendly and perfect app for those who are looking for a high-quality business card reader. What sets it apart from the rest is the ability to support more than 200 languages. The optimized OCR technology is able to convert images into text. Important features like QR code recognition and the ability to assign groups to multiple contacts add more value to its profile. It lets you export your address book as PDF or excel to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive.

Business Card Scanner allows you to scan only three cards for free after that you will need to upgrade the app.

Price: Free

#6. Card Scanner

Card Scanner iPhone App IconI rate Card Scanner very highly based on its functionality. What impresses about this business card reader is the ability to recognize 14 languages, which makes it very handy. You can ask Siri to let you quickly search photos for business cards. It lets you sync contacts with Google Drive, Salesforce, Zoho CRM.

Price: $0.99

#7. ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards Business Card Reader iPhone App IconScanBizCards is a simple, elegant and a neat business card scanner. While it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of other apps, ScanBizCards works on-the-go and is simple to use. There aren't too many features to overwhelm you. The OCR wasn't as good before but the update has revamped the scanning process and accuracy. The lack of too many features keeps the app going smooth and fast. There's a lite version you can try but the premium features are part of the paid app.

Price: $1.99

#8 CamCard

CamCard iPhone App IconCamCard comes from a developer that's involved in text-scanning (OCR) through iPhone's camera. CamCard works in a variety of new ways and helps you scan business cards on-the-fly. One of the coolest features to note is that when you scan a business card, CamCard figures out the latest news about the company so you can use that piece of info as an ice-breaker. There's a ton of other features besides the scanning which makes for a competent contacts manager app. CamCard usually sells for $2.99 but at the time of writing this, it's on a limited-time sale for $0.99.

Price: $2.99

#9. Business Card Reader Pro

Business Card Reader Pro iPhone App IconPerhaps the most solid of all, Business Card Reader Pro is a really pricey affair at $6.99 but it's also one of the most accurate card readers for the iPhone. There's a lot of features that the app rides on including things like background image processing so that you can scan a bunch of cards quickly, anti-shake to compensate for bad picture quality (caused due to shaky hands) and much more. The app also features a decent sort, filter and search function (which is quite helpful because the app functions as a contacts manager). You can export the data to Evernote, SalesForce etc.

Price: $6.99

#10. WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile iPhone App IconWith more than 20 million users, WorldCard Mobile is easily one of the best business card reader and scanner apps for iOS. Using the advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to quickly transfer information from business card to your iPhone contact. The ability to recognize 25 languages such as English, French, German and more makes it very handy for users. You can sort the recognized information by name, company, position etc. The card holder function lets you manage your contact information more conveniently.

Price: $6.99
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Signing Off

I'm sure you have picked one of these business card reader apps to make the task of scanning card and managing contacts more straightforward. What are the important qualities you want to see in a top business card reader app for iOS. Do let us know that in the comments below.

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