The jailbreak community has been a tad busy this week with two back-to-back releases of QR-code scanner tweaks. We posted about NativeQR and there’s a new tweak called Decode Camera (a full $0.49 cheaper than the $1.99 NativeQR).

Although wrong to do this, I was expecting free QR code readers that add QR-code functionality to the native camera app. But of course, there are tons of free QR codes and Barcode scanners out there. Made specifically for the iPhone, these QR code scanners will help you transcode/decode a QR or a barcode.

Best Barcode QR Code Scanning Apps for iPhone

You can read phone numbers, find price information about a product, go to a URL, save a contact and much much more through QR and barcodes. QR code is catching up. You see these in a lot of places. Make your iPhone’s camera work in decoding that using these free best Barcode and QR scanner apps.

1. Scan

Scan iPhone App LogoScan is by far the best barcode and QR code scanning app I’ve ever used. There’s no fluff, filler or anything extra about the app. It’s just plain old good scanning and that makes the app an instant favorite. Codes that are decoded into phone numbers – you’ll be prompted for a call or save action. URL? The link is opened. Calendar? Got it. It’s this kind of a smart filtering that makes Scan the numero uno choice.

Download Scan

2. RedLaser

RedLaser iPhone App LogoRedLaser comes close to Scan in terms of versatility with simplified function. When it’s time to talk about features, RedLaser adds these shop-assistive features which makes sure you get to compare prices of a product you just scanned. More savings, basically. Other than that, RedLaser is a pretty good QR decoder. There are also features like being able to store your loyalty cards and share them but we’ve not got to testing them.

Download RedLaser

3. Bar-Code

Bar-Code iPhone App LogoSimple barcode and QR code reader. This is a pretty old app and not that popular but it gets the job done. I hate the ads but why I stick to it is because it removes all clutter by having very minimal features. You can keep track of the codes you scanned – which is handy –  and of course you can also keep the photo of the stuff you scanned. Two features that’s routinely missing in other scanners.

Download Bar-Code

4. Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader iPhone  App LogoThis is another of those scan and compare type apps but the interface is good. Pretty good, so to speak. The app features history of what items you purchased / scanned and pulls up product information quite fast. While there’s nothing hugely different or unique, the experience is straight forward and nice.

Download Barcode Reader

5. QR Code Maker

QR Code Maker iPhone App LogoWhat if you want to make a QR code instead of just reading them? Although I’m straying away, make sure you try this app out too. It’s really cool making QR codes out of everything around you: your name, phone number, email, link to a website, a product – anything basically.

Download QR Code Maker

6. Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy iPhone App LogoShop Savvy is a very popular and versatile QR/Bar code scanner and a shopping assistant that enables great savings. I’ll not get too much into it but Shop Savvy’s one of the best apps out there to save a ton on whatever it is that you buy.

Download Shop Savvy

And if you seriously want to use the camera app as the default QR scanner, you’ve got to shell out $1.50 (minimum) now and you’ll need to be jailbroken. Check out NativeQR.