Best Project Management iPad Apps in 2022

Project management is essential for both small teams and large corporations. It’s one of the most essential factors that decide how well you and your team perform and complete a project. Collaboration and coordination are the indispensable aspects of excellent project planning and perfect execution. This superior list of the best iPad Pro project management apps makes the process of handling and keeping an eye on assigned task incredibly smooth-sailing. That aside, they enable you to ideally coordinate with your team and help you stay updated with all the latest changes fluently.

1. Asana: organize tasks & work

Asana Project Management iPad App Screenshot

The best thing about Asana is that it is completely free to use, no subscription whatsoever. On top of that, it is rich with features and does what it says. Whether it is about personal tasks or managing your team, everything is possible with this app.

Assign task to your colleagues, check their status and mark them as complete to keep things organized. If you tend to forget groceries every week, Asana can help you with your personal chores as well. All in all, it is a great app to manage the project as well as personal life.

Price: Free

2. Trello

Trello iPhone and iPad Project Management App Screenshot

Trello is more geared towards offering a personalized experience. You can create multiple boards to immaculately organized your projects and keep them in sync with your requirements. Solely carry out your task or invite your friends or colleagues to collaborate with you.

Assign the tasks to others, add checklists of to-dos and also attach important files. Ideally, customize your workflow to meet your demand. Moreover, Trello lets you work on your tasks even offline. To use this app without any limitation, upgrade to the monthly ($4.99) or annual $44.99) subscription.

Price: Free

3. Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix Project Management iPad App Screenshot

When you have to deal with tons of tasks each day, it’s better to prioritize them so that you will be able to complete every project in time. And this is where “Priority Matrix” comes into the play.

What this project manager does is allows you to prioritize all of your projects based on a matrix. Therefore, you can easily access the ones that need more focus and be able to finish them before the deadline.

It offers you the flexibility to keep your tasks private or invite your colleagues to work on them. Moreover, you can integrate it with several apps and services like Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, iCal, iOS reminders, Google Calendar to stay on top of your work.

Price: Free

4. Task Management: MeisterTask

Task Management iPad App Screenshot

MeisterTask is both a proficient task and project management apps for iOS. The best part about this app is the intuitive collaboration feature which ensures you can seamlessly work with your team. You can easily start a project and invite all of your teammates to collaborate with you.

With the handy dashboard, you get easy access to all of your tasks. And thanks to the timely reminders, you are able to keep a tab on the progress of your teammates.

By upgrading to the pro ($9.99) and business plans ($24.99), you can take advantage of several features like the option to automate workflows with many actions, get the accurate statistics, reports and more.

Price: Free

5. Nozbe: Productive team

Nozbe iPad Project Management App Screenshot

When you want to deal with many projects efficiently, what becomes most important is seamless communication. With Nozbe at your disposal, all of your teammates will be able to not only work together to accomplish a goal but also be able to communicate intuitively.

Things like, batching multiple tasks and prioritizing them based on importance can go a long way in keeping everything in sync. You can add comments to any tasks in several formats including text, photos, checklists, and even documents.

And with the productivity reports, you have much better insight into your performance. Plus, it also helps you easily figure out the ways to bolster your productivity.

Price: Free

6. Quick Plan

QuickPlan Pro Project Management iPad App Screenshot

There are many ways Quick Plan can immensely bolster your productivity. From letting you organize/plan your tasks to help you keep a tab on everything, the app allows you to deal with projects with the essential flair. The gesture-based task link maintenance brings more convenience into the play.

With impressive customization, you will give the desired look to your projects. It allows you to export your files as Image, PDF, Microsoft Excel, etc.

Price: $17.99

7. Wrike

Wrike Project Management iPad App Screenshot

Make the best use of this high-quality project management and collaboration tool to bring about the required convenience into the way you organize and manage your projects. You can easily create tasks and assign them to the owners.

You will also set due dates to ensure they are completed in time. The real-time activity feed helps you stay updated with the latest changes. Using a search tool, you can promptly find any files, tasks or project details.

Price: Free

8. Hitask

Hitask Project Management iPad App Screenshot

Hitask is a complete task and project manager. What I’ve found adorable in this app is the pretty intuitive user interface along with the easy-to-use features.

The app allows you to put all of your tasks in the hierarchical order. And with the tagging option readily available, you will be able to keep everything perfectly organized. Plus, it also lets you group your tasks into projects and quickly assign them to the concerned people.

While the time tracking helps you record how much time you spend on each project, the insightful reports enable you to keep an eye on the progress with ease. Moreover, it’s integrated with Google Calendar to let you track the upcoming events and plan the way forward accordingly.

Price: Free

9. Project Planner HD

Project Planner HD iPad App Screenshot

Project Planner HD is a complete package. It allows you to plan your tasks neatly and makes it a lot easier to track multiple projects in one go. You can check out your project on a Gantt chart in days, weeks or months scale.

The app lets you edit your tasks right from the Gantt chart. You will effortlessly create and manage resources in your tasks. Moreover, you can also export and import your projects in PDF formats.

Price: $5.99

10. Manage It

Manage It Project Management iPad App Screenshot

Take control of project planning and handle your tasks impeccably using Manage It. The real-time collaboration enables you to carry out your task with your team with pure fun. Depending on your need, you can ideally customize your tasks.

You will set due dates for your tasks and be able to view them in a calendar format. The people view lets you find out what others are doing. Even better, you will be able to conduct a chat session over each task with other members of the team and keep the recorded conversation linked to the task for future reference.

Price: Free

11. AceProject

AceProject Project Management iPad App Screenshot

AceProject is primarily a web-based project management software which has an iPad counterpart. So, if you have an account at AceProject, you can very well manage it through your tablet. The whole software is designed for a wide range of teams with different needs.

This app has a really cool interface and pretty neat functionality too. You can create unlimited users, 2 projects, 50 tasks in the free version. The app provides 250 MB of storage space in the free version. You can break the limitations by switching to the paid version.

Price: Free

That’s all!

Take Control of Project Management!

It’s time to handpick the most suitable project manager for your iPad Pro and manage, track as well as organize your tasks with optimal convenience. Go for the feature-rich app to handle your tasks more efficiently. Grab the easy-to-use app to deal with your tasks without any stress.

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