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Project management is essential for both small teams and large corporations. It's one of the most essential factors that decide how well you and your team perform and complete a project. Collaboration and coordination are the indispensable aspects of an excellent project planning and perfect execution. This superior list of the best iPad Pro project management apps makes the process of handling and keeping an eye on assigned task incredibly smooth-sailing. That aside, they enable you to ideally coordinate with your team and help you stay updated with all the latest changes fluently.

With the newest iPad Pro being termed as a laptop killer (to a great extent), you can drive through most of your tasks with consummate ease. As the tablet is ultraportable, you will remain in sync with your work—even on the go. So whether it's creating an appealing project, customizing it to the perfection or monitoring the assigned tasks, you will be able to get right on top of everything that matters. Head over to know more about these top 10 project management apps for iPad!

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Best Project Management iPad Apps

Best Project Management Apps for iPad and iPad Mini

#1. Manage It

Manage It Project Management iPad App Screenshot

Take control of project planning and handle your tasks impeccably using Manage It. The real-time collaboration enables you to carry out your task with your team with pure fun. Depending on your need, you can ideally customize your tasks.

You will set due dates for your tasks and be able to view them in a calendar format. The people view lets you find out what others are doing. Even better, you will be able to conduct a chat session over each task with other members of the team and keep the recorded conversation linked to the task for future reference.

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Price: Free

#2. Wrike

Wrike Project Management iPad App Screenshot

Make the best use of this high-quality project management and collaboration tool to bring about the required convenience into the way you organize and manage your projects. You can easily create tasks and assign them to the owners.

You will also set due dates to ensure they are completed in time. The real-time activity feed helps you stay updated with the latest changes. Using search tool, you can promptly find any files, tasks or project details.

Price: Free

#3. dapulse

dapulse Project Management iPad App Screenshot

If managing projects have been a bumpy ride for you, I would recommend you to try out this simple yet highly effective project management app. You can collaborate with your team and carry out your task perfectly in sync.

Based on your need, you can customize your plans accordingly. Instantly find out the status of your projects and remain updated about the latest changes. With the neat UI and easy-to-use features, the app enormously assists you in getting your job.

Price: Free

#4. PlanNext

PlanNext Project Management iPad App Screenshot

Despite being a lightweight project manager, PlanNext is good enough to let you take the essential charge of your tasks. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will find this app quite familiar. As it's perfectly optimized with the latest iOS version, you will be able to significantly boost your productivity with the highly user-friendly features like drag and drop.

You can comfortably edit floating notes and work with your team members on a live project. Besides, the app also provides impressive templates to make your task of creating sensational projects more straightforward.

Price: Free

#5. Project Planning Pro

Project Planning Pro iPad App Screenshot

Simplify your task of project management and handle it immaculately. The app makes it ultra-convenient to create a professional quality project with ease. Using the interactive chart, you can quickly edit your tasks.

With the help of Gantt view, calendar view and critical path view, you will be able to analyze your plans. You can filter tasks by task name, duration, % complete, start date, finish date and more. What's more, this app supports multiple languages like English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, etc.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Price: Free

#6. AceProject

AceProject Project Management iPad App Screenshot

AceProject is primarily a web-based project management software which has an iPad counterpart. So, if you have an account at AceProject, you can very well manage it through your tablet. The whole software is designed for a wide range of teams with different needs.

This app has a really cool interface and pretty neat functionality too. You can create unlimited users, 2 projects, 50 tasks in the free version. The app provides 250 MB of storage space in the free version. You can break the limitations by switching to the paid version.

Price: Free

#7. QuickPlan Pro

QuickPlan Pro Project Management iPad App Screenshot

There are many ways QuickPlan Pro can immensely bolster your productivity. From letting you organize/plan your tasks to help you keep a tab on everything, the app allows you to deal with projects with the essential flair. The gesture-based task link maintenance brings more convenience into the play.

With impressive customization, you will give the desired look to your projects. It allows you to export your files as Image, PDF, Microsoft Excel, etc.

Price: $17.99

#8. Project Planner HD

Project Planner HD iPad App Screenshot

Project Planner HD is a complete package. It allows you to plan your tasks neatly and makes it a lot easier to track multiple projects at one go. You can check out your project on Gantt chart in days, weeks or months scale.

The app lets you edit your tasks right from the Gantt chart. You will effortlessly create and manage resources in your tasks. Moreover, you can also export and import your projects in PDF formats.

Price: $5.99

#9. xPlan

xPlan Project Management iPad App Screenshot

xPlan is designed to let you manage your projects without any stress. With it, you can create top notch Gantt charts within minutes. You will create tasks and subtasks using several options.

The app also allows you to create dependencies between tasks. It supports MS Project XML format and lets you share your projects in PDF format.

Price: $29.99

#10. Project Management Software

Project Management Software iPad App Screenshot

It doesn't matter whether you are working on PMI, Six Sigma, Prince 2 or Agile project management, you will get every detail with video lectures. This will surely make you learn a lot of new things and let you manage your projects with ease. Right after watching some of the most important video lectures in this app, you are sure to manage your time and sources in a better way.

You can keep a tab on the status of your projects and also quickly find out which projects are coming up next as well as which are a bit late. It also allows you to instantly check out which task you have to complete today. The app is a must have for the folks who are keen to learn about project management.

Price: Free

Take Control of Project Management!

It's time to handpick the most suitable project manager for your iPad Pro and manage, track as well as organize your tasks with optimal convenience. Go for the feature-rich app to handle your tasks more efficiently. Grab the easy-to-use app to deal with your tasks without any stress.

Have I missed to include any of your favorite project manager app in this list, do let us know that in the comments below.

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  • RRK

    Hi Chandra,

    I am using Project Planning Pro app on my iPad for Plans creation, its cool app with basic Project Planning needs, you can have a look on the app store

    Good Day.

  • John RW

    I wrote this new Project Management app, called Project Gantt 2013. It does everything that these guys does, and includes critical path management, resource management, resource clash highlighting and fixing and much more. You can check it out on the app store, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/project-gantt-2013/id874651884?mt=8

  • Albert pinto

    Thanks for sharing nice list of tools. I want to recommend a tool which is a web based and platform independent i.e Proofhub. You can also add it to your list.

  • Johnson

    Hi Chandra,

    I am using QuickPlan Pro now after tried some other apps. QuickPlan improve the project planning experience on the iOS to a new level, which is very easy, intuitive and powerful.


  • Ryan Kish

    Solid recommendations, Chandra. Might I also suggest FastTrack Schedule Go. Project dashboards and Dropbox integration make it a great iPad companion to FastTrack Schedule Win/Mac versions and MS Project. (Full disclosure, we’re a bit biased) http://bit.ly/FTSGo1

  • CM Conseil

    Hi Chandra, nice and great list, i didn’t know theses apps.

    Personnaly and professionaly i use Beesy for iPad, it’s a smart project management app using GTD method : http://www.beesapps.com/beesy-ipad-to-do/

    Happy new year !!